Hot Take: Miami Would Replace Palm Trees To Solve Climate Apocalypse

I guess they’ll ship all the palm trees to Canada, because cult doctrine says Canada will soon be as warm as Cuba

Miami Beach Climate Change Plan Would See Iconic Palm Trees Swapped Out For Canopy Trees

climate change joke

The city of Miami Beach is looking ahead in hopes of solving some of their climate change concerns.

Part of the city’s new plan calls for a reduction in the number of palm trees, adding instead more canopy trees.

“As we’re thinking about planning for our city, green infrastructure is going to be a part of that solution. Our tree canopy is that first piece of green infrastructure,” said Elizabeth Wheaton, Miami Beach’s environment and sustainability director.

Wheaton said they have earmarked $5 million for a citywide reforestation plan that will not only change the area’s skyline but also help the environment.

“We’re in the process of going through a major reforestation effort, with a goal to plant 5,000 trees by the next 10 years,” Wheaton said, “That is one major step in adding more canopy into our green spaces, our parks, as well as our roadways.”

She said planting more canopy trees will help with carbon reduction, absorb more rain water and help provide shaded streets. But the plan has come under fire because it calls for the reduction of palm trees.

Ya think?

“We would actually go from 57% tree canopy of palm trees, which we currently are, to 25% by the year 2050. A lot of that would be adding shade trees, which can be very positive, if done correctly. But, it also calls for the removal or relocation of 1,500 palm tree,” said Vice Mayor Steve Meiner. “The palm trees an iconic, beautiful tree. And it’s a symbol. It’s actually in the symbol of Miami Beach and I think such a reduction from 57 to 25%, I’m concerned could have a serious negative impact on our cultural, historical and economic brand.”

They say they’ll replant the palms elsewhere in the area, but, this is just typically Crazy by climate cultists. If these Warmists were so darned concerned about doom from ‘climate change’ you’d think they would ban fossil fueled vehicles and get rid of the airports. And move elsewhere.


Annapolis sues 26 oil and gas firms alleging they ‘concealed’ knowledge of climate change

City officials in Annapolis, Md., filed a lawsuit Monday accusing 26 companies including Exxon, Shell, and the American Petroleum Institute of failing to warn state officials about the dangers posed by man-made climate change.

The lawsuit, filed in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court, alleges that the named companies knew “for decades that climate change impacts could be catastrophic, and that only a narrow window existed to take action before the consequences would be irreversible,” yet failed to warn relevant state officials.

I still say those companies should refuse, at a minimum, to sell their products to the city government. Let’s see how well the city operates without fossil fuels.

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One Response to “Hot Take: Miami Would Replace Palm Trees To Solve Climate Apocalypse”

  1. Est1950 says:

    “We’re in the process of going through a major reforestation effort, with a goal to plant 5,000 trees by the next 10 years

    A You Tuber used his own money to plant 1 million trees in 30 days. China planted 100 million trees in a year.

    If you travel the west you will find city after city with between 100-10,000 residents having a better GREEN footprint and much more thoughtful response to potential growth than the Blue cities which are the main reason we have so many WokeWalkers screaming were all gonna die.

    Hell I have lived in many major cities around the globe over the last 50 years and I can tell you that without leaving those cities and going into the country side where sanity reigns, I would be a raging lunatic AGW WokeWalker myself.

    The fact that we are seeing a rise in Co2 is only partially a result of industry. The real reason co2 continues to climb is the deforestation around cities the world over as these behemoths expand. Not to mention the deforestation in Brazil and other nations with Rain-forest being pushed back to expand their own agricultural needs. This expansion razes millions and millions of acres each year and replaces it with concrete and asphalt creating hot zones which absorb heat rather than repel it.

    5000 trees? Are you kidding me? That is so insignificant that it is hilarious but it does appease the WokeWalkers who haven’t a clue. I think my wife has planted that many trees in the last 10 years by herself around the globe.

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