Say, What Are Young Climate Cultists Doing Instead Of Protests?

Remember, this is all about Science!

COVID-19 canceled mass protests. Here’s what youth climate activists are doing instead.

For young climate activists in the United States, staying home because of the pandemic does not mean staying silent, with plans gathering pace across the country to make their voices heard in November’s elections.

It has been nearly a year since an estimated 6 million people across the world joined the youth-led global climate strikes on September 20.

In the United States, students from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., skipped school to voice their frustration over the slow response to the climate crisis by elected leaders, and Greta Thunberg told a cheering crowd in New York City “this is only the beginning.”

But in the 10 months since the historic protests, the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the United States, making meeting and organizing in person hazardous. Climate strikes, including a major three-day mass protest that was planned for Earth Day 2020 in April, have been canceled.

Hey, don’t they know that protests for Modern Socialist causes are allowed?

But networks of youth climate activists have been regrouping, with a new focus on election campaigning with phone banks, social media, and friend-to-friend organizing, according to interviews with organizers.

The stakes could not be higher for young people, according to 23-year-old Aracely Jimenez-Hudis, the deputy communications director of the Sunrise Movement, a leading youth advocacy group on the climate.

“We are a generation that was really born into crises,” said Jimenez-Hudis. “We don’t have some golden age that we can look back on and feel that there is any kind of resonance with a call to normalcy because our normal has always been endless wars, has always been police brutality.”

See? Science. Because no one else has been born into crisis. There were no wars before these youths were born, you know.

The group has more recently been pushing Democratic leaders to embrace the Green New Deal, a bold carbon-neutral plan for the economy championed by progressive Democrats including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Backing the policy was initially seen as too radical by many Democrats, but it has now been embraced more widely by members of the party. Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, recently unveiled a climate and jobs plan that mirrors some of the aggressiveness of the Green New Deal, though some activists believe he is not tough enough on fossil fuel industries.

We should give them what they want, but, just for themselves. Make them live the lives that they demand, that the GND and other climate cult policy requires. See how they like it.

Aligning racial justice and climate fights

Why does this seem to be all about politics?

“We want climate change to be a top priority on people’s minds when they’re going to the polls in November because of the way it will impact people of color and people living in those cities,” said Zanagee Artis, the 20-year-old co-founder and deputy director of digital advocacy for Zero Hour.

Of course, poll after poll show that people might care in theory, but, not in practice. No one is willing to give up their own money or modern lives, nor give up freedom, liberty, and choice. That’s always for Someone Else.

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