In Order To Solve The Climate Crisis (scam) We Need More Diverse Boardrooms Or Something

Remember, this is all about science. No, stop rolling your eyes, I saw that. Science!

We need more diverse boardrooms to address the climate crisis

climate change joke

In recent years, national governments have strengthened their commitment to addressing the climate crisis.

The UK has said it will reach net-zero emissions by 2050. President Xi Jinping has pledged China will do the same by 2060. And Joe Biden is expected to prioritize climate goals, having already pledged to rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Countries will be looking at their supply chains to see where emissions can be reduced. International co-operation will be stepped up, too, especially with flagship events such as COP26 happening later this year. But while national governments increase efforts to combat climate change, the private sector has its part to play too.

It could start by improving its gender diversity.

In 2021, leading on corporate diversity is no longer a good press exercise, but something which can boost both financial performance and environmental impact.


The link between gender diversity and carbon footprint may not be obvious. After all, while companies around the world have been switched on to the fact that greater diversity equals better performance for many years now, that performance has usually been viewed through a financial lens alone.

Perhaps understandably so. A 2019 Credit Suisse study found that companies with a high percentage of women on the board, and within management, outperformed their less diverse counterparts. It makes sense that a diverse and inclusive team is more competitive in today’s globalized economy.

So, one study. And, it may be correct. There needs to be more data, especially going beyond a study that starts out with an editorial. Doesn’t sound rather unbiased. And, there’s nothing wrong with women and different people on boards, as long as they’ve earned it. Just like a man has to earn it (unless you’re Joe Biden’s son).

In fact, diversity across a business has wider implications, including – most significantly – for that business’ carbon footprint. Recently, Arabesque looked at the data from more than 2000 companies around the world, and found that as diversity increased, so did corporate transparency, which included how likely it was that a company would make its volume of greenhouse gas emissions public.

Companies that are doing better on managing and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions are more likely to disclose adequately, since they will gain from that disclosure.

Sounds like these companies are more interested in Virtue Signaling than their core missions.

To truly achieve lasting change, we will need to move towards a place where the corporate world sets high standards for itself with respect to diversity and makes sure those standards are upheld. This can take the shape of external pressure. Goldman Sachs will no longer underwrite IPOs for companies with fewer than two board members from diverse backgrounds, and Nasdaq has proposed requiring that a business has at least one female director to list on their exchanges.

And you end up with token people in positions with no actual power, just Social Justice Warrioring. Treating people like tokens. This is not about science. And, let’s face it, this is actually rather patronizing, thinking that women can’t do it themselves and have to be given positions.

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12 Responses to “In Order To Solve The Climate Crisis (scam) We Need More Diverse Boardrooms Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Excitable Russia Teach regurgitates the deeply embedded white privilege trope that white men are entitled to rule, and any non-white, non-male derived their position from affirmative action.

  2. Jl says:

    How about competence and honesty, not “diversity”

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Go on…

      Do you think only white men are competent and honest. Men like Donald Trump?

      • david7134 says:

        Trump, best president ever. Jeff, you are clearly a liar and dumb as it gets, so how can you judge anyone.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          81 million voters didn’t think he was the best president ever. Maybe he’s the best president to only win one term AND be impeached twice. He’s likely to be the best president to ever end up in prison.

          If trump is convicted in court for his business crimes, will that trigger the civil war you crave?

      • Jl says:

        Did I say that J? No, I didn’t

  3. Professor hale says:

    The new SECDEF just announced that diversity, inclusion, and equity are now the DoD highest priority. So much for national defense. That was just white priveledge anyway.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      So the perfesser (evidently not of English) thinks only white people can defend the nation.

  4. Est1950 says:

    Speaking of Boardrooms

    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin called for an “immediate suspension” of the department’s advisory committee operations as it conducts a top-down review and ordered the removal of most advisory board members by mid-February, according to a Department of Defense memo.

    Austin, who was nominated by President Joe Biden and confirmed by the US Senate in late January, said that the Defense Department’s review was being conducted to “align with our most pressing strategic priorities and the National Defense Strategy.”

    On September 18, 2017, he was appointed to Nucor’s board of directors.

    Nucor is half owned by another company who has as its focus operations in:

    Australia (main headquarters),
    New Zealand,
    Pacific Islands,
    North America,
    and Asia

    READ CHINA…………..

    Those trucks moving forces to Syria? Yeah after finally confirming through sources there are many, many 100’s of US forces moving back into Syria, Despite what Elwood and the Jerusalem Post says.

  5. Est1950 says:

    In the past several days the state department and the defense department have been upping the rhetoric on Iran.

    Biden himself said that Iran will have nukes in a matter of weeks.

    When asked a particularly difficult question about Myanmar and the coup there by the military Psaki spent her minute devoted to sucking the dong of China, rather than answering the question.

    Biden owes China big time as billionaires from China who don’t fart without the CCP’s authority gave the Biden family millions of dollars in FREE loans and wanted to know if that was enough.

    Amazing how we the SHEEP should believe this. Watch the MSM closely if they start pounding the drum for war. Or more importantly this is the prelude to another gift to the Iranians of billions of dollars flown over on Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg’s private jet if they can just have access to Iranian markets to fill the good citizens of Iran with more propaganda about how evil white people are.

    Once again the left crawls back in bed with IRAN and CHINA who are the worlds most dangerous people and are in a position to majorly impact world events.

  6. Est1950 says:

    My absolutely most funny and fitting RUMOR.

    Trump runs for the HOUSE in 2022.


    Then is appointed Speaker of the HOUSE and his first order of Business is to IMPEACH BIDEN.

    LOLOLOL….Talk about chaos beyond imagination, but it is funny to think about because if he chose to do this he WOULD win and he would be appointed Speaker by the GOP. The only sad part about this is that Nancy Pelosi said this is her last term.

    • Est1950 says:

      And Finally:

      Meanwhile, progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders rejected Republican criticism of Democrats’ use of the budget process for the stimulus, saying the opposition party has used it repeatedly, including for tax cuts.

      “If Republicans can use reconciliation to help the wealthy and the powerful and pass legislation strongly opposed by the American people, we can and must use reconciliation to help Americans recover from the worst economic and public health crisis in the modern history of our country,” Sanders said in the Senate.

      Only need 51 votes which they got. Once again the American people are getting shafted as this money is mostly going to the states….which will end up on wall street. It is going to corporations who have managed to stay afloat with 2 trillion from the US government while 1/3rd of all small businesses have shuttered.

      The money is going for unemployment benefits which continues to drive the left. Remember under Obama unemployment was extended for like 3 years and he and Pelosi personally forced people to go back to college by taking out loans….Then he took over student loans now called federal student loans the purpose of which was to further hook people into being indebted to the FEDS.

      Now we have a generation of people saddled with 100-250-1 million in student debt with degrees in the TUBA and a job working for 15 buks an hour.

      Welcome to the debtor nation of the USA, where what was once the land of dreams is now the land of nightmares, brought to you by the Communist party of the Democratic wing of the DNC>

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