Surprise: Eco-Fascists Are Now Far Right

This is some Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil spin here, folks

How Far-Right Extremists Are Using the Climate Crisis to Go Mainstream

Oregon has been a hot bed of far-right activity for years, but the wildfires have cast the militias in a new light. Misinformation has been rampant as unprecedented fires lit up the state. False rumors of “antifa” igniting fires and coming to loot people’s homes have raced across Facebook.

Except for all the Democratic party voters setting many of the fires, Gizmado is totally correct!

The right’s relationship with climate change is complicated. Rampant climate denial has been the norm for more than a decade, and any attempts at climate action have faced vehement opposition. In Oregon, state senators ran away to block quorum on a pretty milquetoast cap-and-trade bills. Twice. Militias offered their help, and at least one state senator threatened violence once Gov. Kate Brown dispatched the police to look for the legislators on the lam.

Another emergent ideology, known as ecofascism, takes the warnings of the climate crisis at face value and twists them to violent, exclusionary ends. The alleged shooters who perpetrated both El Paso and Christchurch shootings last year adhered to this belief system, falsely arguing that developed countries had to lock out asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants because the world doesn’t need any more Western consumers. The “we are the virus” meme that emerged at the start of the pandemic also has roots in ecofascism, advocating for humans separate from the natural world and implying it’s OK to wipe out some of us. The end goal for ecofascists, though, is to uses the climate crisis as a means to racist ends.

Sure looks like this is trying to pin ecofascism on far-right folks, eh? These people are insane.

“The far right will no doubt try use such disasters for their own interests,” Hartmann said. “In many ways, environmental disruption and climate disaster fit into their world view and political strategy, especially of those who are ‘accelerationists’ and want to see a new civil war in this country.”

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2 Responses to “Surprise: Eco-Fascists Are Now Far Right”

  1. Joe says:

    Read the comments at the end of the article. They are very adept at regurgitating the party line. Some of these idiots couldn’t find Oregon on a map.

  2. alanstorm says:

    “Oregon has been a hot bed of far-right activity for years…”


    A hot bed of far-right activity?

    The author of the article has apparently never been to Oregon or communicated with anyone there.

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