Minneapolis Looks To Replace Police Dept With “Public Safety Dept”

Those darned Republicans running the city of Minneapolis, always looking to defund their police. That’s what we’ve been told, right, that it isn’t Democrats trying to defund, it’s Republicans, right?

Minneapolis city council wants to shut down police despite skyrocketing gun crime

The Minneapolis City Council is pushing to dismantle its police force despite skyrocketing gun violence in which 20 children have been shot this year alone.

In its latest drive, the city council is voting on a plan to replace the police department with a “public safety department”.

Under the proposed plan the so-called “public safety department” would respond to emergency calls with a “comprehensive public health approach”.

The Minneapolis City Council tried abolishing the police force last year but was blocked by the city’s charter commission which pointed out the city’s municipal charter requires it have a division of law enforcement.

In response, the Yes 4 Minneapolis Committee is tabling a measure – approved by all 13 Minneapolis city council members – that would give voters the option to amend the charter to move towards implementing a “public safety” department.

Local new outlet Fox 9 Minneapolis reports the measure if approved “would give the voters power to replace the city police department” and “call for public safety to have a ‘comprehensive public health approach’ but does not explain what that means.”

Well, it should be interesting to see the results when the vote is held. Will the citizens vote for this plan, or nix it? Will it be close, or a blowout either way? My bet is on at least 65% against this insane plan, especially since no one actually will know what the “comprehensive public health approach” means.

Kare 11 reported in June 2021 that there had been 34 homicides by the end of May, an increase of 89 per cent over 2020.

A large component of the violence involves guns with 187 shootings up to June this year.

The spike in violent crime has become so bad a group of eight residents sued the city to force the city council to “refund” the police and expand the police force to the numbers required by the city’s charter.

The police department has seen a wave of retirements and resignations, along with police taking a very soft approach and not getting too involved, as they do not want to deal with the false accusations from simply doing the job. And this allows the criminal community to be more brazen. This isn’t about the guns, it’s about people willing to use them in crimes. And, with fewer officers, the priority will be to patrol the rich and middle class neighborhoods first. With the way the city council and leftists are treating the police, why would anyone want to join the Minneapolis force?

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6 Responses to “Minneapolis Looks To Replace Police Dept With “Public Safety Dept””

  1. Professor Hale says:

    It’s amazing how Tyrants keep coming up with the same plans throughout history. It’s as if they didn’t read any history when they were in school.

    Google: Committee of Public Safety

  2. Dana says:

    Hey, I don’t live anywhere near Minneapolis, so let ’em go right ahead and do it!

  3. Jl says:

    Which is odd because a judge recently ordered Minneapolis to hire more officers immediately, because the city charter calls for a certain number of officers per the population of the city

  4. Hairy says:

    At the current time pomiceonly spend abkt 3% of their total work load on violent crime
    I think that they should do more
    That might happen if police did not have to go out and respond yo the much more common traffic accidents and petty crime reports taken for insurance purposes
    Defind those and let other people do that work
    Maybe then police could actually have the time to do real pice work

  5. Kye says:

    “At the current time pomiceonly spend abkt 3% of their total work load on violent crime”

    You keep repeating the same lies. Police work is 95% investigation, interviews, door to door canvassing and taking testimony. It’s also developing community and confidential informants and being familiar whit who the bad actors are in your district. You think because they aren’t wrestling some criminal to the ground they aren’t working on violent crime? Idiot. Wherever you get your information is ignorant of actual police work. BTW, the MOST DANGEROUS thing a cop can do is approach a car for a traffic stop. The second most dangerous is intervening in “petty crimes” where frequently the complainant turns on them.

    Whoever is feeding you this bullshit knows nothing about police work. You need to meet some actual cops instead of hanging around your “defund the police” communist agitators and fascist anti White “advocates”.

  6. Sabre22 says:

    Let them do it. With NO federal Funding, assistance or any other federal help. Let them be hoisted on their own Petard. To see just how Idiotic is.

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