Liz Peak Offers 5 Reason To Vote Trump

Sadly, this election seems to be ignoring actual policy. You don’t see much about it in the Credentialed Media, it’s more about personality, because, let’s face it, beyond Joe Biden’s talking points, the actual policies are pretty bad. They’ll jack up our taxes, increase our energy costs, food costs, fuel costs, and overall cost of living. And they institute even more government in our lives, government telling us what we can do and when we can do it. Government taking over different aspects of our lives and the economy. And the idiot Biden voters and Never Trumpers don’t seem to realize this. Just look at Net Neutrality: it would turn the Internet into a public utility: how well did that work for landline phone systems, where innovation was like nothing, and costs were essentially fixed, for local and long distance? When government control was greatly reduced, innovation happened.


Liz Peek: Trump vs. Biden — 5 reasons why a sane person should vote – again – for Trump

Four years ago, supporting Donald J. Trump for president was controversial.

Today, backing the president is downright risky. People are losing their jobs, children are being kicked out of class and businesses are boycotted because their owners support President Trump. Imagine.

Seriously, how risky is it to have a Trump flag, or bumper sticker, or hat? Remember when we heard about all the attacks on people for this? We don’t hear it much these days because people only have these in large groups. To do otherwise means an unhinged Biden voter going nutbar. Want you car keyed? Put a Trump bumper sticker on it.

Hitting back at the Democrats’ assault on Candidate Trump in 2016, I wrote a piece for the Fiscal Times titled: “Five Reasons a Sane Person Might Still Vote for Trump.” The arguments I highlighted hold up well, and are perhaps even more persuasive today.

First up: Education.

If you believe in equal opportunity, you want all youngsters to receive a decent education. In many (I’d say most) Democrat-led cities, Hispanic and African-American kids do not receive one.

And yet the teachers’ unions and their Democratic Party backers refuse all accountability or reforms, condemning millions of Black and brown children to second-class status.

New York City spends $28,808 per public school pupil but in 2019 only 28% of black kids were proficient in math and 35% made the cut in English.

That is unacceptable, but Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would respond by handing even more funds over to his union pals and supporting the status quo.

Why? Because he needs money from the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, two of our nation’s largest political donors.

Trump is a big proponent of school choice and school reform, which Biden and the teacher’s unions are dead set against, even though the majority of parents are for it. 69% of black voters are for school choice. Which candidate is really trying to make the lives of blacks better, and which is simply using them as a voting block when the time comes around, then leaving blacks in squalor the rest of the time? Then we have Obamacare

Democrats have put this failed insurance program on the ballot, and it should be. While Biden tries to scare people by saying the Trump White House will remove protections for people with preexisting conditions, which is not true, they neglect to mention that the cost of insurance premiums under ObamaCare for people not receiving subsidies doubled between 2013 and 2017, making it unaffordable to millions.

As a consequence, the number of uninsured people in the country actually went up.  As of 2019 only 11.4 million Americans were enrolled in the ACA- mandated health care exchanges.

Bet you haven’t heard that data, eh? Further, let’s not forget that the deductibles of the plans are often unaffordable. Sure, you have health insurance, you just can’t use it. Oh, you’re renting a coffee machine, but you can’t afford the coffee for it? Huh.

Liz goes on to discuss the economy, which roared after puttering along during the Obama years, and will again post-COVID, as well as reducing government in our lives and the Supreme Court. For the Never Trumpers on the right, do you really want far left Democrats appointed to federal courts and the Supreme Court? Remember, they will be there for a long, long time, making ruling you really won’t like.

These five reasons to vote for Trump remain critical in 2020. His many accomplishments  – bringing hostages home, revised trade deals, taking on China, rebuilding the military, tightening our borders, the blockbuster Middle East peace initiative — and the near-insanity of the left, make the choice even easier.

Sadly, the Trump haters focus more on personality, and won’t listen to reason. They’ve been reduced to 4 years olds screaming because they can’t have a cookie before dinner, even after being told they can have one after dinner. You’ve seen those memes “why my child is crying,” right? That’s these people. All emotion, not adult thought.

Now do this: ask what policies make Biden supporters want to vote Biden: they’ll mostly flip to “well, you see, Trump” and it will mostly be about Trump personally, not his policy, and when they do hit the policy, they have their facts wrong.

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7 Responses to “Liz Peak Offers 5 Reason To Vote Trump”

  1. Hairy says:

    I guess Build the Wall didn’t make it into the top 5

    • Nighthawk says:

      You mean that border wall that was mandated by law back in 2006 for which Biden, Obama, Clinton and Feinstein all voted for? Don’t worry, it’s being built.

  2. est1950 says:

    Word leaked in California that Trump was arriving to do a fundraiser. In California. This is the result of his majesty the King arriving in California.

    And the internals show Trump with a national 3 point lead. I mean rallies are breaking out all over California for Trump, meanwhile Biden cant garner 18 cars to a drive in rally. Hes got his base scared shitless of Covid-19.

    • est1950 says:

      Sorry I forgot Twitter doesnt let you link any positive things about Trump.

      1000’s line the streets for miles to see Trump drive by waving Trump flags.

  3. est1950 says:

    Democratic nominee Joe Biden faces fresh challenges in Pennsylvania after the state Supreme Court ordered county elections officials to throw out mail-in ballots that are not submitted inside sealed “secrecy” envelopes.

    Why is this important? First time voters and the elderly might become confused as to how to vote correctly. People have already voted and their votes might have been cast away. A majority of voters that vote early are Democrats. This probably has already cost Biden up to 20,000 votes in PA. Because that is how many ballots have been tossed so far.

    As for the Wall. As of late-June, 216 miles of new primary and secondary border wall have been built since January 2017.

    Of that, most is in place of what CBP calls dilapidated or outdated designs. An additional 339 miles is under construction, and 183 miles in pre-construction. Bringing to a total of over 850 miles of Border wall in place.

    But I suggest Hairy that you continue to bring these illegals into America from Central America where they are fleeing Communism and then offer them communism for their reward. I suggest to you that the reason Trump is doing so well among Hispanics, nearly 40 percent, is because they fled communism and don’t want to battle the same evil, monstrous agenda in America THEY JUST FLED!!!

  4. alanstorm says:

    “Liz Peak Offers 5 Reason To Vote Trump”

    2 are sufficient:


  5. Professor Hale says:

    5 reasons…

    The real issue of this election is that one political party hates America and wants to burn it to the ground and replace it with something else that they like better. Personally, I don’t want my government, ANY government, to have that much power over me. I want a government that pretty much just stays the same from year to year and runs on autopilot. Fix the potholes. Pass the budget on time. Pay the employees and services. Keep the lights turned on. And stop trying to re-engineer the whole country like it is a live action version of SIMCITY. I don’t want a government that is so powerful that it matters who is on the Supreme Court or who is President.

    If you need 4 more reasons, you shouldn’t be voting. You are not tall enough for this ride.

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