Coulter: Democrats Move On To Trying To Break Police Officers

Why, yes, Ann Coulter has gone nuts during the Trump era, but, she actually makes sense

Ann Coulter: Dems Say Don’t Defund the Police. Break Them!

In the left’s ongoing war on the police, their plan to strip cops of qualified immunity is among the most preposterous. The sole objective is to jam up cops and make them more passive.

Qualified immunity means a police officer can’t be sued for violating someone’s constitutional rights unless those rights are “clearly established.” Officers can still be fired. They can still be disciplined. And they can still be criminally prosecuted. They just can’t be sued by every lowlife they arrest.

Liberals act as if qualified immunity is some extra-special benefit bestowed only on police, unheard of in any other line of work. Michigan’s power-mad Attorney General Dana Nessel says, “We’re not asking that police officers even be held to a higher standard than other professions, just to the same standard as other professions.”

How about you, Dana? Can you be sued?  

No, but that’s different.

Indeed, the Michigan attorney general doesn’t have mere “qualified immunity” from civil suits: She has absolute immunity. Unlike police officers, even if Nessel violates clearly established constitutional rights, she cannot be sued.

Democrats spent a lot of time yammering about defunding the police to placate their unhinged BLM/Antifa base. Most knew that it would never happen, but, many cities did actually take a lot of money away from police departments, and their defund yapping, along with demonizing all police officers for the actions of a few (who were still mostly right, because they were dealing with violent criminals, but, liberals want to treat violent criminals with kid gloves), general bad mouthing, treating them like garbage (but still demanding the police protect the politicians), has caused a lot of police officers to resign/retire, and the ones left have become very passive in arresting criminals and stopping crime.

Taking away qualified immunity will simply cause the rest of the cops to leave the job, not become more passive. Those who are getting close to retirement will stick around to get their retirement benefits, but, do little actual work. And you can bet they won’t be patrolling or doing anything in crime ridden areas.

But, hey, if Democrats want this, let them deal with it in their own cities. No leaving

Armed robbers hold up Oakland TV crew during interview about city’s crime wave and 90% spike in murders after it defunded police department by $18.5million

Robbers held up a television crew at gunpoint during an interview with the director of violence prevention in Oakland amid the city’s huge wave of violence, police have said.

The attack took place outside City Hall on Monday just hours after the police chief blasted his city’s decision to defund its police department by $18.5 million despite a 90 per cent increase in murders.

The NBC Bay Area news crew was interviewing Guillermo Cespedes at around 3pm when two armed men tried to take their camera, the Oakland Police Department said.

A scuffle broke out and a private security guard who was contracted by the news agency, pulled out a gun and told the robbers to leave.

Hmm, I guess having a firearm to ward off criminals does work. Anyhow, this was broad daylight outside city hall. But, even if the funding is restored, don’t expect police to work hard to do anything beyond the normal. Oh, heck, they’ll take the easy road for everything, because they won’t do anything to put themselves in a position to be demonized. Suck it up, citizens of Oakland, you wanted this. Don’t complain about crime.

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6 Responses to “Coulter: Democrats Move On To Trying To Break Police Officers”

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  2. Chris says:

    I suspect the goal is for the current police to see the handwriting on the wall and quit. At that point the Fed Gov can install a National Police force answerable to Washington only with complete immunity. Just like the FBI.

  3. Hairy says:

    Teach thinks that real cops ste like TV cops
    Real cops spend less than 4% of their time on violent crime
    How about defunding traffic police and using technology to stop speeders? And use the money from defunding those cops to funding other more important police work?
    Or if it is needed to change zteach’ mind,let’s have more TV and movies made about meyer’s maids

    • gitarcarver says:

      Real cops spend less than 4% of their time on violent crime

      You tried this one before and it is still a fail. There are other crimes besides “violent crimes,” such a robbery, car accidents, domestic disputes, trespassing, etc.

      How about defunding traffic police and using technology to stop speeders?

      Another fail on your part. Technology cannot stop speeders. Even counties and cities have dramatically stopped using traffic cameras because 1) the cost, 2) they don’t own the cameras, 3) the outrage that a private company makes money from speeding thus being an incentive to cheat the settings (and there have been huge settlements for that and 4) many criminals get caught when they are stopped by police for traffic infractions. “Technology” can’t catch a bad guy in a car.

      And use the money from defunding those cops to funding other more important police work?

      You mean protecting property and trying to stop harm to others isn’t important work? If your mom had your pizza rolls stolen while you were in her basement, wouldn’t you want to police to try and catch the thief?

      The fact of the matter is that police respond to crimes.

      The left hates the police so they like to blame the police for the crimes others commit.

      You have no clue as to what police do. None. All you know is that you hate them because all the left has is hate.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Taking away qualified immunity will simply cause the rest of the cops to leave the job, not become more passive.


    But for some reason we managed to get along without qualified immunity until the 1980’s when it was invented whole cloth by the courts.

    There are horrific examples of qualified immunity such as corrections officers who pepper sprayed a man for no cause. He was granted qualified immunity because the courts had ruled that CO’s can’t shoot an innocent person, can’t beat them, could not tazer them, etc., but as there was no case saying the CO’s could not pepper spray someone without cause, qualified immunity applied. (Try pepper spraying someone just walking down the street and see what happens. You would be charged with a crime.)

    In another case, an inmate was left naked in cell which had a broken toilet and no furniture which meant the inmate had to live in several inches of feces and human waste. As there was no case that specifically said police and CO’s couldn’t treat people that way, “qualified immunity” applied.

    In another case, it was alleged that cops stole almost $100,000 from a shop during a raid. The case never came to trial because the cops were granted qualified immunity because no case ever said that cops could not steal property when executing a search warrant.

    Police have a difficult job, but the laws they enforce should apply equally to them as to all citizens. Cops should not get a pass because a court hasn’t stated that what is already illegal applies to cops and government officials.

    “Qualified immunity” needs to be rolled back. Not eliminated, but rolled back.

    Law enforcement and government officials should have to play under the same rules as the rest of the people.

  5. drowningpuppies says:

    A gentle reminder: the very first thing the Democrats did after a Bernie Sanders and Racial Maddow devotee (James Hodgkinson) tried to assassinate a dozen Republican members of Congress… was to blame the Republicans for cutting funding for security!

    Remember? Rimjob was like a total fan.

    Bwaha! Lolgf


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