If All You See…

…is a tall building designed to survive extreme sea rise, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on the Woke destroying museums.

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2 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    See nothing but the 3 idiots commenting today.
    BWAHA! https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif

    • Kye says:

      They (the Three Amigos) are either stupidly obsessed with Trump or they are shrewdly “talking over” any notice of how in a few short weeks the fake pretender has fuked up immigration, employment, Red Chinese Cuomo Plague, Iran policy and the climate hoax. All while staggering around and talking like a senile idiot.

      The Xiden Politboro seems hell bent on reversing every Trump administration policy, even those policies that were quite successful.

      On illegal immigration, which the Trump team managed to reduce significantly, the Xiden Junta seeks to make illegal entry easier and its legal consequences less of a deterrent. This will almost assuredly result in a significant influx of the unskilled, themselves infiltrated by gang members, cartel mules, parentless children, and perhaps even foreign terrorists.

      Where the Trump administration managed to achieve energy independence, the fascist Xiden Junta has now halted drilling on federal lands and offshore and has killed the Keystone pipeline — which won’t reduce the supply of oil coming into the U.S. but will require it to be transported via carbon-emitting trucks and trains. Insane! With respect to the climate, which saw carbon emissions decrease during the Trump years, the corrupt Xiden team has rejoined the Paris accord, which will have no effect on the world’s major polluters but will impose needless costs on Americans. (And why, if team Xiden is really concerned with greenhouse gases, does it not push for nuclear power, which is clean and less an eyesore than wind farms and acres of solar panels?)

      The Trump administration pre-pandemic engineered a very good economy with spectacularly low unemployment rates and widespread increases of incomes. It did so with a combination of deregulation and lower taxes. The Xiden communist team appears to favor a large influx of foreign unskilled labor, a more than doubling of the minimum wage, the elimination of energy sector jobs, higher taxes, and more regulation. This is a witches’ brew of anti-employment, anti-growth policies. But it is in keeping with the Democommies billionaire buddies.

      Violent crime is spiking in every major city controlled by Democrats, surely fueled by Democrats’ attacks on the police — attacks belied by the statistics — and by their turning a blind eye to the true natures of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Will things change now that a Democrat is in the White House? So far, Democrats seem to be strong supporters of law and order only when Republicans are the miscreants. Even then their preferred law is murder unarmed young women.

      In terms of foreign policy, the Trump administration pushed back hard against our major geopolitical adversary, the People’s Republic of China — its theft of intellectual property, its currency manipulation, its militarism, and its attack on Hong Kong’s autonomy. Given the Xiden family’s financial ties to the PRC as well as the dependence of many of Xiden’s communist corporate supporters on doing business in the PRC, can we expect the same of the Xiden Junta?

      Will the Xiden Junta be as supportive of Israel and its better relations with its Sunni Arab neighbors as was the Trump administration? Or will it prefer to make concessions to their enemy, Iran? It looks like the latter.

      And will the illegal Xiden Junta, like the Trump administration, put a premium on military readiness, or will it see the military as an arena for woke social engineering rather than as an institution whose sole mission is to defeat adversaries? There are disturbing signs that Red Xiden will sacrifice having the best fighting force in order to have the most politically correct one.

      On the cultural front, if it’s possible, things look even more dire. The Xiden fascists are driving a stake through the heart of women’s athletics, as well as ignoring natural concerns for modesty, by opening women’s sports teams and their locker rooms to biological males. Where the Trump administration brought due process to campus disciplinary proceedings, the fascist Xiden seeks to restore the procedural inadequacies of the Obama era.

      And where the Trump administration supported school choice, the Xiden junta seeks to do the bidding of the teachers union, which opposes any means for escaping the failing public schools, and which, contrary to the scientific consensus, opposed, and still opposes, opening schools during the pandemic.

      Anti White racist Junta Xiden, in opposition to the Trump administration’s position, seeks to re-impose mandatory “diversity training” on federal employees, which amounts to indoctrination in the grotesque racism of “critical race theory.”

      And to top it all off the Xiden junta has fortified DC like an army camp at war. Who are these freaks at war with?

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