Climate Cult Wants Super Bowl Visitors To Think About ‘Climate Change’

There’s always something they look to ruin as they hitch their wagons to things that are going on

Environmental group wants Super Bowl visitors to think about climate change

The idea is that anyone looking up at the football will then be forced to think about climate change.

The Florida office of the Environmental Defense Fund, seeking to draft on hype around the big game, has arranged for at least three billboards to carry a green message in Tampa for the Super Bowl. The ads read: “94% of Floridians Agree that Climate Change is Real.” White block text is set on a football field backdrop, next to a ball. The billboard directs readers to a website with policy proposals for how Florida lawmakers could begin to address the problem.

“Football is a great unifier in Florida, and it was really important for us to get past all of the partisan rhetoric,” said Dawn Shirreffs, the organization’s director in Florida. “Because climate is actually non-partisan.”

Yes, climate change is happening. That’s not the debate. It’s a matter of anthropogenic vs natural causation. But, if it is non-partisan, why are all the climate cult’s ideas about Big Government, higher taxation, and removing liberty, freedom, and choice?

The “Let’s Tackle Climate Change” campaign will also include ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Shirreffs said the blitz costs about $30,000. Rotating digital billboards are planned to display the message near Dale Mabry Highway and Hillsborough Avenue, and another ad will be stationed off Interstate 275 at Westshore Boulevard.

Shirreffs noted that leaders in Tampa are expected to vote soon on setting the city’s targets for lowering emissions. At the state level, the Environmental Defense Fund is pushing policymakers to formalize Florida’s chief resilience officer position, encourage school districts to use solar energy for their buildings and devise a plan for transitioning the area to electric vehicles.

If Tampa really cares, they’d get rid of their pro-sports arenas and airports, get rid of all fossil fuels gas stations, and require the city to only use EVs. And no more Super Bowls. They aren’t. And you can bet the group members aren’t giving up their own fossil fueled lifestyles.

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3 Responses to “Climate Cult Wants Super Bowl Visitors To Think About ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Est1950 says:

    We all agree!!!!!!!!!!

    Let’s Bankrupt the hell out of this country with Climate Bullshit.

    Spend it all and then go off the OIL standard and watch inflation go to 100,000 percent. A loaf of bread will be 50,000 dollars.

    Go for it you Nimrods. China is jerkin off in the closet over your lunacy. But hey. I’m all in. The sooner this country collapses the sooner we might have the chance to put it back together again…minus the insane left who have all fled to Mexico to eat.

    Spend those dollars. Print the hell out of them. So fast the only thing you have to replace is the printing presses cause you burn them the fuk up.

  2. Hairy says:

    You have never that I can remember told us what YOU believe is making our planet get hotter
    What is the natural cause of the temp going up ?

  3. Jl says:

    What made it go up during the MWP? We’ll go in chronological order here, John-you first.

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