Your Fault: Almost 10% Of Global Deaths From Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

Thanks for taking all those fossil fueled trips post lockdown and eating meat during your vacation meals. This is on you

Climate Change Linked to 5 Million Deaths a Year, New Study Shows

The extraordinarily hot and cold temperatures that are becoming more common as climate change accelerates are responsible for 5 million deaths globally every year.

Extreme weather accounted for 9.4% of all deaths globally between 2000 and 2019, according to researchers who on Wednesday published the first study linking changes in temperatures to annual increases in mortality. While most deaths have been caused by exposure to the cold, the trend is likely to reverse as the planet warms, they said.

“In the long-term, climate change is expected to increase the mortality burden” as heat-related deaths rise, said Yuming Guo, one of the report’s authors and a professor at Monash University. Hundreds of people have already died from heatwaves sweeping across the Northern Hemisphere this summer. (snip)

Researchers at Monash in Australia and China’s Shandong University estimated that there were 74 excess deaths from abnormally cold or hot temperatures for every 100,000 people. The paper, published in The Lancet Planetary Health, analyzed mortality in 43 countries across all continents. It also concluded that cold-related deaths fell 0.5% from 2000 to 2019, while heat-related deaths rose 0.2%.

The Lancet, eh? This is the same organization that came up with that utterly bogus statistical study claiming 655000 Iraqis were killed from 2003-2006, which led to pure moonbattery from the Bush43 haters. Now, maybe the 9.4% is correct, but, they are Blaming this all on Mankind for ‘climate change’. Bunch of unhinged, cultish lunatics. And, see, even though most are from the cold, that is Soon going to change to deaths from heat.

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