Most Americans Against Defunding, Abolishing Police

Even a goodly chunk of Democrats are against this idiocy, which is perhaps why you aren’t hearing as many calls from Democrats as of late, except for the moonbats. It is a small poll, but, you can surely get a good sense of the nation from it

Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Oppose ‘Abolishing’ the Police

A majority of Americans oppose defunding the police, and an even greater majority oppose “abolishing” the police, a recently released YouGov poll revealed.

The survey, taken June 14-16 among 1,500 U.S. adults (1,160 of whom are registered voters), found that the majority of Americans disagree with the “defund the police” movement popularized by the Black Lives Matter movement.

The majority, 53 percent, indicated that they oppose defunding police, while 24 percent said they support the proposal. What is more, nearly three-quarters of Americans, 73 percent, said they oppose “abolishing” the police altogether, with just 11 percent supporting the call. Even a majority of Democrats oppose abolishing the police, with 63 percent opposing and 19 percent favoring. Sixty-nine percent of independents oppose abolishing the police, and 90 percent of Republicans fall say the same

Those two questions are asked exactly like that, so, perhaps some of the folks are thinking defund means to simply reduce, which is not what the hardcore nutters who vote Democrat want. 44% of Democrats do factor defunding, while just 17% of Independents are on board. 50% of Independents are against, while 32% are unsure.

When it comes to abolishing, 63% D, 69% Independent, and 90% R are against. 19% D are for, so, we know that 19% are just beyond insane at this time.

Also, 63% think corporate responses regarding BLM are just pandering. As for BLM, just 48% find it positive. 30% say negative and 20% neutral.

But, all lives matter gets 53% positive, 23% negative, 20% neutral. So, it polls better than BLM. Oh, well.

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One Response to “Most Americans Against Defunding, Abolishing Police”

  1. Dana says:

    For most people, their only contact with the police is the kind that pisses them off: getting a speeding ticket. But, in the end, most people are sensible enough to realize that without the police, anarchy reigns, and nobody is safe.

    The #woke and #BlackLivesMatter idiots are just that: idiots. Ever notice how the ‘victims’ they celebrate are all bad guys?

    George Floyd: a convicted felon — he did five years for armed robbery — who was a chronic drug user — he spent several misdemeanor terms in Texas for drugs — who was caught in the act of passing counterfeit money, was intoxicated on meth and coke when he was stopped by the police, and resisted arrest.

    Michael Brown: another ‘gentle giant,’ had just roughed up a storekeeper half his size in a robbery, and then tried to take Police Officer Darren Wilson’s weapon before he was shot by Officer Wilson.

    Trayvon Martin: he attacked George Zimmerman, and was beating the crap out of him, bashing Mr Zimmerman’s head into the ground, when Mr Zimmerman was able to change the outcome of the fight.

    Breonna Taylor: the ex-girlfriend of a known drug dealer, and the current girlfriend of an armed man who started shooting at the police as they broke in to serve a no-knock warrant. The ex-boyfriend’s vehicle had been seen at Miss Taylor’s residence several times leading up to the issuance of the warrant.

    Freddie Gray: already arrested, and on his way to jail.

    The BLM idiots don’t have ‘good’ heroes because the Police don’t normally interact with good people. The Police aren’t perfect — no one is — but they are a heck of a lot better than the liberal idiots.

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