People Don’t Understand How A 7 Year Old At A Violent “Protest” Can Be Maced

I wondering how this happened, as well

‘I just don’t understand how any of them can sleep’: Parents of seven-year-old allegedly maced at Seattle protest speak out against police

The parents of a seven-year-old child who was allegedly sprayed with mace by police at a peaceful protest in Seattle have spoken out about the traumatising incident.

Footage of the protest that showed the boy screaming in pain while protesters attempt to help by using a milk-like substance to wash the child’s eyes went viral online at the beginning of June.

The video also shows protesters confronting the officers allegedly involved in spraying the child and asking for their badge numbers. One officer allegedly refused to give the protesters his badge number.

Mando Avery, the father of the seven-year-old, told The Guardian that he and his son had just finished praying with members of their church as part of a peaceful anti-racism protest when a police officer fired mace at the group which hit his son in the face. (snip)

Shenelle Williams, the boy’s mother, told the newspaper that hearing her son’s scream was the “most gut-wrenching feeling”.

“I kind of feel like a failure as well,” she said, “because I feel like I couldn’t protect him, but there was nothing that we could do at that time to prevent it.”

But, hey, they felt like it would be totally safe!

The family have received some criticism online about bringing their young child to the protests, but said that when they arrived they had seen other families and young children, saying that it had initially felt “completely safe”.

See, you’re bringing your young child to a protest that you know will, at a minimum, get out of hand. There was a history of things happening that caused police to deploy chemical irritants. A history of “protesters” getting violent. Which is really weird considering this is a city completely run by Democrats. They, as parents, put their child in harm’s way.

And not to get all conspiracy theory-y, but you really have to wonder if the child was exposed intentionally in order to create the Narrative. Never put something like that out of the way, because Democrat activists love them some human shields.

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  1. LAG says:

    Proof that human shields don’t always work, and mommy can’t…in fact, isn’t always willing to…protect you, son.

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