Bummer: Sleepy Joe’s Vaccination Push Hits A Wall

There were so many things that could have been done. Democrats not poo-pooing the vaccinations as spearheaded by Trump with Operation Warp Speed, causing many Democrat voters to say “no thanks!” Not pushing all the silly talking points that engage Democrats and turn off Republicans when Sleepy Joe took office. Not keeping a united front by enticing Trump to be involved in the push for vaccination after Joe took office. So, what now?

Biden’s vaccine charge hits a wall

The Biden administration is running out of ideas for jumpstarting the pace of coronavirus vaccinations, raising the prospect that more than a quarter of American adults could still be vulnerable to the virus into the fall.

The federal immunization campaign has slammed into rising partisanship and deep resistance among the 91 million adults who remain unvaccinated, turning what was once an all-out sprint into a marathon with no clear end in sight.

Even as President Joe Biden vows a “neighborhood-by-neighborhood” vaccination effort, a half-dozen federal and state officials working on the Covid-19 response acknowledged in interviews that none of their outreach efforts are likely to supercharge vaccination rates — and that there are few remaining options to try.

The administration is now strategizing over how to manage a nation with 68 percent of the population at least partially vaccinated, where pockets of the country will be subjected to periodic outbreaks while the majority of Americans move on.

If you’re only partially vaccinated, you aren’t vaccinated. Further, pushing the insanity of going to people’s doors turns people off even more. Further, things like this do not help

Vaccinated commissioners at Florida condo site contract COVID

A vaccinated Miami-Dade county commissioner who helped other local officials in Surfside following the collapse of a condominium building announces that he and his chief of staff tested positive for COVID-19.

The news release from Miami-Dade County Commission Chairman Jose “Pepe” Diaz says he and his chief of staff Isidoro Lopez, who also received a vaccine against COVID-19, came down with flu-like symptoms earlier in the day and later tested positive for the virus.

The vaccines do not fully stop people from getting COVID, but, will reduce the severity of the symptoms in those few cases. But, we keep hearing about vaccinated people getting COVID, and the White House and their media Comrades do a piss poor job in communicating this. Back to original article

Most recently, the administration scrambled to tamp down backlash to Health secretary Xavier Becerra’s insistence that “it is absolutely the government’s business” to know which Americans have been vaccinated — an episode described as frustrating for officials already trying to combat misinformation surrounding the vaccines.

That kind of Big Nanny Government really doesn’t help, eh?

The White House in the meantime is redoubling efforts to convert the unvaccinated by intensifying outreach programs and further expanding the vaccines’ availability, all while adopting an increasingly urgent tone.

With lots of nagging

Biden’s Covid-19 response team has instead turned its recent focus on driving up the vaccination rate for younger Americans. Officials believe a significant number are still open to getting the shot but haven’t gone out of their way to seek it.

Interesting. Those young folks who voted China Joe have low rates. A piece at the USA Today recommends not trying to persuade. Also, getting “influencers” involved.

Jeff Zients, the White House’s Covid-19 response coordinator, and other federal officials have met privately in recent weeks with various school associations to encourage them to turn their individual schools into vaccination sites — and get eligible students their shots well before classrooms open up in the fall.

Which is going to cause concern for parents of those under 18 that the school might give the COVID vaccine to their kids without permission.

Anyhow, what will the Sleepy Joe admin do? They do not really seem to have a strategy other than authoritarianism and nagging.

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6 Responses to “Bummer: Sleepy Joe’s Vaccination Push Hits A Wall”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    If you’re only partially vaccinated, you aren’t vaccinated.

    If you’ve had just one of the two Pfizer or Moderna shots, you’re (supposedly) around 70% resistant to the virus; the second shot (supposedly) raises your resistance lever into the mid 90% range.

  2. Hairy says:

    Vaccination rates are lowest in the poor red states
    Its like they don’t want the vaccine that Trump said was developed by himself
    Teach of course has already gotten his
    Only 33% vaccination rate in Wonderful red Mississippr and Alabama
    They also have highest rates of STDs
    Weird coincidence,huh?

    • Kye says:

      How exactly do vaccination rates have anything to do with STD’s (mostly in black areas). Why do you think not wanting an unapproved, untested vaccine injected into you makes you some sort of idiot? Seems to me the idiots are the ones allowing Pfizer et al, to test their formulas on themselves and their children are the real idiots especially when the “experts” say even after the vax you still need a mask etc.

      BTW, a close friend got his second shot last Friday and spent the weekend in Abington hospital with BO of 216/ 168, blood clots in his legs and vomiting. But if he wears his mask he won’t get the flu (maybe). The guy is 63 so he’s no spring chicken but still…..

    • Dana says:

      Except, of course, the group with the highest ‘vaccine hesitancy’ are black Americans, and the black percentage of the population is highest in the South, including Mississippi and Alabama.

  3. joe says:

    if you take the shot you ain’t vaccinated…it’s not a vaccine…it’s a shot of some crap causing a lot more people health issues then they are willing to admit…a vaccine stops you from getting something…the majority of covid deaths currently is those having taken the miracle vaccination…

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