You Can Fight The Climate Crisis (scam) With You Undies Or Something

Everyone must comply, Comrades

Fight Climate Change With Your Undies — A Hang Drying Manifesto

Hang drying clothes is a simple practice that holds nothing short of immense power and pollution-saving potential. This most humdrumiest of daily chores, in which we simply hang damp clothes over a line or rack and wait for the sun or air to dry them, has the potential to match the herculean efforts of the entire power sector — from its bulldozers, dump trucks, and train cars to its conveyor belts, thousand-degree boilers, massive cooling towers, and overhead power lines.

Yes, line drying is one ace in the hole for a species that needs every single effort to get itself out of a warming-world, 11th hour predicament. It’s a proverbial slingshot stone as we nervously stare down Carbon Goliath. Hanging laundry ranks at the top of the list of life choices we small folk can make for its ease and extraordinary, pollution-eliminating effects.

We could probably discuss how the article goes into a massive climawhine over the use of clothes dryers, but, why bother? These people really do want to kill off so much of the modern world, because their cult demands it. And you just know that the majority who push this do not practice what they preach.

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2 Responses to “You Can Fight The Climate Crisis (scam) With You Undies Or Something”

  1. formwiz says:

    Actually, women didn’t wear drawers until the 19th century.

    The longies came in around WWI.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    In places where humidity is high, clothes don’t dry on a line. Of course, people who live in California and Arizona wouldn’t know about that. Good thing electricity is cheap and plentiful (outside of California) so everyone else in the civilized world doesn’t have to pretend we are still living in the 1920’s.

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