Suddenly, Gun Ownership Is OK Since Latinos Are Buying Them

Usually, CNN will slam gun ownership and people buying them legally. In this case? Not so much

Tired of living in fear, some Latinos are buying guns to feel more safe

After overhearing constant racist and anti-immigrant comments made by his neighbors, Tony Martinez said he knew he needed to find a way to feel safer.

He bought his first rifle last month, joined a gun club and has been visiting shooting ranges in Southern California on the weekends.

“It’s more for me to be safe from them,” Martinez, 31, told CNN, referring to his neighbors in his Orange County community. “What if one day something happens, someone gets some idea?”

Martinez is not the only Latino immigrant in the US who has recently felt more concerned for his safety — last year’s shooting at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, jolted Latinos and immigrants across the United States. Twenty three people died and nearly two dozen more were injured in what is considered one of the nation’s deadliest shootings and the deadliest attack on Latinos in modern US history.

See, CNN is portraying this as personal protection

People who in the past have been less likely to own firearms, including Latinos, might become interested in acquiring them after seeing more people around them doing so, according to Kellie Lynch, who has conducted research on firearm ownership among domestic violence victims.

“You know if you feel like you could be in danger, then that might be what you feel like you need to do to protect your family,” said Lynch, an assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice at The University of Texas at San Antonio.

This “implicit threat,” Lynch added, “may be amplified for people of color who are in areas with racism and hostility.”

It’s great how leftists always put people in Boxes, eh?

In the first six months after the shooting in El Paso, Rafael Cedillo, the owner and instructor of a firearm safety business in the city, said more than 400 people signed up for his courses.

That meant Cedillo had to triple the number of training classes he offered. He said he went from 10 students to up to 30 students in his license to carry classes, which include four to five hours of classroom training, followed by shooting practice.

The majority of Cedillo’s students, who are Hispanic or Latinos, told him that “they wanted to protect themselves and their family,” the 46-year-old said.

They want to protect themselves and their families? Huh. The reason most people legally purchase a firearm. And CNN doesn’t have anything negative to say about Latinos increasingly purchasing firearms. Anyway, I say “welcome to the 2nd Amendment, pal! Glad to have you.”

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One Response to “Suddenly, Gun Ownership Is OK Since Latinos Are Buying Them”

  1. Dana says:

    This “implicit threat,” Lynch added, “may be amplified for people of color who are in areas with racism and hostility.”

    Yet, oddly enough, most “people of color” who are victims of crime are victims of criminals of the same color as the victims. Most white people murdered are murdered by other white people; most black people who are murdered are killed by other black people; more Hispanics murdered are murdered by other Hispanics.

    The only minorities in which this pattern isn’t true are smaller population minorities: Asians and pacific Islanders.

    But, of course, I absolutely support the Second Amendment right of Hispanics!

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