Archaeology Could Help With Our Old Enemy ‘Climate Change’

Changes to the climate, which have been around long before Mankind arrived, is apparently an enemy. And, if you don’t support fighting it, you’re a Nazi. At least that’s why I get out of the photo used

You can’t tell me that either the cult writer, David Vetter, or someone at Forbes didn’t use this photo on purpose. From the link

The effects of man-made climate change are devastating communities around the world, and climate scientists warn that such extreme events will worsen as the world warms. But can we use the lessons of the past to gather vital clues about our future? A team of anthropologists and earth scientists believes we can.

Led by University of Montreal anthropologist Ariane Burke, a team of archaeologists, geographers and scientists in Canada, the U.S. and France this week highlighted the significance of a relatively new discipline: the archaeology of climate change.

The discipline uses data from archaeological excavations and the climate record to work out how humans dealt with their environment in the past. Writing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Burke and her fellow authors noted that, although environmental transformation is taking place at a pace never seen before, humans have overcome similar challenges in the past. Archaeology, they write “offers opportunities to identify the factors that promoted human resilience in the past and apply the knowledge gained to the present, contributing a much-needed, long-term perspective to climate research.”

What caused the climate to change in the past? Before they started mucking with the actual data the 1930’s were hotter than today, and CO2 was a lot lower. People really didn’t have that many fossil fueled vehicles, nor AC, not TVs and smartphones and computers. Nor even fossil fueled commercial flights. What caused the climatic changes prior? The Medieval and Roman warm periods were warmer than the current one. What caused that?

The article goes into using old types of farming practices…you know, when there were all sorts of bugs and diseases on them, grew slower. Live like it’s 1099.

And it’s not just in agriculture that archaeology can teach us about climate adaptation strategies. Indigenous, community-based ranger groups in Australia have shown how traditional fire management strategies can hugely reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires of the type currently devastating the western U.S. and Canada.

That has nothing to do with ‘climate change’. Ecology, maybe. Perhaps they could teach the idiot liberal moonbats on the west coast that the area is fire prone, has been for tens of thousands of years, and they are just making it worse.

Elsewhere, archaeologists such as Jennifer Pournelle at the University of South Carolina have argued that catastrophic climate events such sea level rise in Mesopotamia could have been the catalyst for a complete reorganization of society, leading to large-scale irrigation works which enabled the birth of the first cities. Other studies have demonstrated the role of climate change in the collapse of some of the world’s great empires, such as the Khmer Empire in Southeast Asia.

No fossil fuels then. No AC. No concrete or blacktop. What caused it? The Mesopotamia thing was 6,000 years ago.

“There is still hope,” she said. “People have been experimenting with solutions to climate change for millennia. Some of them faced conditions far worse than today but they survived and even flourished. We can look to the past for inspiration and for practical solutions to make informed decisions for the future.”

Yeah, they sacrificed people to the gods. Now they want to tax you and take away your freedom. But, if you fight against this you’re a Nazi.

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3 Responses to “Archaeology Could Help With Our Old Enemy ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The authors recognize the reality of global warming, point out that humans have dealt with it before and suggest that humans can deal with it again.

    And still Teach whines. Teach and his minions oppose the IDEA of global warming! Talk about a cult. Talk about deniosaurs.

    Teach pulls out the tried and untrue:

    Before they started mucking with the actual data the 1930’s were hotter than today, and CO2 was a lot lower. … What caused the climatic changes prior? The Medieval and Roman warm periods were warmer than the current one.

    The US DID suffer from a heat wave in the late 30s, but the global temperature did not exceed the global temperature now. And even if the MWP was warmer than now (it wasn’t) that wouldn’t disprove that CO2 is causing warming now.

  2. Jl says:

    MWP wasn’t warmer.
    “If it was warmer it wouldn’t disprove that CO2 is causing it now”. And if it was cooler it wouldn’t prove CO2 is causing it now, either

  3. Sabre22 says:

    If the go by the way fake climate change data by adjusting all the figures including satellites. To fit their narrative. Oh yes that is going work. Science is supposed to be about facts. NOT by adjusting those figures to fit the Narrative. Use a Legitimate Scientific method That being Observe a phenomenon, Formulate a Hypothesis, Most IMPORTANTLY TEST that hypothesis. If the phenomenon PASSES the Test. Then it is a theory. The current FAKE Scientific method is to that the Phenomenon is real. State that this is a FACT. and lastly DESTROY anybody who disputes the results.

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