Wood For Guitars Could Become Ruined Because You Ate A Tasty Burger Or Something

Another story of doom and gloom from the Cult of Climastrology, and it’s all your fault

Climate Change Could Shred Guitars Known for Shredding

It is the wood that the rock greats have sworn by—swamp ash, in the form of their Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars—for over 70 years. If you’ve ever listened to rock, you’ve probably heard a swamp ash, solid body guitar. But now, climate change is threatening the wood that helped build rock and roll.

In today’s podcast, veteran guitarist Jim Campilongo takes us through the finer points of swamp ash and what it would mean to lose it.

Unlike usual posts, that’s all there is. You can watch the video, which is as climacrazy as you’d expect. Just another bit of fearmongering from the cult

Here’s the thing: the majority of the Telecasters and Stratocasters, both Fender and Squier, are made of…..mostly maple, not pure swamp ash, which is generally refereed to as trees that grow underwater, though that can be stretched quite a bit. The necks are usually made from Maple, Rosewood (my favorite), and Kona, with a few others here and there. So, the whole thing story is hot garbage. A goodly chunk of other electric guitars are the same. But, how do we know that a slight warming won’t make the wood sound better? Scientific America tried this before, that’s the link in the story, from back in 2020. It’s always doom with these people.

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2 Responses to “Wood For Guitars Could Become Ruined Because You Ate A Tasty Burger Or Something”

  1. Jl says:

    Dear Diary……

  2. El Polacko says:

    Minor points

    Hardly any guitar bodies are made of maple, but most guitar necks are.

    Hardly and guitar necks are made of rosewood or kona, but most fingerboards are.

    Fender Stratocasters are also made of alder.

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