South Dakota Celebrates International Women’s Day With Legislation Blocking Males From Competing In Women’s Sports

Where are all the women’s groups in the fight to protect women from having to compete against biological males with mental health delusions that they’re women, where women lose competitions they earned, along with potential scholarships?

Gov. Kristi Noem says South Dakota celebrating International Women’s Day with bill banning biological males from girls’ sports

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem joined in Monday on a social media frenzy to recognize International Women’s Day, sending the message that her state was celebrating the occasion by passing legislation that will protect women’s sports by prohibiting biological males from competing with girls.

Noem tweeted out, “In South Dakota, we’re celebrating #InternationalWomensDay by defending women’s sports! I’m excited to sign this bill very soon.”

The Republican governor linked to a message sent by the group American Principles, which proclaimed, “GREAT NEWS! The South Dakota Senate just passed the Women’s Fairness in Sports bill, 20-15. It now heads to @govkristinoem’s desk for signature.”

The Hill reported that the bill, once signed into law, will “legally prevent any student at a state institution from joining a sports team that does not match their at-birth biological identity.” The legislation would require “athletes in South Dakota state schools to provide information regarding their biological sex as well as their age and whether they are taking steroids.”

The American Civil Liberties Union in South Dakota is not happy about the legislation, issuing a statement that said the bill “is an attack on transgender women and girls that will cause them serious emotional and physical harm.”

Trans women aren’t women. They’re men in drag, taking drugs, even getting breast implants. And even with all the drugs, they typically are much better at sports than the women they are competing against in schools. This is a mental illness: why are rewarding it by harming actual, real women? Heck, the ACLU threw real women under the bus

Not according to biology. Why does the ACLU, and so many women’s groups, and China Joe, want men taking women’s sports wins and jobs?

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15 Responses to “South Dakota Celebrates International Women’s Day With Legislation Blocking Males From Competing In Women’s Sports”

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach is this a teal problem or just a madecupnproblem like when Target went to gender neutral restrooms? Remember howcupset you were about that ?

    • Jl says:

      “Teach is this a real problem?..”. Only If you want women to win anything in sports again, John. You don’t think that would be a problem?

      • Est1950 says:

        Hairy quite obviously is a misogynist who wants to deny women the ability to compete by allowing men dressed up as women to take all the medals, get the contracts and leave nothing for women but to go home, shut up and raise children like they are supposed to…..

  2. Dana says:

    Perhaps Mr Dowd or the Hirsute One can explain this to me. If these ‘trans women’ want to be accepted as being real women, why would they participate in sports which only serve to point out that they are very physically different from real women? How does this make any sense at all?

    • david7134 says:

      The issue via my research of the latest medical knowledge is that these trans people are considered mentally ill and their sexual fantasy is a delusion. Doctors are prone to go all with the delusion as it might lead to surgery or other efforts for which they get a healthy pay check. Thus their acceptance by the medical community.

      What is strange is the efforts by governments around the world to make us accept the delusions of the sick people without question. It is one thing to say that the people should not be discriminated against, but government goes further by enforcing the concept that you must accept psychotic thought as real.

      Then, as with everything is our world the issue becomes political. It makes me think that the Dems are as crazy as these trans people. Do the Dems think that by accepting psychotics and their delusions, the Dems are more intellectual than the rest of us.

      • Kye says:

        The leftists figure if they can steal an election they can steal the truth. Ask Mr. Potatohead.

        Xiden creates Antifascist Librarian Justice Committee; the first book scheduled for burning is Fahrenheit 451

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Transgendered athletes have been allowed in the Olympics since 2004.

    How many medals have they won? Zero.

    How many have qualified for the Olympics? Zero.

    You’d think that biological males pretending to be females would dominate.

    I know you guys don’t like to read more than 144 characters at a time, but his is a good read.

    This is another faux excuse to demean the transgendered. You don’t have to like them or accept them, but you won’t be able to discriminate against them. You still be able to slur them anonymously on the internet, though.

    • Est1950 says:

      There is a far fuking cry from the Olympics than high school track and field or swimming.

      How many people win medals period…..1/16th of 1 percent of those that compete in the Olympics win medals of any kind.

      Yet you are pretending that its okay for trans men to take all the medals and the scholarships in high school to college because no trans have won any Olympic medals.

      This is such bullshit Elwood. How many college women on a full scholarship make it to the Olympics.

      For example since I evaluate women’s track the Olympic standard for the 5000 meter run is 15:10. In other words to even be allowed to be invited to the Olympic trials in the USA a woman must have run a 15:10 in a sanctioned event.

      Now how many run 15:10 in college or High School? The national High School Record for the 5000m was set last year by Katelyn Tuohy of North Rockland HS in NY state. She ran a 15:37. That is a national record. The fastest ever by a High school girl, until a girl by the name of Jenna Hutchinson just ran a 15:34 this year.

      The point is simple….99.9 percent of all Athletes NEVER make it to the Olypmics and yet women are still being forced to compete with men who have trans to women. A man has 20 percent more bone density as well as 25 percent more muscle mass than a woman and it is why the woman s standard is 15:10 while the men’s standard is 13:13.

      Men can run the same race at the highest level nearly 2 minutes faster than women. Its genetics and not training.

      Your Olympic concept is trash for so many reasons and it is misogynistic in so many ways. Just remember one thing Elwood. LGBQ despises the Trans movement so you are making no friends in the gay world by defending Transgenders.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        This is when you would offer evidence to support your claim that trans women are dominating high school or college women’s sports.

        Did you read the attached article? Didn’t think so.

        You make the mistake of assuming trans women are men in dresses. And is it’s not a mistake then shame on you.

        • Est1950 says:

          A really poor and pitiful attempt to cover up a horrendous post that makes no sense and is so full of bull I have forwarded it to be enshrined as a Bullshit Post of the year hall of fame candidate.

          Again. Your claim was how many Trans women have won an Olympic medal and now you deflect by wanting more FACTS.

          My initial repulsion at your post was about the Olympics. 2020-03-04 · No transgender athletes are known to have competed at an Olympic Games since 2003, Budgett said. “We’re talking about so few out of 11,000 athletes.

          And: Olympic guidelines on transgender athletes to come after 2020 Games

          At least 3 transgender females could be among 11,000 athletes in Tokyo, before the games were canceled.

          The N.C.A.A. welcomed transgender athletes beginning in 2011…..not 2003 not 2004 as per the Olympics and your posting and so far none have even competed in the Olympics. Another reason why I lost my sheets over your post.

          The last summer Olympics prior to Covid-19 was held in 2016. So For only 5 years were trans allowed to compete in the NCAA forcing them to run and train independently(If they wanted to try out for the Olympics) as 1000’s of WOMEN ALREADY DO…Not meant to prevent trans from competing. It is simply how the sport for both men and women is run. This includes nearly all sporting events.

          To run independently in Track at an Olympic Level you need to be either really well off financially or you need sponsors since that is the only way your going to get to compete beyond or alongside the NCAA.

          Secondly: In the NCAA, for example, transgender women can compete on women’s teams after they’ve completed one year of testosterone suppression treatment. But the organization doesn’t place limits on what a transgender athlete’s testosterone levels can be. Therefore it the testing has been all over the place because a doctor can order an extremely low dose of testosterone suppression while another doctor can order a much higher value.

          However the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) has put in place rules to the amount of Testosterone a woman can have. Typically a woman will have a number value of 2 while a male will be between 8-16. Yet amazingly enough in the speed events many women have a Testosterone level above 8.

          Now the problem for a Trans woman is that they are already dealing with medical problems associated with their change that the required dedication to run 50-60 miles a week not to mention the time in the gym, swimming and biking off season is nearly impossible for a Trans woman to compete in College or the IAAF.

          Which leaves High Schools where 98 percent of all women athletes never go on to compete in college and yet they are now being forced to compete with trans further reducing their chances of being noticed as one of the 2 percent.

          Lastly the IAAF has been seen as trying to block Trans women from competing by forcing rules on them that a woman’s testosterone level must be 2 or below. Non trans women occasionally have more than 8 while some men may test below the 8 level.

          Currently this rule is suspended due to a lawsuit by an African woman. I won’t delve into the specifics of this lawsuit other than to say what is in question is what is the norm for a man vs a woman when it comes to testosterone?

          So as you can see. It is not in the cards for a trans woman to compete in the Olympics, period. But it certainly is possible for a trans to EASILY compete at the High School level where many races have been won by trans.

          TLDR:Because you cant read more than 144 characters, Trans women have never competed in any Olympics and the reasons are spelled out above.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Again. Do you have evidence that trans women are dominating women’s sport AT ANY LEVEL? Certainly not at the Olympic level.

            Please read the article in Men’s Health. Thanks.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Team expounds: Trans women aren’t women. They’re men in drag, taking drugs, even getting breast implants. And even with all the drugs, they typically are much better at sports than the women they are competing against in schools. This is a mental illness:

    No, trans women are not men in drag. Do you have any evidence that trans women are better at sports than other women? Teach is right about one thing: this is a mental illness. But not afflicting those he implies.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Aw, how sweet. Rimjob, along with his fondness of inequity and unfairness, has an affinity for um,chicks with sticks, perv that he is…

      Bwaha! Lolgf

    • Dana says:

      Mr Dowd is right about one thing: they are not men in drag. They are, however, males in drag.

      Even the leftist The Guardian noted the huge competitive advantage males have over females in most competitive sports. The two ‘transgender’ women competing, and winning, in these track events, had been poor finishers, something on the order of 290th place, when they competed as boys.

      We get it: Mr Dowd and the left have consumed the fantasy version of kick-ass women in comic books and movies, and somehow think that GI Jane and Wonder Woman and Lara Croft are real women. They see Ronda Rousey, and think she’s actually typical. They see that three women completed the Army Ranger school, and say, “See, women can do it,” forgetting that over 100,000 men have passed that course.

      Mental illness? Denial of reality is delusional.

      While there are always a few outliers, post-pubescent males are simply bigger, taller, stronger and faster than post-pubescent females, and these differences make a difference in sports. Remember: the United States national Women’s Soccer Team lost to a team of high school boys!

      The men’s 100 meter world record holder is Usain Bolt, with a time he set in 2009, at 9.58 seconds. For the women, Florence Griffith-Joyner set the world record way back in 1988, with an effort of 10.49 seconds.

      • Kye says:

        You’re wasting your time Dana. We’ve tried this on every dumbassed pinko idea The Elwood spits out from his programmers and he won’t listen to reason. He’ll deflect, move goal posts, lie and finally in desperation just ignore the facts. It’s what makes fascists so predictable.

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