Interesting: Mexican President Erects Barrier Around Presidential Palace

See, walls are fine for protecting political elites, just like we’ve seen in Washington, D.C., but, not good for protecting the border from unauthorized people attempting to cross illegally and sneak into the U.S. The Mexican president said he has “no opinion” of the wall, but, hailed China Joe’s halt of border wall construction

Mexican president defends 10-foot barriers to wall off women protesters

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Saturday said a metallic barrier to wall off the presidential palace ahead of a planned women’s march on International Women’s Day was to avoid provocation and protect historic buildings from vandalism.

In a country where femicides rose nearly 130% between 2015 and 2020, critics said the decision to erect the 10-foot-high (3-meter) barriers was symptomatic of Lopez Obrador’s apathy toward the crisis of violence afflicting women.

Ahead of International Women’s Day on Monday, barriers were also installed around other emblematic buildings and monuments in downtown Mexico City where a year ago tens of thousands of people protested rampant violence against women and impunity.

“We have to avoid provocation of people who only want to cause damage,” Lopez Obrador said at an event in Yucatan. “Imagine, if we don’t take care of the national palace and they vandalize it. What image will this send to the world?”

Hmm, we have to avoid provocation of people who only want to sneak into the U.S. and take jobs from citizens, drive down wages, drive drunk, assault citizens, steal people’s identity, commit arson and rape and child sexual assault and murder.” Well, hey, it’s always some excuse to protect the elites, be it walls, excuse me, fencing, fossil fueled limos and private jets, you name it.

Lopez Obrador reiterated that women had the right to protest and cited his own movement in 2006 as an appropriate form of peaceful protest.

“The presidency was stolen from us … and we protested but never broke glass. … I walked two, three times all the way from Tabasco to Mexico City,” he said. Lopez Obrador has repeatedly accused opponents of electoral fraud over the years.

Interesting. The article doesn’t complain about Lopez Abrador saying an election was stolen from him.

Interior Minister Olga Sanchez Cordero said on Twitter that the barriers were “for the protection of the women.”

Oh, right, right. Sure thing, Sparky.

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2 Responses to “Interesting: Mexican President Erects Barrier Around Presidential Palace”

  1. Est1950 says:

    Congrats Democrats. They just passed the covid relief package which funnels more subsidies to INSURANCE COMPANIES who participate in the exchange for Obamacare.

    SO insurance companies will now get MORE MONEY for LESS COVERAGE. Talk about throwing good money after bad.

    Oh and by the way. Great JOB GOP. You effectively spent your time arguing that Broke and destitute Americans crushed by the pandemic should GO FUK THEMSELVES and the Democrats messaged these people that they are fighting for them…HAR, HAR, HAR.

    The leader of the caucus who secretly is controlled by Liz Cheney said the other day Trump should not primary the people who voted against him but rather should concentrate on getting them reelected. HUH.

    When the GOP actually starts fighting for the people and against BIG CORPORATIONS then I would agree. But in the case of the GOP they are supporting those corps that are trying to destroy the fuking GOP….Talk about idiots in government.

    The Democrats are brilliant compared to the GOP. The GOP consists of brainwashed morons while the democrats consist of brainwashed morons. The difference?

    The GOP has been tricked into supporting that which is trying to destroy them from existence….In other words support WOKE big business that cancels conservatives and encourages hate speech against those very people that have spent a life time fighting for Big business. Awesome messaging GOP and you wonder why the people…the people despise the GOP as much as they do the Democrats.

    • Kye says:

      That’s why I laugh when The Elwood starts tell us what we “believe” either in politics or religion. We know what the GOP has become which is why we voted for Trump. We also know what the Demofascist party has become which is how we know they stole an election and installed a senile incompetent as “president”.

      Unlike The Elwood we do not automatically support every asshole Republican that squeezes his way into the rectum called Congress. We also don’t buy every piece of stupid legislation or ever dumbassed idea floated by Dems or the GOP. We actually thing about the effects of that crap and most of it ain’t good.

      The WaPo, a leftist propaganda mouthpiece floated this bullshit yesterday (bet Elwood buys it).:

      The Washington Post did its best to spin the pork-zilla Xiden bill that the Senate passed today that’s supposedly for “virus relief” but instead seems a huge payoff to a lot of Democratic agenda items and buddies.

      Even by usual mainstream media standards, this was pretty bad, bordering on North Korea, Communist China kind of propaganda-speak.

      Are they kidding? Biden “showers money?” Like the largesse from the King? It’s our money, from our tax money. And the only reason many need it is because government denied people the right to work with their lockdown restrictions. Not to mention that Democrats delayed the bill for months until it was way past the election to try to hurt President Donald Trump’s chances.

      Indeed Biden actually passed less relief than did Trump to the American people. Trump already passed $1,800 but apparently that isn’t “showering” because he wasn’t a Democrat.

      Does anyone actually believe that $1,400 is “showering” anyone with money? Especially after Xiden made a campaign promise of $2000 and then backtracked on that? That’s barely enough to pay rent for many for a month.

      Does anybody believe that $1,400 is going to do anything to “sharply cut poverty” unless you reopen businesses and people are able to make their own money again rather than completely destroying the economy still more? Indeed delaying it for all that time for political reasons to help Xiden precipitated many people into poverty.

      Not to mention that fewer people are getting the $1,400 than were originally promised, again unlike Trump.
      At what point does it just become so silly that even folks on the left and even folks who supported Xiden just find this ridiculous propaganda divorced from reality? Well, here it is. We’ve apparently hit that point on this Baghdad Bob attempt by the WaPo. Everyone saw right through this. All hail the Dear Leader who is so kind and generous to us!

      Yes, a cut and paste from Red State because The Elwood needs to see we ain’t falling for the lies!

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