EU Climate Crisis (scam) Ministers Agree On Plan To “Reshape All Sectors”

This is totally about science, right?

EU environment ministers strike deal on climate crisis bill

European Union environment ministers have struck a deal to make the bloc’s 2050 net zero emissions target legally binding but left a decision on a 2030 emissions-cutting target for leaders to discuss in December.

The landmark climate change law will form the basis for Europe’s plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions, which will reshape all sectors, from transport to heavy industry, and require hundreds of billions of euros in annual investments.

It will fix in law the EU target to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and define the rules for reviewing progress towards climate targets.

Ministers struck a deal on these parts of the law at a meeting in Luxembourg on Friday. None of the 27 member countries rejected the bill, although Bulgaria abstained.

A decision on the most politically sensitive part of the bill – a new 2030 emissions-cutting target – was left for EU leaders to agree, unanimously, at a December meeting.

So, reshape all sectors. It won’t hurt these big-shot politicians, but, what of the average citizen, who can’t afford their energy costs, food, clothing, housing, and their overall cost of living to skyrocket? Why are these EU governments not making their own personal lives and government operations “net zero”, as they’re calling it? Let’s see how they like it before slapping this on the average citizen.

But, hey, if these Europeans say they want to Do Something about ‘climate change’, let them be the experimental group, that way we can see the results of the plans. And the Warmists aren’t allowed to complain.

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2 Responses to “EU Climate Crisis (scam) Ministers Agree On Plan To “Reshape All Sectors””

  1. Dana says:

    Of course it won’t hurt these guys; thirty years from now, they’ll be elderly or dead.

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