Older Warmists Decide To Just Live Their Lives Because It’s Just Too Late To Fight ‘Climate Change’

They aren’t worried about their own lives, because they won’t be around when “the planet descends into a “Mad Max” dystopia”

It’s Too Late For Us To Fight Climate Change. Instead, Here’s How We’ll Spend Our Lives.

Last year was when the endless bush fires in Australia convinced me and my wife, Susan, that climate change was unstoppable. It’s also when we realized that we likely will avoid seeing the worst of the climate emergency.

At 64 and 74 years of age, my wife and I believe there’s a good chance that we’ll be gone before coastal cities are flooded, the ice caps have melted, and the planet descends into a “Mad Max” dystopia. We would like to think that this isn’t what the future has in store, but the intransigence of almost all governments to actually slow carbon emissions leaves little doubt that things are unlikely to turn around.

Why is it always governments that have to do this? Imagine if every Warmist gave up their own use of fossil fuels and did everything possible to make their own lives carbon neutral: they should lead the way!

One of the things that age gives you is a sense of history, a feeling that you’ve seen patterns repeat and that you can see where things are heading in the near future. Over and over again, we’ve seen corporations and governments ignore the people they should protect in order to line their own pockets. What has changed now is that they’re sacrificing an entire planet instead of a town or a country. I would like to believe that the younger people marching with Greta Thunberg could change that, but honestly I can’t see it happening.

These are the same types of people who constantly vote for left leaning politicians, who are always for increasing the size of government, making it less responsive to citizens and more dictatorial.

My wife and I are at the age when we’re preparing for retirement as much as possible. Instead of just staying in our home in Vancouver, we’re thinking about where we can move that will insulate us from the climate emergencies that are surely coming. We’d like to move to a place in the country, and grow tomatoes and grapes, and surround ourselves with the things that will make us safe and comfortable while the world burns around us. We’ll grow old gracefully, and will leave it to someone else to try and avoid disaster. At this point we’ve decided that as long as they can postpone the collapse until we’re dead, we’ll be OK.

Sounds like they are rather well off, having made money off the backs of the proletariat.

We’ll choose a home in a place that will stay reasonably cool and that should avoid tsunamis and tornados….

OK, I’m stopping here. Blaming tsunamis on anthropogenic climate change is the ultimate in cult thinking.

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3 Responses to “Older Warmists Decide To Just Live Their Lives Because It’s Just Too Late To Fight ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Dana says:

    Sounds like solid retirement planning to me, with a little bit of global warming climate change hysteria laid over what they were going to do anyway. Move someplace less expensive, grow a few vegetables and slow down from life. Of course, they’re Canucks, so anyplace they move will stay reasonably cool, making air conditioning unnecessary, but it will mean higher heating costs in the winter; will they be all pioneer and have to burn wood in the fireplace to keep warm?

  2. Nighthawk says:

    “Last year was when the endless bush fires in Australia convinced me and my wife, Susan, that climate change was unstoppable”

    And this shows how unhinged these people are and that they swallow any BS told them.

    The bush fires in Australia this season were NOT endless and NOT anything new. In fact, the area burned this season was the second LOWEST area burned in the last 20 years.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    Ok, Boomers

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