New Zealand To Require Climate Risk Reporting Or Something

This is cute. New Zealand would have a tough time surviving without fossil fuels. 5.8% of their economy depends on tourism. It’s an island, so, people come on fossil fueled airplanes, and they take fossil fueled helicopter tours and boat tours. Their economy is highly dependent on imports and exports. I think they should just ban all use of fossil fuels, ban cars and trucks, no more helicopters and airplanes. It’s to save the world for future generations, you know

New Zealand Plans to Become First Country to Require Climate Risk Reporting

New Zealand could be the first country in the world to require its major financial institutions to report on the risks posed by the climate crisis.

This means that about 200 of the country’s biggest companies and banks would have to report on the impact that extreme weather events or climate polices will have on their business, Stuff explained.

“Today is another step on the journey this Government is taking towards a low carbon future for Aotearoa New Zealand and a cleaner, safer planet for future generations,” said Minister for Climate Change James Shaw Tuesday, Scoop reported.

The move builds on New Zealand’s emerging legacy of climate action, such as its historic Zero Carbon Bill that committed the country to honoring the goals of the Paris agreement and achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050. (snip)

If it passes, every New Zealand bank, building society, credit union, insurer or Crown Financial Institution with more than $1 billion in assets will have to report annually on the risk climate change poses to its business or explain why it cannot, according to Stuff. That report would include what the risks are, how the institution is managing them and how it is working to address the impacts of climate change.

You know what would be funny? If they all started reporting that the weather isn’t causing them any more problems than before. Because it’s weather, and weather happens. Or that bad weather is bad and government should stop using fossil fuels to make Bad Weather less. Or say “piss off, we’re moving to another country.”


Patagonia Has A Fiery New Tag For Climate Crisis Deniers: “Vote The Assholes Out”

In the interest of preserving the planet, sportswear company Patagonia, known for its social and environmental activism, is selling shorts with a tag that says: “Vote the assholes out.”

The tag went viral this week on Twitter, leading many to wonder whether it was real. The text is actually sewn into the brand’s Regenerative Organic Stand-Up Shorts for men and women.

How much product is shipped using fossil fueled airplanes and trucks, Patagonia?

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  1. drowningpuppies says:

    For her sake, hope they come in XXX-L.


  2. Professor hale says:

    Just virtue signaling. She has no intention of buying anything

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