Who’s Up For Plastic Free Pints?

I’ll admit, when I first ran across this I was like “oh, goodness, these climanuts are ruining beer yet again,”, but, the environmentalist in me kinda agrees


With pubs still closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Brits have been getting their beer fix with takeaway pints instead. But could this be fuelling a different kind of crisis?

The UK government has started to relax lockdown restrictions, so people have begun flocking to public spaces. To provide much-needed refreshments for those venturing to local parks or beaches, restaurants and pubs have come up with innovative ways to serve customers – while maintaining social distancing.

In order to keep things safe and sanitary for takeaway orders, single-use packaging has made a significant comeback, meaning plastic waste is filling up in parks. Environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage reported that in Brighton, UK, an influx of visitors using takeaway services had led to a build up of plastic pollution on the city’s beaches.

Why not glass bottles?

Two UK-based organisations have started a campaign called Plastic Free Pints to deal with the “massive problem of post-lockdown litter.” The project aims to encourage people to bring their own drinking vessels instead of relying on single-use plastic. They say that after the positive effects lockdown has had on the health of our planet, it’s important that we don’t slip back into pre-pandemic habits.

They have a point. You’ve seen my opinion on plastic pollution previously, and my consideration of environmental policies.

“As pubs reopened, we were seeing a lot of litter and thought, given the success of coffee KeepCups, that the solution was pretty straightforward,” says Florence Wildblood, co-founder of Ours to Save, a crowdsourced environmental news platform. Wildblood created Ours to Save during the pandemic after noticing “how people also seemed to be developing sustainable habits and taking the climate crisis more seriously in lockdown”.

Ugh. Leave the climate crisis scam out of it. Stop screwing up real issues like plastic pollution.

Also, yes, I know how bad the beer in the picture is.

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4 Responses to “Who’s Up For Plastic Free Pints?”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    Baltimore County residents’ have had their perceptions about where their glass ends up shattered.

    Over the weekend, news broke that the county—which does not include the City of Baltimore—has not been recycling the glass it’s been collecting as part of its recycling program. For the past seven years, the jars and bottles that residents dutifully placed in their blue bins have been being junked instead.

    “There are numerous issues with glass recycling, including increased presence of shredded paper in recycling streams which contaminates materials and is difficult to separate from broken glass fragments, in addition to other limitations on providing quality material,” county spokesperson Sean Naron told The Baltimore Sun.

    Glass recycling reportedly stopped in 2013, the same year the county opened a $23 million single-stream recycling facility, according to the Sun article.

    Single-stream recycling refers to the practice of letting people put all their recyclables into one bin, then sorting it at material processing facilities, rather than have people sort their papers, plastics, and glass into separate containers at the curb.

    Baltimore County had adopted single-streaming for all homes by October 2010, part of a growing trend among municipalities trying to boost recycling rates. The thinking was that if you make recycling easier, more people will do it.

    source: https://reason.com/2020/02/03/baltimore-county-admits-it-hasnt-been-recycling-glass-for-7-years-it-still-encourages-residents-to-recycle-glass/

    People buying into recycling is a good thing. Most people want to help the environment. Yet here you have the government of a large county in Maryland not doing what they promised the citizens they would do.

  2. Klemdadiddlehopper says:

    Nature always finds a way..so they say! But it looks like it may actually be true in the case of our global plastic waste dilemma. Genetic mutations have been discovered in specific natural bacteria that enable them to break the polymer chains of certain plastics. Where have we found these THIS GUY DOES YOUTUBES AND IS A PRETTY RADICAL AGW PROPONENT. His vids are informational and he tries to point out both sides but always ends up with WERE ALL GONNA DIE!

    Creatures in the deepest trenches of the sea are eating plastic In six of the ocean’s deepest crevasses, scientists found tiny shrimp-like creatures chomping on tiny bits of plastic. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

    Mar 09, 2020 · A waxworm in the lab. Rob Henderson. Plastic has wormed its way into our lives, but maybe a worm can help us eat our way out. A study by Brandon University in Manitoba, Canada, FORBES

    THE LONG STORY SHORT….man will die off ass all species have done. Mother Nature will continue. If nature dont kill us. WHITE PRIVILEGE and CHINA WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nighthawk says:

    Everything to these nutters is a crisis until it isn’t.

    Remember we must social distance because COVID unless you want to protest a non existent issue.

    Plastic is bad until it’s convenient.

    Fossil fuel is bad unless you need it to travel to exotic locations to bitch about the use of fossil fuels.

    And they wonder why we don’t take them seriously.

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