European Court Demands EU Governments Prove They’re Doing Something About Climate Crisis (scam)

In a rational world, one where the Cult of Climastrology was treated as the cult it is, the EU governments would say “sure, cool, no problem, we’ll remove all funding for energy and fossil fueled vehicles/flights for the court, disallow all meat in the court building, and remove anything which puts out “carbon pollution.” Of course, since all these CoC European countries were so thrilled to sign the Paris Climate (scam) Agreement, why do they need to prove they are Doing Something?

European court: governments must prove climate change effort

A top European court is forcing 33 governments to prove they are cutting emissions in line with the requirements of the 2015 Paris climate accord.

The European Court of Human Rights has also rejected an attempt by those governments in the same case to overturn its decision to fast-track an ambitious climate change action brought by six young Portuguese activists.

The activists allege that the countries’ efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions are inadequate.

The governments had asked the court to drop its priority status for the case and hear their argument that the case is inadmissible, the activists’ legal representatives said in a statement Friday.

But in the latest legal victory for the activists, the court dismissed the governments’ arguments against an urgent hearing and denied their application to defer scrutiny of their climate policies, the statement said.

The governments now have until May 27 to submit their legal defense.

“This is another major step toward securing a decision from the court which compels (the) governments to take the urgent action necessary to safeguard the futures of the youth applicants and their generation,” said Gerry Liston of the Global Legal Action Network, an international nonprofit organization that challenges human rights violations and which is assisting the activists.

Interesting. The governments wanted the case basically dismissed. I thought they wanted to have to do all this climate crazy stuff? No? It’s more about ClimaVirtue Signalling, because they know it would destroy their economies? That their good with certain measures meant to control their citizens and others that are “look, we’re Doing Something” but do not want to go too far, which is what these Youths want and Paris demands?

The countries named in the complaint include the 27 member nations of the European Union plus the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

If the activists win their case, the countries would be legally bound to cut emissions in line with the requirements of the Paris climate accord. They would also have to address their role in overseas emissions, including by their multinational companies.

Remember, Paris was “historic”. Funny how the majority of nations that signed it aren’t actually anywhere close to being in compliance. The governments should, in a non climacrazy cult world, would turn off all power to the schools that doesn’t come strictly from “renewables” and take away all funding for fossil fueled vehicles and flights. Let the kiddies charge their phones and such with solar power, limit their streaming of shows and all their narcissistic videos (because that’s Bad for ‘climate change’). See how the Youths like it.

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3 Responses to “European Court Demands EU Governments Prove They’re Doing Something About Climate Crisis (scam)”

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach you are now officially a grumpy old man who hates all those kids who are having too much fun enjoying their lives and having too much sex with others who are also desirable

  2. Dana says:

    Hey, this is what happens when you surrender your national sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats in a transnational body.

    The only rational response is to tell the Court to go f(ornicate) itself, but how many European governments will have the testosterone to do that?

  3. Mark Matis says:

    One must understand that the Cult of Climate is the religion of the tribe today, and THEY will not be denied. They view the EU as the first step in their race to One World Government.

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