Democrats Want Climate Crisis (scam) To Be Centerpiece Of Presidential Debates Or Something

By all means, let’s put an issue that tends to rank very low on polls of what people really care about on the forefront of the debates, an issue that is popular in theory but not practice

House Democrats Demand Climate Be ‘Centerpiece’ Of 2020 Presidential Debates

Dozens of House Democrats are calling for the climate crisis to be a central focus of the upcoming presidential and vice presidential debates.

In a letter Wednesday to the Commission on Presidential Debates, 70 lawmakers stressed that their constituents must hear from the candidates about how they plan to tackle “one of the most pressing and all-consuming issues currently facing our country.” (snip)

Even a single question on climate change at the upcoming debates would be an improvement over 2016, when presidential debate moderators did not once bring up the rapidly worsening global crisis.

“This cannot happen again,” reads the letter, spearheaded by Rep. Mike Levin of California. “Given the dire nature of the crisis, we ask that you break precedent and publicly call on the moderators to include climate in the topics that will be addressed during the debates.”

I actually agree with this: I think moderator Chris Wallace should ask multiple questions, such as “If you believe that climate change is mostly caused by Mankind,”

  • what measures have you taken in your own life to reduce your carbon footprint?”
  • what will your climate policies do to the cost of living for Americans?”
  • will you give up your own use of fossil fuels?”
  • will you turn the power off at the White House in empathy when areas like California are experiencing blackouts because solar and wind can’t provide enough power?”
  • do you think that the current iteration of carbon taxes, which includes refunding 4/5ths of American’s cost of living increase, makes people dependent on government?”
  • what do you think of the polling that people do not want to even pay $10 more a month for energy?”
  • why is your climate plan, as pushed further left by your extreme base, more about government controlling everything than about dealing with a minor issue?”

Obviously, Wallace won’t ask those questions, but, it would be fun letting Biden and Trump debate the issue, first, because Biden would be a stumbling mess (who thinks Excuses will be made to get Biden out of debating?), second, because this is Trump, and he will ask inconvenient questions like “why did you do virtually nothing during your 40 years in government?” Will you pledge to stop using fossil fuels in your own life?” “Why do Democratic Party plans smack of hardcore Modern Socialism?” “Do you support the Green New Deal, which has less to do with ‘climate change’ and most to do with Democratic Socialism and Big Centralized Government, since you have a hardcore Socialist by the name of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez serving on your climate change advisory board?”

And just imagine all the facial expressions from Trump. He would wipe the floor with Biden, and it would be great to have it highlighted in a massively watched forum that ‘climate change’ policy has little to do with actual science and mostly is about Progressive (nice fascism) control of citizens.

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4 Responses to “Democrats Want Climate Crisis (scam) To Be Centerpiece Of Presidential Debates Or Something”

  1. Est1950 says:

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo responded Wednesday night after President Trump threatened to pull federal funding from New York City — as well as Washington, D.C.; Seattle, and Portland, Ore. — as part of an effort to target “anarchist jurisdictions.”

    “He can’t have enough bodyguards to walk through New York City,” Cuomo said. “Forget bodyguards, he’d better have an army if he thinks he’s going to walk down the streets in New York.

    “He is persona non grata in New York City, and I think he knows that, and he’ll never come back to New York, because New Yorkers will never forget how gratuitously mean he has been,” Cuomo added.

    A sitting Governor making threats against the President of the United States.

    This is why Civil War is coming. I wish it were not so but the Red Mirage and a stolen election will make it necessary.

    If the right lays over and lets it happen. This country will irreparably be another communist 3rd world nation.

    I do not wish it so. I wish for peace, harmony and togetherness but the leftist will not accept anything short of lawless anarchy in this country and no ones willing to fight back. YET.

    A word to the MSM. I would suggest that you rethink pushing this civil war narrative.

    Who do you think will be the first people targeted by the crazy, insane left?

    Granny? Or ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN ANCHORS. Do you think the Never Trumpers will be given a great role in the coming communist anarchy that fills the streets a week after Nov. 30th?

    Does anyone no matter your money think your dozen body guards can stand against a 1000 crazed mobsters?

    MSM you need to rethink what your doing. That is all I am saying. I pray for peace. Hope for peace and advocate for peace.

    But I know better. That is why I post my thoughts.

  2. George_Banner says:

    Some use the word “insane” to describe leftoxenomorphs.

    Some use the word “disease” to refer to leftoxenomorphism.

    Some leftoxenomorphs may suffer a level of insanity and you can see leftoxenomorphism as a moral disease.

    But leftoxenomorphism as a phenomenon is neither insane nor a disease.

    Leftoxenomorphism is just plain and simple EVIL.

    The leftoxenomorph leadership is neither insane nor diseased.

    George Soros is a genius. An evil one. But still . . . he’s winning . . .

    Remember he put his toilet squeeze, the kenyan cannibal crypto pisslim traitor America hater in the White House.

    THAT . . . is winning.

    And we are so much the worse for it that it can’t be labeled “insanity”

    It is genius.

    We are talking savages out of the Dark Ages in search of loot and conquest and their end goal is to go back to collectivism and feudalism with, they dream, themselves as the new feudal lords.

    And their immediate goal is to destroy Western civilization in the hope of lording over the dystopian remains and enslaving the desperate survivors and go back to the (new) Dark Ages.

    And most of what they are doing is working to their heart’s content.

    And we on the opposite side are losing and retreating and using their language and accepting most of their gaslighting and their moral blackmails and acquiescing at almost every step of the way.

    Feminazism, homonazism, transnazism, climate changeism, racism, colonialism, patriarchyism, white supremacism, pisslimphobiaism and so on and so forth are just a humongous civilizational wide “Hail Mary” shrapnel shot with the hope of eventually doing enough psychological / social / political damage that people just give up and kneel and worship them as the new lords.

    All they crave is raw power.

    All they want is obedience.

    All they hope for all deniers of their station and pretenses is death.

    Ayn Rand’s short novel “Anthem” describes the goal of the leftoxenomorphs very well.

    Amazingly well.

    The ending is optimistic, though.

    Me? Not that much.

    In any case, THAT is what we are dealing with.

    “Climate change” is unmitigated BS.

    But they put it on the table and there it is and look at how much time and money is being wasted on it and most people, one way or another, are dancing to the tune.

    Whose tune? Not ours.

    They lead, they mark the tempo, they constantly come up with new artillery, they act, we react, feebly, ineffectually, indecisively, almost half hearted.

    Remember the Bismarck? One single stinking nazi ship took ginormous resources to destroy and before going down it took a toll on the British navy.

    We are on the same situation. The leftoxenomorphs are full of BS and nothing but BS. And still winning.

    What does it say about us?

  3. Kye says:

    I don’t know what it says about us, George_Banner, but you sure bring a new view to the blog. Keep going, please.

    Ideology is just the rationalizations of criminals for crimes on a social scale. The Left are just common criminals in politics. And that’s all they are. Just criminals.
    And when push comes to shove they don’t hide it.

    Trump 2020 If the commies win here they will own the globe.

    • George_Banner says:

      When a leftoxenomorph is not cheating is because she doesn’t need to.

      Tnank you, Mr. Kye.

      Yes! Trump 2020!!

      Don’t mind recognizing I’m terrified of what comes after Trump.

      How about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for President and Ilanh Omar for Secretary of State and Antifa can take care of Homeland Security and BLM of Justice?

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