Excellent Bluetooth Headset For Working Out

I mentioned a few weeks ago about the trouble with trying to buy a new bluetooth headset for the gym, one where it doesn’t go down in the ear canal, because I hate that, and one that won’t fall off, especially in the era of masks (I usually wear one of those cooling gaiters at the gym). I think I finally found a good one.

First, I gave the Plantronics Backbeat 3100 a try. I read the reviews, and saw it had a lot of issues with cutting in and out, just like the Backbeat 3150 and the Skullcandy Push Ultra. You never know, maybe it would work with my new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Nope. Same cutting in and out. Was a lot more comfortable than the 3150, sound quality is good, and can get decent volume, especially since it seems to direct sound into the ear. Going back.

Then I ran across the Vidonn T1, which seems perfect. The sound quality is better than you’d expect for $50, it’s loud enough (though, really, nothing is that loud anymore), can really hear the highs, mids, and lows. Bass is good. It’s not thump thump thump, but, actual tone. A few songs I use are Pink Floyd’s Any Colour You Like, Steely Dan’s Aja, and Black Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell (really good for hearing bass tone), sounded excellent. Sure, not as good as my Bose over-the-ear headset, but, then, they are a lot more expensive. Can’t compare to my really good Bose wired headset or Sony one, because there is no 3.5 mil jack in the phone.

They are sweatproof, and one nice little thing is that the charging tags on the headsets did not seem to get sweat on them. The case is big, not one you’re really going to carry around, but, the point is to bring them to the gym. Or put them on for jogging, biking, walking, etc.

Importantly, they are very light and comfy, I barely know they are there. And, more importantly, not one cutout during the 2 hours I’ve used them. Sure, only 2, but, that type of thing crops up quickly.

Now to see how easy they get beaten up and if they last, including battery. If they’re good in a couple months I’ll order another pair for backup.

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  1. JGlanton says:

    Are these headsets recommended for listening to Trump’s calls for insurrection while rioting?

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