French Court Rules France Not Respecting Its Climate Crisis (scam) Goals

The French government should immediately turn around and turn off the power to the French court, restrict foods on the property to meatless ones, restrict the court’s usage of fossil fuels, right?

Court rules France failed to respect its climate change goal

A court on Wednesday ruled that the French state failed to take sufficient action to fight climate change in a case brought by a group of nongovernmental organizations.

In its ruling, the Paris administrative court recognized ecological damage linked to climate change and held the French state responsible for failing to fully meet its goals in reducing greenhouse gases.

President Emmanuel Macron, who has been very vocal about his support for climate change action, pushed in December for beefing up the European Union’s 2030 targets to reduce greenhouse gases by at least 55% compared with 1990 levels — up from the previous 40% target.

But Oxfam France, Greenpeace France and two other organizations say Macron’s lobbying for global climate action is not backed up by sufficient domestic measures to curb emissions blamed for global warming.

France is missing its national targets that had been set under the 2015 Paris Agreement to curb climate change, and the country has delayed most of its efforts until after 2020.

Well, that’s ironic. France is missing it’s Paris Climate Agreement goals. It’s Historic goals! Remember when it was uber-historic? Also remember that the PCA was set up to avoid needing the official approval of legislatures in nations around the world, so it’s more of a gentleperson’s agreement, a soft one at that. There’s no force of law, no force of treaty.

Be funny as hell if the French government implemented massive climate restrictions on the operations of Oxfam, Greenpeace, and the others. Maybe on those big fossil fueled ships that Greenpeace likes to use.

The court gave itself two months to decide on measures to repair the problem and stop it from getting worse. It did, however, ask the French state to pay each of the four organizations that brought the action a symbolic euro each, a common practice in France.

So, good news, citizens of France: the court will now consider what measures to implement on you. Have fun.

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