Portland Police Chief Calls Out Elected Officials (and will probably be replaced soon)

Of course, Chief Lovell should have really been saying this almost 100 days ago when the riots started

Portland’s police chief called out elected officials for not stopping violence in the city, after rioters threw burning debris at the mayor’s apartment building

Portland’s police chief called out local politicians after another night of riots in the city.

On Tuesday, Police Chief Chuck Lovell released a statement, saying “our elected officials need to do their part to draw a line in the sand and to hold people accountable.”

Protests in the city have repeatedly turned violent, and on Monday the unrest was formally declared a riot, giving police expanded powers to control it.

“The violent behavior must end,” Lovell said in his statement.

Lovell didn’t specify which elected officials he meant. (snip)

Insider contacted the Portland Police Bureau for clarification on which elected officials Lovell meant, but did not immediately receive a response.

Well, that would pretty much be most, if not all, of the elected officials in Portland, and a goodly chunk of those elected at the Oregon state level, who have mostly said nothing, and many have egged on the “protesters.” The mayor of Portland doesn’t even have much to say in terms of the rioters being a problem. Many more have slammed the police and talked of defunding them.

However, The Oregonian newspaper reported that the Multnomah County district attorney has drawn criticism for saying his office would not prosecute certain low-level offenders arrested at the Portland protests, which have been taking place nightly since the end of May.

In response to Lovell’s statement, District Attorney Mike Schmidt’s office released a statement saying they are “focusing on the violent crimes occurring at protests and in our community,” which they said was a deicision taken to prioritize public safety.

And the “low level” criminals keep showing up day after day and being arrested then released by the DA. Then their violence gets worse and worse

(The Blaze) A Portland man accused of double murder was arrested just days before for interfering with police during a protest — but the charge related to the protest was dismissed the next day, and he was released from jail, KOIN-TV reported.

Cassy Leaton, 22, and Najaf “Nate” Hobbs, 39, were stabbed to death June 16, and police arrested Phillip Lawrence Nelson two days later, the station said, adding that the suspect faces two murder charges and is being held without bail.

But on June 12, Nelson was arrested at a protest in downtown Portland on a misdemeanor charge of interfering with a peace officer, KOIN said, citing court records. However, that charge was dismissed the next day, the station said. Booking information indicates Nelson was released from the Multnomah County Detention Center.

OK, slightly different, he didn’t murder them at a protest, but, you get the point.

Anyhow, how soon till the chief is fired?

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4 Responses to “Portland Police Chief Calls Out Elected Officials (and will probably be replaced soon)”

  1. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    I might add, by the way, I think what happened in Portland, where a — one of the Trump guys riding along in vans, inciting responses, shooting rubber bullets, I guess, or paintballs, apparently there was someone shot by someone in the crowd, with a bullet. Killed. I think that person should meet the legal requirements, whatever that calls for, be investigated, and it should follow through on what needs to be done. Let the judicial system work. Let’s make sure justice is done.

    — Joey “Fingers”

    Kinda like a Rimjob rant.
    Lotsa words, little sense.

    Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  2. George_Banner says:

    The total impudence of the leftoxenomorphs and the pusillanimousness of the right spell disaster for America and Western civilization and huMANity in general.

    We are on the verge of losing what took millions of years to accomplish.

    The whole march of man towards civilization culminating in the most glorious and sane Constitutional Republic in known history is about to go down the drain into the sewers of the ages to join Carthage and other failures.

  3. Dana says:

    Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler might have a bit more tolerance for Chief Lovell’s statement, given that the left have run him out of his home.

    Funny how all of these big city mayors are fleeing from these “mostly peaceful protests.”

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