Washington Post: All You Selfish Americans Are Taking COVID Doses Away From Poor Countries

All the employees at the Washington Post are willing to forgo their own doses of vaccine, right, so they can be sent to poor nations? And since Biden voters tend to believe this garbage, they’ll be willing to forgo their own doses, right?

The zero-sum vaccine game: How a dose in the U.S. takes a dose away from a poorer country

The swift development of effective coronavirus vaccines has been one of the few bright points of the pandemic. Since Britain administered the first fully tested vaccine in December, well over 130 million doses have been delivered around the world — 44 million in the United States alone.

But most countries have yet to see the benefits of this accomplishment. Months into the global vaccine rollout, the pace remains staggeringly unequal, with wealthy countries leaving poorer ones in the dust. And they aren’t competing in a vacuum: The success of the former has come very much at the expense of the latter.

“It remains to a large degree a zero-sum game, which means that every dose that goes to the U.S. or the U.K. or an E.U. country is a dose that’s off the shelves,” said Andrea Taylor, a researcher at Duke University’s Global Health Innovation Center who tracks vaccines. “And the shelves aren’t going to be restocked for a while.”

The zero-sum nature of vaccine supply is rooted in a wide variety of factors, but boils down to the simple fact that manufacturers cannot yet meet demand. The potential consequences are wide-ranging. Unmitigated spread in any country, rich or poor, can lead to variants that may be more virulent or resistant to vaccines.

OK, what Democrat is willing to give up their dose? Who’s willing to send dose for Americans to poor nations? Anyone? Sure, some Modern Socialist SJWs might be willing to send Other People’s doses, but, not their own.

Some experts have urged wealthy nations to address the situation head-on, through a policy likely to find little domestic support: the donation of doses to other countries that need them, before fully vaccinating at home.

I wonder if those anonymous experts are willing to give up the doses for themselves, their family, and their close friends and coworkers. That would be an important question to ask, eh?

So far, buy-in to this way of thinking remains limited. Norway has offered a plan to donate excess vaccine doses. Mexico, despite recording the third-worst death toll globally, has limited its purchases of the Pfizer vaccine after a U.N. request. Most other nations have not detailed such plans.

The Biden administration has pledged to pursue the idea of donating vials, but has not offered a timeline or other specifics.

The United States would “develop a framework for providing surplus U.S. government vaccine doses to countries in need, once there is sufficient supply in the United States,” a State Department spokesperson said. The government has not said how it would define surplus in light of vaccine hesitancy.

Joe already got his doses, along with his family and people, so, he wouldn’t be worried. Of course, he can’t be so dumb as to put other nations ahead of the U.S., right? He’d get eviscerated. Even the compliant Dem voting media would take issue, wouldn’t they?

The spokesperson said the United States might consider donating excess doses through Covax Facility, a program backed by the World Health Organization that is designed to ensure global access to vaccines. The Biden administration has pledged to support the program, in which the Trump administration did not participate.

What excess doses? California is temporarily closing sites because of vaccine shortages (mostly because the doses have been given).

It may well be shifting under our feet. WHO officials suggested this week that the prevalence of virus variants may necessitate annual vaccinations or booster shots. “That would completely change the picture. It blows everything out of the water,” said Taylor. “And I think it’s where we’re heading.”

Well, that’s a new one. Being the WHO, and all their issues with protecting China, you have to wonder what the agenda is.

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11 Responses to “Washington Post: All You Selfish Americans Are Taking COVID Doses Away From Poor Countries”

  1. Dana says:

    Under President Trump’s America First policies, we’d have kept every single dose of the vaccine produced in the United States in the United States, until every actual American who wanted the vaccine had an opportunity to receive it. That’s what an American President would do, protect Americans!

    Joe Biden? Who knows what the Dummkopf from Delaware will do, but I will admit to having little confidence that he will do the right thing.

    • Professor Hale says:

      of course we know what he will do. He told us. Global equitable distribution.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      If anyone but trump had been president supply wouldn’t have been an issue.

      trump was too busy trying to steal the election and sending his supporters to sack the Capitol.

      • Dana says:

        Yeah, Donald Trump walked into the production facilities and said, “slow it down, boys.” https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_wacko.gif

        The sad thing is that Mr Dowd probably believes that.

  2. Jl says:

    Or to put it another way, “All you selfish alarmists want to take cheap energy away from poor countries…”

  3. Professor Hale says:

    I got mine. I didn’t really want or need it, but now that Biden is running the distribution, guys like me are at the front of the line ahead of sick, old, school teachers and first responders.

  4. The Election Was Stolen says:

    I still haven’t gotten mine. Not even available. I don’t know if it’s because I’m 70, have emphysema and COPD therefore I need it more than a 26 year old school teacher who is not teaching school or because I’m a “known Trump supporter” and therefore Deplorable, or because I’m a “non-essential” citizen, or because my foster son could now be considered a “terrorist” because he went to the Stop the Steal protest. Take your pick.

    This country is now being run like a third world banana republic and the demofascists love it. Why they act just like they stole an election and even though they admitted such Elwood still is a Steal Denier. Figures, they’re all fukin stupid they’ll believe anything the senile, corrupt pedophile tells them.

    • Dana says:

      Being 70, you should be in Tier 1B. But Pennsylvania’s vaccine rollout has been, like most things run by the left, a disaster.

      I’m Tier 1C, being 67 years old, but while the Estill County Health Department says that I’, “on the list,” they have no flaming idea when it will be available to me. There are apparently a lot of people “on the list” ahead of me.

      My wife has had both doses, but she’s an RN working in a hospital, and health care providers were first up. She has told me that a lot of the nurses at the hospital have said they would not take the vaccine, and our parish priest said, on Sunday, January 31th, that half of the county school’s teachers have declined the vaccine. I do not know his source.

      And no, 31th was not a typo, but a Picoism. I do use the word ‘oneth.’

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    I’m on the list based on age. May be a month or so for us.

    Missouri is backward when it comes to organization and efficiency. Sparsely populated red counties are getting supplied before metro areas.

  6. Professor Hale says:

    The arguments are pointless. Our country has been waiting 11 months for a vaccine. 11 Months. No one can make a credible claim that if they don’t get their vaccine this month they will die, but if they do get it, then they will live. The crisis has passed even without the vaccine. They should just let doctors and pharmacies order it on a first come first served basis and start inoculating whoever wants one until they run out and have to wait a few days for the next batch. The worst thing they can do is try to “MANAGE” who gets it. Every Walmart and CVS already has a perfectly good distribution line established. In three months, the government will be FORCING people to take it so that the big Pharma gets a payback on their investment.

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