Climate Cult Looks To Drive The Rest Of Heavy Manufacturing Out Of The U.S.

President Trump worked hard to keep manufacturing here in the U.S. and bring some back, and had some successes. And some losses. Warmists would like to get rid of most of it

A way forward on climate change: Focus on reducing heavy industry’s carbon emissions
Heavy industry like iron, steel and cement production has an outsized impact on trade, job growth and the environment.

In such a landscape, low-hanging fruit feels easy, but we should set our sights higher. It is time for Congress to work together — in a bipartisan fashion that addresses Republicans’ key priorities while also significantly cutting greenhouse gas emissions — on one of the most difficult climate challenges: reducing the carbon footprint for heavy industry.

Little has been done, so the policy playing field is wide open. No idea has been tried and discarded; partisan camps have not been locked down.

Heavy industry like iron, steel and cement production has an outsized impact on trade, job growth and the environment, which make it an alluring opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Globally, industry accounts for about 19% of direct greenhouse gas emissions — 33% when including indirect emissions, such as those generated by lighting and heating industrial facilities.

Indeed, data-driven climate policy needs to focus on industrial emissions because they have steadily increased and could soon surpass power sector emissions.

Because it is at the heart of the supply chain, the industrial sector has an outsized influence on critical economic indicators. Estimates based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that for every 100 jobs created or lost in the durable goods manufacturing sector, more than 700 jobs hang in the balance elsewhere in the economy.

OK, let’s go right to the heart of the matter, Warmists want to force the industry sector to Do Something about their “carbon footprints” here in the U.S., and use silly phrases like

  • Empower companies to reduce their emissions voluntarily.
  • Facilitate growth in the market for goods that have lower emissions profiles, and reduce barriers for people and companies interested in purchasing low-carbon products.
  • Update federal procurement policy to ensure that the U.S. government — the world’s largest buyer of goods and services — favors American-made low-carbon products.

to cover up that they force compliance by government fiat, thinking that industry will comply instead of getting out of dodge. A lot of auto manufacturing is getting out of Canada and the UK, partially due to climate crisis scam requirements, and moving to Mexico. A lot more would say Bye! to the U.S., along with all those jobs and tax revenues, at least in the cases where they do not just raise the costs to the consumers. So, the Warmists want to nail high carbon pollution products coming into the U.S., which would require that the U.S. watch how products are made in other countries, and mean that the costs would be passed on to the consumers.

BTW, without the industry sector, how will the China Joe admin make all those electric vehicles?

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6 Responses to “Climate Cult Looks To Drive The Rest Of Heavy Manufacturing Out Of The U.S.”

  1. Dana says:

    There is plenty of Portland cement manufacturing overseas, and in my career, I have used cement from Greece, Columbia, Venezuela, and possibly other countries which have escaped my memory. I’ve also used cement produced less than thirty miles away.

    So, these knuckleheads want to reduce cement production in the United States, and thus have the US use cement transported, by diesel-powered ships, from half a world away. That’s just f(ornicating) brilliant!

    Of course, all of those jobs at American cement producers — most of which are now foreign owned — those will go away.

    The left are incredibly stupid. They seem to think that the cement mill workers will all just move into nice, clean office jobs, maybe even work remotely, as opposed to them being just unemployed.

  2. Hairy says:

    “All those jobs” ……..
    Really did Dana or Teach ever even bother to look at exactly how many jobs they were talking about? Too lazy to bother??
    Well I did
    In 2020 there were only 11,000 people in total that were employed in the manufacturing of cement in the USA
    Losing those will cripple the American economy???90% of cement used in the USA is already imported
    Teach do you know anything at all about cement or concrete?

    • pResident Thief and "DR" Xiden says:

      Hairy, do you know anything at all about economics? We realize as a communist 11,000 jobs mean nothing to you (unless you can brag pResident Xiden created them) but 11,000 jobs mean economic devastation to those people. They are, after all, cement men not elites like you who can frit away hours trolling conservative web sites. But if you know anything at all you realize those guys need truck drivers, restaurants, cars energy to complete their tasks and those “related” industries need to be taken into account.

      The general rule is 2 “related” jobs lost for each primary job lost. That translates into an additional 22,000 people. Yes Hairy, PEOPLE. People who you don’t care about because they are “deplorables” and most likely voted for Trump. You leftists are the most selfish an cruelest people on earth.

      BTW, we made a list of all the politicians who donated their salaries to charity during the Red Chinese Virus outbreak: 1. Donald J. Trump

      Losing ANY fuking American jobs after the commie left decimated small business and pushed 30 million Americans onto the unemployment lines already is a crime against America.

    • Dana says:

      Well, we’ve known for awhile now that the left do not really care about the livelihoods of the blue collar workers, but it seems that the Hirsute one hasn’t figured it out yet: if we have to replace the American manufactured part of Portland cement production with imported cement, it doesn’t decrease greenhouse gas emissions a bit! It just means that more will be emitted in Columbia and Italy and Turkey, making up for less in the US.

      And actually, given tighter American emissions standards, it probably means more greenhouse gas emissions in total cement manufacturing.

      At my last professional stop, I was getting cement from roughly thirty miles away, by truck. If those facilities were gone, it would mean imported cement, which would mean rail and trucking from a seaport. And, of course, thousands of sea miles in diesel-powered ships.

  3. Jl says:

    Drive US manufacturing jobs out and let illegals in-sounds like liberal logic to me..

  4. Tony says:

    When Spain had its green weenie revolution, a Spanish producer of steel promptly relocated his plants in another country. When asked why by Spanish media, he replied, “You can make windmills with steel but you cannot make steel with windmills.”

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