Another Reason To Get Out And Vote GOP: Democrats New Way Forward Bill

This is the kind of full legislation that is usually held back till after an election. The overview would be available to whip up the Democrats to get out and vote, but, with the full thing, it’s so bad that even moderate Democrats surely have to say “whoa, hold on there, Sparky”

Kobach: The New Way Forward Bill Isn’t Just Bad Policy; It’s Insanity

The open-borders Democrats in Congress continue to outdo themselves. One would think that it would be impossible to come up with anything more idiotic than their proposals to give free health care to illegal aliens and to abolish ICE. But they have done it again.

The New Way Forward Bill, introduced relatively quietly by Representative Jesús Garcia (D-Ill.) and other Democrats in December 2019, is even worse than these ideas. And it’s gaining steam. Introduced with the support of the most radical progressives in the House including, of course, “the Squad,” more Democrats have signed on since. It’s now up to 44 co-sponsors. It also has the support of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

So, what’s in the bill that’s so bad?  One of the worst parts has already gotten some attention from conservative critics such as Tucker Carlson. It prohibits the deportation of aliens for criminal activity carrying a minimum sentence of less than five years. It similarly removes the automatic deportation of those aliens who commit crimes of moral turpitude.

Even worse, it invites back into the country those deported criminal aliens who meet these relaxed standards. So already-deported criminals who have committed crimes such as auto theft, gun offenses, child abuse, rape, and even manslaughter would be permitted to come back into the United States. As long as the criminal alien’s deportation occurred after April 1996, he can return.

The bill considers the United States to be the home of these illegal alien criminals, and the U.S. taxpayers will pick up the tab for the illegals to come back. Seriously, even Obama didn’t want these people, and deported them constantly.

The New Way Forward Bill also prohibits state and local police from providing any assistance transferring illegal aliens in their custody to ICE. Without this help, ICE is nearly powerless to go after criminal aliens. Contrary to popular misconception, ICE does not have legions of officers patrolling the country looking for criminal aliens on their own. Rather ICE relies heavily on state and local police to make those arrests for them when those local police are carrying out their normal law enforcement activities against criminals.

It would turn the entire nation into a sanctuary jurisdiction

In short, the enforcement of immigration laws would grind to a halt. Sanctuary cities would become the new norm. Thousands of alien criminals would be given free flights back into the United States. And many Americans would lose their lives as a result of the crimes that ensued. Their federal government, which was supposed to protect them, would have knowingly put them in danger.

Now, imagine the Democrats keeping the House this election cycle, and regaining the Senate and White House. Is this the type of legislation you want passed? How about all you #NeverTrumpers? Is your Trump Derangement Syndrome so strong you want something like this passed and to become law?

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One Response to “Another Reason To Get Out And Vote GOP: Democrats New Way Forward Bill”

  1. Chumpchange says:

    I talked about this bill last week.

    Its a horrific Idea. They actually think that Hispanics will love this bill. They are wrong. 95 percent of all Hispanics that come here just want to live a life in peace and tranquillity. These criminals don’t come back over and over and go to Hollywood and hang out with Brad Pitt. They go to hispanic communities to blend in.

    It is there that these people trying to get away from a third world country are FACED WITH more third world conditions inflicted on them by these fuking retarded democrats.

    Blacks and Hispanics are starting to learn that the Democrats want them on the PLANTATION FOR VOTES. They want to CONTROL their lives and actions by doing things that appear to help but in reality HURT THEM VERY BADLY.

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