Bummer: Report Claims Russia Is Interfering To Help Comrade Bernie

Now, good for the Washington Post and several others, who gave this story about Comrade Bernie the same front page lead article as the did with the story on Russia interfering to help Trump. Of course, the headlines tend to be a little different

Help vs see. Anyhow, the NY Times has a much smaller, non-lead article, because they are totally unbiased (the headline is also less confrontational)

Russia Is Said to Be Interfering to Aid Sanders in Democratic Primaries

Russia has been trying to intervene in the Democratic primaries to aid Senator Bernie Sanders, according to people familiar with the matter, and Mr. Sanders said on Friday that intelligence officials recently briefed him.

The disclosure came a day before the Nevada caucuses, where Mr. Sanders is a favorite, and followed revelations a day earlier that Moscow was interfering on President Trump’s behalf this year, as it did in 2016.

Mr. Sanders denounced Russia in a statement, calling President Vladimir V. Putin an “autocratic thug” and warning Moscow to stay out of the election. Drawing a contrast with Mr. Trump, he said he would stand against any efforts by Russia or another foreign power to interfere in the vote.

“The intelligence community is telling us they are interfering in this campaign right now in 2020,” Mr. Sanders separately told reporters in Bakersfield, Calif., where he held a rally on Friday. “And what I say to Mr. Putin: ‘If elected president, trust me, you are not going to be interfering in American elections.’”

So, once he gets elected he’ll stop Russia from interfering? Huh. But, wait, suddenly the Times realizes what this is all about

Russia’s interference on behalf of both Mr. Trump, the dominant force in the Republican Party, and Mr. Sanders, a stalwart of the left, underscores its efforts to sow chaos across the political spectrum. Undermining the democratic system remains at the core of Russia’s effort to raise its own stature by weakening the United States, according to current and former officials.

Sow chaos? They wouldn’t do that, would they? Certainly not like in 2016, eh? Because according to Dems Trump was a Russian asset in 2016.

You have to admit, the score is Russia/Putin 1 – Democrats 0, because the Dems fell for the chaos hook, line, and sinker.

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4 Responses to “Bummer: Report Claims Russia Is Interfering To Help Comrade Bernie”

  1. John says:

    And lije last time Russia will also bonhomie yo help their boy Trump
    Teach how do you feel about trump and Putin ?

    • formwiz says:

      Put down the Ripple and pick up the phone book.

      Alcoholics Anonymous is right at the beginning.

      PS Bernie took the NV caucuses, so there may be something to it.

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