Senate Democrats Map Out Their Climate Crisis (scam) Strategy Or Something

It’s actually probably a good thing for Democrats that they’re having so much violence in their own Democratic Party run cities, as that overshadows their agenda of climate cult policies

Senate Democrats map out climate change strategy

Senate Democrats on Tuesday released a more than 200 page climate plan that they’re billing as a roadmap for what they’ll do if they can take back the majority after this year’s election.

The sprawling report has the broad goals of increasing federal spending on climate action to 2 percent of gross domestic product each year and creating 10 million new jobs. It also calls for the whole world to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

The plan also calls for 40 percent of federal climate investments to boost low-income communities and communities of color. And it includes proposals for reducing emissions from the electricity, transportation, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Do black people ever get tired of Democrats pandering to them for votes? Treating blacks like children who can only live with the Helpful Hand of Government?

“We have the opportunity to build more and better jobs for the American people, jobs that’ll help re-stimulate the economy and aid in our transition to clean energy,” Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) told reporters.

“When Democrats retake the majority in the Senate, we will unify to move swiftly on legislation to tackle the climate crisis. Passing climate legislation will be a top priority for Senate Democrats and for me,” he added.

Are you good with your taxes going up, your cost of living going up, losing freedom, liberty, and choice? ‘Climate change’ polls well in theory, not in practice.

House Democrats on that committee released their own plan earlier this year.

The Senate report also calls for the implementation of a federal clean energy standard, emission standard, carbon price or other “market mechanisms” in order to reach clean electricity.

To take on emissions from transportation and industry, the report calls for vehicle and industrial emissions standards, among other provisions. Its agricultural goals are more focused on financial incentives and participating in carbon markets.

Market forces are taxes. Which ones do they favor? They don’t say. Probably all of them. Cap and trade, taxes on fossil fuels companies, and direct carbon taxes, even the newish one where people are refunded 4/5ths of the cost of living increase. They’re admitting that the cost of living will skyrocket.

The Democrats also want to achieve their goals through a variety of mechanisms, including using financial and regulatory tools. They call on the Securities and Exchange Commission to update how public companies should disclose climate risks and incorporate that into its rating methods.

They also highlight the influence of big industry and dark money as obstacles for passing climate legislation.

In other words, they’re going to use the power of the federal government to force companies to knuckle under to the Cult of Climastrology. Seems kinda…..Fascist, don’t you think? Authoritarian. Anti-freedom.

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2 Responses to “Senate Democrats Map Out Their Climate Crisis (scam) Strategy Or Something”

  1. Est1950 says:


    Guess what. The left has figured out how to curtail your 1st Amendment rights.

    It’s called Political Correctness and #CANCEL.

    People are afraid to say what they believe. You can only say what is deemed appropriate by the #Cancel culture or you life will be ruined. If you post something insensitive on the internet it is much easier for a company to fire you then it is for them to defend your 1st amendment rights.

    Businesses make calculations and the left knows this. FIRE anyone who dares rile the left.

    YOUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH IS GONE IN AMERICA and if we don’t as conservatives join this movement there will NEVER be free speech again. These employers need to be afraid of us as they are the left.

    We need to start finding these Antifa thugs and Doxxing them on Twitter in real life. Calling their jobs and telling their owners they are anarchists and we will never support their company.

    We must fight back peacefully. Start with the NBA, NFL, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google, Goodyear and what ever other ones you want.

    I am 100 percent opposed to boycotting businesses but if we do not fight back then in a few years you will lose your social security for posting something on this blog. Guarantee it.

    • Est1950 says:

      sorry my above post was supposed to go in the Virgina lapsing into retardation post.

      The goal of the AGW is to neuter the west. I have little doubt after studying it with more information about how embedded China is around the world that they have spent the last 30 years indoctrinating and progagandizing the west to shame themselves into being wealthy.

      Power is wealth. Fossil Fuels is wealth. If you remove Oil and natural gas then the entire middle east will collapse into a free for all of hatred and bigotry once again. The west will be poor and the world will be starving.

      You do not and cannot defend yourself with windmills, solar panels and batteries. There is not enough rare earths on this planet to sustain the replacements of such devices let alone build enough to start with.

      Battery operated trains, tractors, tillers etc. etc. will not feed the people. Solar panels on every house is a pipe dream which is why the left want to put us all in HighRises so they can control us.

      Look at The former USSR. Look at China. Only the wealthy. YES there are super rich in commie countries too. Only they get to own homes. The rest of them are either in run down shacks in forgotten villages or living in falling apart High Rises in or near the cities.

      The AGW movement is a threat to mankind in the name of pretending to be all about benevolence and helping the world.

      No the AGW movement are paid lackeys and stooges for CHINA. It is pure and simple.

      The AGW movement will only ensure power goes to those willing to tell the world to fuk off and with an army that works while the USA and the West grounds their tanks and planes because they dont fly so far on batteries, then guess what.

      We will all be communists in the AGW world. I reject everything they stand for and will never surrender to their communist propaganda.

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