Hot Take: Putin Will Be On The Ballot This Fall

Not only can Democrats not let the bad meme go, they are attempting to set the terms to Blamestorm if Trump wins, so they can caterwaul about Trump cheating for 4 more years

When you mark your ballot this year, Vladimir Putin will be on it

Vladimir Putin is on the ballot this November.

You won’t see his name or watch his ads. But make no mistake, Putin has a lot riding on this election and he’s counting on your vote.

What will a vote for Putin mean?

First, Putin is looking to reshape the world order in a way that benefits Moscow, builds his personal power and establishes him as the world’s toughest leader capable of outrageous cunning, manipulation and disruption.

A successful outcome — meaning President Donald Trump is reelected — means his Russia will be able to wantonly throw its weight around globally. He will assertively create unseen but ever-present fear and dependence in neighboring nations including Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic states and Georgia. Russia’s renewed and enhanced influence also will be felt in countries farther away and immediately affected by America’s acquiescence to Putin’s newfound power. Countries such as Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba.

It was horrible how Trump allowed Putin to just walk into Crimea and take it over, eh? And how about when he ceded the Syrian conflict to be controlled by Russia by blowing off the red lines Trump set? Then there was that whole thing where the State Department sold U.S. ownership of uranium to Russia

Not so with Russia or Putin. The two parties diverge dramatically. Somehow, a party that was once the most vocal, moral and aggressively determined to counter Moscow has now embraced Putin and his posse. What happened?

Putin is on this year’s ballot, so think twice before marking mail-in ballots or donning masks to go pull a lever. The vote you cast counts in both Moscow and the world.

See, if you vote Trump, you vote Putin! Can someone explain what, exactly, Obama/Biden did to push back at Putin in their 8 years? Not much. Lots of words, little action. A guy like Putin respects strength, not cutesy speeches. Consider

Trump has placed more sanctions on Russia in 18 months than Obama did in eight years.


Finally, Trump has taken decisive action to unleash an instrument of American power that Putin fears the most: U.S. energy. I’ll never forget a meeting I attended with Sen. John McCain and a prominent Russian dissident, who told us that the No. 1 thing the United States could do to undermine Putin was to “produce more American energy.”

There’s quite a bit more in that opinion piece by Republican Senator Dan Sullivan, worth the read. Let’s consider that while Obama was dithering, EU nations, especially eastern ones, were looking more and more towards Russia for fossil fuels, especially natural gas. Poland in particular, since Obama pissed them off early by refusing to help with missile defense. Dan ends his piece with “Facts are stubborn things, and when it comes to Russia and Vladimir Putin, actions speak louder than words.” But, don’t expect the Credentialed Media to let you know the facts.

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2 Responses to “Hot Take: Putin Will Be On The Ballot This Fall”

  1. Kye says:

    It’s classic misdirection. While the Fake Media lays cover about post boxes and Russians they will be printing millions of “mail-in” ballots to be sent to the needed areas on election night and shipping lawyers there to file charges the day after.

    It’s like sending their shock troops in to riot and burn down the Democrat controlled cities to cover the fact they had already destroyed their own economic infrastructure by illegally closing businesses and unemploying workers to ruin Trumps burgeoning economy before the election. They said “at any cost”. What, you didn’t believe them? I did. Elwood’s seething hate convinced me we are not fighting a political party but rather an evil religion bent on the destruction of our Republic. They hate Trump because they hate us and Trump stands between them hating us and throwing us in prison for refusing to say “black lives matter” All the left has is hate.

    Trump 2020 Or there may not be a 2021 for white or yellow or brown Christian Patriots! Because according to them (and Elwood) ONLY black lives matter. Racist one and all!

    Want proof?

  2. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host quoted:

    He will assertively create unseen but ever-present fear and dependence in neighboring nations including Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic states and Georgia.

    It wasn’t that long ago that the Europeans were breathing a collective sigh of relief that Ukraine had declined NATO membership, as Vladimir Vladimirovich sent the tanks rolling in, occupying half of the country and annexing the Crimea. The North Atlantic Treaty declared that an attack on one is an attack on all, and the last thing the Europeans wanted to do was go to war with Russia over Ukraine.

    Belarus is not a NATO member, either, but the three Baltic States are, and I’m guessing that Germany and Belgium don’t want to declare war on Russia over Estonia.

    The cited article is the neo-conservatives waxing wroth, but supporting Joe Biden won’t get them what they want, either: the Defense budget will be cut and American forces weakened.

    The younger President Bush was literally Hitler, an inveterate war-monger, for going into Iraq, for believing that American military might should be used affirmatively for democracy. Now President Trump is withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan and Syria, and cutting back deployments in NATO, and the Democrats are saying that he is literally Hitler and we have to be prepared to use American might affirmatively for democracy.

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