New Zealand’s “Green Government” Has Failed To Deal With….Wait, Milk?

New Zealand climate cultists should push hard on this, see if it helps

This ‘green’ government has utterly failed to rein in our biggest climate polluter

It’s hard to ignore the effects of the climate crisis: from the haze that covered New Zealand during Australia’s bushfire crisis to last autumn’s droughts and water shortages. But it seems it’s easy for some politicians to ignore New Zealand’s biggest climate polluter.

Three years ago voters ushered in a prime minister who had called climate change her generation’s “nuclear free” moment. Then for the first time in history, a Green Party MP – James Shaw – became the minister for climate change. (snip)

After three years in power, Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw have both failed to bring in a single regulation to tackle the monstrous amount of climate pollution from industrial dairying. Despite all that climate rhetoric from this government, they have been scarcely different to previous governments when it comes to dealing with the giant cow in the room.

Good luck in this endevour. I’m thinking people wouldn’t be real happy with their cost of milk and all the products made with it skyrocketing.

Alongside the synthetic fertiliser phase-out, our next government must back New Zealand’s farmers to make the shift away from industrial livestock farming and into more plant-based regenerative farming. Not by continuing to give the industry a free pass to pollute, but by making the targeted and tangible investments needed to help regenerative organic farming thrive.

And going after farming in general. Good luck! It is interesting that they are admitting that agriculture is one of the major causes of global man caused global warming, as I’ve noted for well over a decade, because Warmists used to note this before becoming a cult. Yet, even with that, mankind’s influence is well, well, well below that of nature.

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2 Responses to “New Zealand’s “Green Government” Has Failed To Deal With….Wait, Milk?”

  1. Nolan Parker says:

    COMPOST the cow poo,, Excellent fArtilizer..
    Do these people even understand how long the Earth has been here and the fact that Climate has been in a constant state of flux? If NOT for Warming,, the frikken Ice Ages would have never ended,, Where are there more life forms? At the poles? Or Equator? And of ALL those Scary Bad thngs that were gonna happen, you know,, like thirty years ago when the cries of alarm went out…

    We are gonna have More Hurricanes, and more severe hurricanes,,
    All those things they Said would happen,, Can anyone find ONE of the dire consequences that were gonna visit us if we didnt do as they said?
    Its all a power and money grab scam, We can save ourselves, if we give over Tax Money and control, eliminating what is Not Sustainable,,
    These idiots get what they think they want and guess what happens?
    They wont be able to run their damned air conditioner.. IDIOTS..

  2. Dana says:

    Sounds like someone has a bad case of lactose intolerance. Of course, the warmunists are intolerant of a lot of things.

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