Lego Joins “Anti-Hate” Facebook Boycott Campaign

On one hand, Facebook is garbage. On the other, they are trying to resist the forces of Ultra Wokeness coming after them. On the 3rd hand, they’ve empowered the forces of Wokeness, but, they never anticipated that those forces would grow stronger, more crazy, and more demanding. They dug their own hole. And Lego has decided to join the party and go Woke

Toymaker Lego joins ad boycott campaign

Toymaker Lego said on Wednesday it would pause social media advertising for at least a month, joining a long list of companies that say Facebook is not doing enough to stop hate speech on its platforms.

The Danish company, known for its colourful plastic bricks, said in a statement it would review the “standards we apply to advertising and engagement on global social media platforms”.

The ‘Stop Hate for Profit’ campaign was started by several U.S. civil rights groups after the death of African-American George Floyd in police custody triggered widespread protests against racial discrimination in the United States.

Go Woke Go Broke. Let’s see how well they’re doing financially in a year if they continue down this road.

Meanwhile, more Wokeness

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