Bummer: Despite Pushing ‘Climate Change’ Hard During Lockdown, Most People Really Don’t Care

The Cult of Climastrology has been pushing for their watermelon (green on the outside, red on the inside) solutions for the Coronavirus recovery, saying we should pass things like a Green New Deal, carbon taxes, and all their other things. Too bad, no one really cares in practice. Oh, people might care in theory, but not in practice

Poll: Plurality of Americans Call Coronavirus Most Important U.S. Problem, Climate Change Among Least

A plurality of Americans considers the Chinese coronavirus the most important problem facing the country, while climate change — an issue central to the Democrat Party’s agenda — remains among the lowest in importance, garnering just one percent, a Gallup survey released this week found.

The Gallup poll, taken July 1-23, among U.S. 1,007 adults, asked respondents, “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?”

A plurality, or 30 percent, chose “coronavirus/diseases” as the most important problem, followed by “the government/poor leadership” (23 percent), race relations/racism (16 percent), “unifying the country” (six percent), and “crime/violence” (five percent).

Nine percent of respondents chose economic problems, which included the economy “in general,” unemployment, and the wealth gap.

Notably, “climate change/environment/pollution” — green issues central to the progressive agenda and embraced by Joe Biden — came at the very bottom of the list, garnering just one percent support.

On a list of things people care about in practice, ‘climate change’ gets just one percent. For what we are told is the Most Important Issue Facing The World. Other issues can fluctuate up and down, but Hotcoldwetdry is always right there at the bottom. Other than showing the results, the Gallup article doesn’t even mention Hotcoldwetdry, despite the Cult constantly, again, saying that the solution to the COVID killed economies around the world are ‘climate change’ policies.

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