NY Times Admits WHO’s Travel Ban Opposition Not Based On Science

Someone at the NY Times committed a Random Act Of Journalism

NYT: W.H.O.’s Pandemic Open Border Suggestions Based on Politics, Not Science

The World Health Organization’s (W.H.O) assertion that closing borders would not stem the spread of the Chinese coronavirus was based on politics and economics, not science, according to the findings of a New York Times investigation unveiled this week.

After publishing several editorials suggesting that President Donald Trump’s coronavirus-linked travel bans were racist, unjust, and ineffective, the Times conceded on Wednesday:

For decades, as trade and travel drew the world closer, public health policy, enshrined by treaty, encouraged global mass tourism by calling for open borders, even during outbreaks.

When the coronavirus emerged in China in January, the World Health Organization didn’t flinch in its advice: Do not restrict travel.

But what is now clear is that the policy was about politics and economics more than public health. Public health records, scores of scientific studies and interviews with more than two dozen experts show the policy of unobstructed travel was never based on hard science.

Despite recommendations by the W.H.O., a United Nations entity, against imposing travel curbs on nations plagued by the Chinese coronavirus, U.S. President Donald Trump restricted travel into the United States from China, the virus’s origin place, on January 31.

And, Trump further put restrictions on travel from Europe, as well as blocking cruise ships. He hasn’t been perfect on Coronavirus, but, then, who has been? Remember, Democrats were saying to get to your local Chinese restaurant, to get out and about, and that Covid was no worse than the average flu. WHO and the UN were simply doing what they do best, call for unfettered border crossing for people from 3rd world nations/hellholes

Democrats like the party’s presidential nominee Joe Biden and mainstream media allies, including the New York Times, have changed their tune on Trump’s travel restrictions, particularly against China, after calling them xenophobic.

Sadly, the virus was already here, because WHO covered it up early on, and people from China and Europe, especially via Italy with a large population from the Wuhan region, had already brought it. Seriously, how do you think all those people on cruise ships with European and U.S. ports of call on the East Coast got swamped? From Watts Up With That?

President Trump likely saved countless lives, by closing the US border to China in early February, against WHO advice – advice we now know was deeply flawed. Even slowing a dangerous disease down saves lives, by reducing the risk of overwhelming hospital and medical services.

Remember, when it really ramped up at the end of February into early March the experts were talking about millions of US deaths from COVID. Same NY Times on March 13

Between 160 million and 214 million people in the United States could be infected over the course of the epidemic, according to a projection that encompasses the range of the four scenarios. That could last months or even over a year, with infections concentrated in shorter periods, staggered across time in different communities, experts said. As many as 200,000 to 1.7 million people could die.

That 200K was the best case projection.

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2 Responses to “NY Times Admits WHO’s Travel Ban Opposition Not Based On Science”

  1. Est1950 says:

    Biden said he has “taken on the Castros of the world, the Putins of the world. I’ve been straightforward with them. I let them know it stops here. It stops with me. It stops with me as president. I’m no more a socialist or communist than Donald Trump is—well, I won’t say it. They need not worry. Look at the record. There’s not one syllable I have ever said that could lead you to believe I was a socialist or communist.”

    OPPS. Trump is not a ???? Heres the thing voters. Bejing Biden is not a Socialist. He is a Corporatist. He is in bed with wall street. You know that entity that you hate so much. The reason the Elwoods of the world want Trump gone is because they are closing in on the first black president of the USA who used his office like Nixon did.

    The difference is he used Joe Biden as the point man to enrich all of them and his friends and cronies. He had boots on the Ground in Ukraine, flew to China and made behind the scene deals.

    HIS SON RECEIVED A 3.5 million dollar pay out by the female mayor of Moscow who is a billionaire and one of the richest people in RUSSIA.

    OLE’ joe is not a socialist.. He is a crooked corporatist. He talks about beating the socialists in the Election after everyone suddenly and mysteriously drops out so that Wall Street Can be Protected. The money they get now is DARK MONEY. HIDDEN by the use of PURCHASED MONEY CARDS and all the donor has to do is declare himself unemployed and he does not even need to list his name.

    The BIDEN CAMPAIGN oozes with the look and feel of the same corrutpion that flowed out of the Obama White House for 8 years and was doubled down on by HRC.

    Biden is not a socialist. BUT if he wants to get anything done he will have to let the Socialists of his party run things and THEY ARE YOUR PROBLEM AMERICA.

    Remember that when you vote for A democrat in the next few weeks. Your voting for COMMUNISM and you will not like where that takes you. No matter how much Joe doth protest too much, he is not shy of taking their support and money.

    Come one man. Condemn Antifa. Condemn BLM. Condemn CHINA. Condemn Wall Street. And most importantly JOE. Condemn Silicon Valley.

  2. Est1950 says:

    Don’t worry GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER we’ve got your backs.

    At the democratic national convention missed in very short speech was the EX VP of GOOGLE now a lobbyist for GOOGLE giving a short speech. This speech was not aimed at the little guy. YOU or ME.

    It was aimed at the democrats. Don’t worry Democrats we GOT YOUR BACK she said. As a few thousand employees most of which are not even American citizens heavily influence the out comes of Races around the GLOBE.

    The democrats by inviting her to speak took Silicon Valley. Don’t worry guys. WE GOT YOUR BACK. You have nothing to fear from the Democrats. We like that your turning the world socialist/communist.

    We like that you are helping CHINA ARM TO THE TEETH and are taking over countries and locking MUSLIMS in concentration camps, but those Republicans. Well they must be stopped and a few thousand employees of Google, twitter and facebook are doing just that.

    Our democracy has been taken over not by wall street but by a few thousand snowflakes with a political axe to grind and meanwhile our GOP has done nothing but hold blustery meetings where nothing gets accomplished because we all know they are probably getting money under the table too.

    The man on the street affects ZERO political policy. Nancy Pelosi has shown this by refusing to help millions in dire need from shut downs SHE and her ilk demanded. You and I do not matter to them. To either side. What matters is GOOGLE and BILLIONAIRES and BOEING and the bombs dropping on Muslims in foreign countries while the Democrats pretend to care about YOU and the little guy.

    The choice is clear. Vote for GOOGLE as leader of the world because they are the ones running the world now. Not Trump, Not Biden and certainly not the Democrats or Republicans.

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