CBS: You Know Polar Vortices Are Not Quite As Extreme Due To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Is CBS Columbia Broadcasting System Or Climate Broadcasting Sect? Jeff Beradelli takes a different tact from most Warmists, who are blaming the cold and snow and ice on the melting of the Arctic because you took a long shower followed by a fossil fueled drive to get a burger

Polar vortex brings most extreme winter weather in years

From wind chills near 60 below zero in the Upper Midwest to an ice storm all the way to the Gulf Coast, it is rare that winter weather gets this extreme. The culprit is a polar vortex teaming up a very active jet stream.

That means cold, snow and ice for hundreds of millions of Americans.

On Saturday, more than two-thirds of the nation was under some kind of winter weather alert running the gamut from wind chill warnings in the northern Plains to winter storm warnings for the Pacific Northwest. There were also winter weather advisories in South Texas and ice storm warnings in the Mid-Atlantic.

A few weeks ago, the polar vortex, which is typically located near the North Pole, broke into pieces — a natural occurrence that happens every couple of winters. Smaller daughter vortices scattered around the Northern Hemisphere, bringing pockets of Arctic air to Siberia, Europe and North America.

For the past week, one of the daughter vortices has set up shop, spinning near the U.S.-Canada border. As a result, temperatures have been frigid, at times dropping below -40 degrees Fahrenheit, but the coldest of air has been confined to the far northern U.S. That’s about to change as lobes of the vortex rearrange its orientation, sending cold air south.

So, polar vortices are normal and natural. Except Warmists have been trying to blame them on Mankind, because they want to make sure that they can blame Mankind for their cultish beliefs. They’ve been saying they have become more extreme. Jeff takes it in a different route

Despite being extreme, it’s not nearly as extreme as it could be. Over the past few decades, due to human-caused climate change, the coldest extremes are getting less extreme. As one example, in Minneapolis the coldest day each year is now 12 degrees warmer than it used to be.

And that’s the only example offered, and the attached graphic only goes back to 1970, you know, the time the Earth was in a period where they were worried about a coming ice age. How does UHI and land use come into play? Yes, they are Man-caused, but, not global. Anyhow, these doomsday cultists just can’t help but drag their cult into everything.

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3 Responses to “CBS: You Know Polar Vortices Are Not Quite As Extreme Due To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. Est1950 says:

    Disinformation found on GOOGLE:

    The effect sunspots have on the Earth and climate. !!!!!!Sunspots are spots of cooler temperatures on the sun.!!!!!! They appear darker than the rest of the sun and occur in a region called the photosphere. The photosphere has a temperature of 5,778 kelvin compared to sunspots that have an average temperature of 3,500 kelvin.

    So the more sunspots the cooler the earth because the less energy that is flowing toward the planet.

    Sep 01, 2020 · Sunspots have been observed continuously since 1609, although their cyclical variation was not noticed until much later. At the peak of the cycle, about 0.1% more Solar energy reaches the Earth,..

    So the more sunspots the more energy hits the earth?

    Jul 22, 2009 · Many climate scientists agree that sunspots and solar wind could be playing a role in climate change, but the vast majority view it as very minimal and attribute Earth’s warming primarily to…


    Not only does the increased brightness of the Sun tend to warm the Earth, but also the solar wind (a stream of highly energetic charged particles) shields the atmosphere from cosmic rays, which produce 14 C.

    So the lack of sunspots will cool the earth and yet:

    the bigger the group of sunspots, the more intense such solar weather tends to be. Flares and CMEs can send enormous amounts of energy and charged particles hurtling into collision with the Earth’s atmosphere, where they can cause magnetic storms that disrupt or alter radio and cell phone communication and can wreak havoc with electrical grids.

    NO MENTION OF ITS AFFECT ON TEMPERATURE and finally I could go on all day with GOOGLE and their sincere desire for the TRUTH ALLOWING 1000’s of sites print contradictory information all day long.

    PICK WHICH ARTICLE YOU WANT TO PROVE YOUR POINT. This is why everything out of everyones mouth seems to be fake news.

    Jul 25, 2019 · A CYCLE of sunspot activity known as the solar minimum – which has been linked by some scientists to temperature fluctuations on Earth – is underway. But does the solar minimum really affect our..

    OH MG. YES it affects our weather. NO it does not affect our weather. We don’t know if it affects our weather. More study is needed. And yet we absolutely without a doubt know that AGW studies of only about 30-40 years is SETTLED SCIENCE and were all gonna die.

    I call BS by its rightful name. You can’t even find legit articles about sunspot cycles that have been studied since the 1600’s and yet we have SETTLED THE SCIENCE ON GLOBAL WARMING in 30-40 years.


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