Alec Baldwin Hottake: GOP Fealty To Trump Is How Nazi Germany Started

Of course, anytime a Republican is in the White House Democrats say we’re one step away from Hitler

Alec Baldwin Warns GOP’s ‘Sniveling Fealty’ To Donald Trump Is Straight Out Of Nazi Germany

Alec Baldwin on Thursday took a swipe at Donald Trump and Senate Republicans with biting tweets referencing Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and fascism.

The actor — who has repeatedly drawn Trump’s scorn in recent years with his portrayal of him on “Saturday Night Live” — said people who wonder how Hitler took control of “once great country” Germany should “simply watch” the behavior of the GOP-controlled Senate that last week acquitted Trump on impeachment charges over the Ukraine scandal.

“Their sniveling fealty and lack of courage. And you begin to get it,” he wrote.

He earlier tweeted

Remember that fascistic thinking takes hold when a standard of living is threatened consistently. People think that things are changing, and downward for most Americans. And that this will become the new normal. They are wholly directed by $.

Baldwin is a perfect representation of unhinged barking moonbat bat guano insane Democrats: you have people feeling better about the economy and the way America is going than anytime in the past 10 years. The economy is humming. The standard of living is only being threatened by Democratic policies, you know, those policies that put the Federal Government in control of everything, including citizen’s lives. What does that sound like?

The Washington Post is also freaking

Trump’s authoritarian style is remaking America

Over the course of his presidency, there have been myriad warnings about President Trump’s authoritarian tendencies. He has played to the fears of his critics by blowing past the republic’s increasingly creaky system of checks and balances. And with the aid of a right-wing echo chamber, he has pushed forward a narrative that conflates national interest with his personal gain, patriotism with unflinching loyalty to the occupant of the Oval Office.

As Trump embarks on a reelection campaign and basks in the aftermath of the Senate impeachment trial — in which, thanks to a Republican Party wholly captured by Trumpism, acquittal was seemingly always a fait accompli — he is adding to the strains on America’s polarized democracy. His calls this week for prosecutions of his perceived enemies and public attacks on federal judges and prosecutors involved in cases against his allies were so abnormal that it led to an unlikely rebuke from Attorney General William P. Barr, a Cabinet official largely viewed by Trump’s opponents as shamefully acquiescent.

OK, you can see where that’s going. Trump’s a loud mouth (loud tweeter), and enjoys attacking back, but, where is he trying to run people’s lives? Meh, as stated, every Republican president is Hitler to Democrats. Had Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio won, or any other Republican, they’d be Hitler.

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54 Responses to “Alec Baldwin Hottake: GOP Fealty To Trump Is How Nazi Germany Started”

  1. Zachriel says:

    Before Caesar, the Senate zealously guarded their prerogatives, and Senators gained power through their independence from the executive. After Caesar, Senators gained their power by proximity to Caesar, and by undermining other Senators who might resist Caesar.

    Sir Edward Gibbon, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 1776: The reformation of the Senate was one of the first steps in which Augustus laid aside the tyrant, and professed himself the father of his country. He was elected censor; and, in concert with his faithful Agrippa, he examined the list of the Senators, expelled a few members, whose vices or whose obstinacy required a public example, persuaded near two hundred to present the shame of an expulsion by a voluntary retreat, raised the qualification of a senator to about ten thousand pounds, created a sufficient number of Patrician families, and accepted for himself the honorable title of Prince of the Senate, which had always been bestowed, by the censors, on the citizen the most eminent for his honors and services. But while he thus restored the dignity, he destroyed the independence of the senate. The principles of a free constitution are irrecoverably lost, when the legislative power is nominated by the executive.

    • Chumpchange says:

      OMG ELWOOD!!!!!

      You seriously think Trump is a tyrant because he doesn’t vaseline up and take your nonstop daily bullshit?

      You think he is a tyrant because he calls out a jury foreman who posted bad things against Trump, ran for office as democrat and lost, was an Obama supporter and was the FOREMAN in a TRIAL against a TRUMP LOYALIST with the DOJ lawyers demanding a sentence beyond the pale, in a case in which Roger Stone was set up by Mueller and the FBi??

      Where is your fuking outrage at that? What happened to a fair trial in this country.

      OH, THAT’S RIGHT. Democrats have pure motives. Only Republicans have foul, evil motives and secretly wish to become dictators.

      We are fighting for our freedoms and liberties while you on the left want to throw it all in the lap of a government that cant is trusted to RUN THE POST OFFICE let alone YOUR LIVES.

      The real tyrants are not the right, who want less government, fewer regulations, more freedoms and closer adherence to the greatest document ever written. The constitution. I’m sure you were hanging there thinking I meant Little Women.

      I have news for you. The only dictator is AOC and the firing Squad backing SANDERS who wants to run every aspect of your life. Those are the real tyrants.

      As for Rome. What happened to your precious experiment with Democracy? If I remember right it was corrupt and collapsed. You exalt these senators who fought against the tyranny of a dictator when the only real power they had was what they were given. There were no social media to tweet their views to the common man.

      NOWHERE IS THE LEFTS BUBBLE more apparent than pointing to the Roman political system as a model for the USA. No president can ever become a dictator. We have a document YOU want to shred that prevents that. We have a nation divided that will prevent that. We have a military that will prevent that. We have 538 powerful political people who were given power by the people to prevent that.

      The fact you would even suggest Trump is headed towards being a dictator shows how buried in that leftist bubble you have become to try desperately to fear monger people into voting for COMMUNIST who we all know have PURE MOTIVES.

      • Zachriel says:

        Chumpchange: You seriously think Trump is a tyrant

        No. He has, however, severely weakened the foundation of the checks and balances of power.

        Chumpchange: We are fighting for our freedoms and liberties

        The greatest threat to liberty is and has always been an unchecked and lawless executive.

        Chumpchange: As for Rome. What happened to your precious experiment with Democracy? If I remember right it was corrupt and collapsed.

        The Romans had a republican form of government for hundreds of years, but Caesar “reformed” the Senate, making it subservient. Once the executive became unchecked, then the Republic was ended in all but name.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        I didn’t type a word. Are you daft?

      • david7134 says:

        Z is a bunch of high school kids in a debate club. They all think they are lawyers and of course are all liberals as they have yet to earn a pay check. The individual that post changes every semester. Some are bright, most are not, this one isnt.

  2. rodney stanton says:

    I watched THE SPEECH 10/64 and voted Barry I voted Ronny every time I could. I think his 20% Flat Tax (no loopholes, or as lib call ’em “deductions + exclusions”) makes “all men equal:. but I support a “Death tax” I can site many examples of how being born rich to folk who were also born rich turns the brain to mush.

    Baldwin is the dumb product of 4 generations of West American wealth. he cannot think!His $ , for a short time. bought him a pretty wife. It also makes him our “better” as it does for the Roosevelts, Kennedys, Bushes…. Or at least the Press thinks wealth makes you good and smart.
    the glaring repudiation of their “cult” is President Don! rich * but to the Press “not good”! so the Press hates Don for making them look dumb; and gives a lot of air time/ink to the “born with a silver spoon..” Baldwin!

    • FunnyThat says:

      $11,580,000 in 2020. The estate tax used to be like 500k and then you have to pay like 1/2 of your wealth to the government. Today under both Bush and Trump the Estate tax has steadily increased each year to a place where most people who legitimately had a problem with losing small farms and ranches are now relatively safe.

      But to think the rich are being penalized is in error. Every one of these people farms out their wealth so it is untouchable at death. The estate tax is a feel-good tax for the poor or the democrats and nothing more.

      If it actually worked I would be totally on board with your post but it does not. The rich have an army of lawyers working daily to make sure when they die their kids get every penny and the government gets nothing.

  3. Kye says:

    Currently the geniuses on the left are for: Red Flag laws which take your freedom and property without trial, total gun confiscation, “hate Crime” laws which enhance penalties for thought but only the thoughts leftists don’t like, “hate Speech” laws doing the same to people who say things leftists don’t like, murder of babies up to and including birth because their mother thinks they’re trash, fighting wars all over the Middle East, racial segregation and preferential treatment for all non whites, abolishing freedom of association, throwing 69 YO enemies of the people into the gulag for 9 years for a first offence non-violent “crime” while releasing rapists from prison, and so very much more, BUT, you all call Trump authoritarian because you hate his Tweets?

    Your hate goes so deep there is no hope you will ever be reasonable enough to compromise with. It is unbelievable you can’t even see how unreasonable you are because of your total hate. It’s like trying to tell Nazi’s that Jews are people too, no matter what you’re gonna hate us, Trump and everyone not beholding to your religion/politics. To you, everyone not you is a “radical” and that makes you the radicals.

    Trump 2020 Maybe another 4 years can restore the left to sanity.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Yeah, we just type those things to get Kye all riled up! That way we can see what he really believes.


      Your projection is unfathomable.

      YOU are so full of the bitter vile and hate you spew daily.

      YOU support an authoritarian president who disrespects the rules, traditions and laws of the republic.

      Roger Stone committed a number of federal crimes, was apprehended, tried and convicted. tRump will do all he can to help Stone (who has the “goods” on The Don) but will pardon him if necessary. It’s what The King does.

      Are you suggesting that above a certain age Americans are above the law? Are you suggesting only violent crimes be punished?

      If tRump is so obsessed with “bringing home the troops”, why doesn’t he? And why does his budget cut every item EXCEPT the military and the debt, both of which he increases?

      CDC, NIH, EPA, State, Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP, disability… all cut. No doubt to be followed by more tax cuts for the rich and corporations.

      • Chumpchange says:

        YOU support an authoritarian president who disrespects the rules, traditions and laws of the republic.


        YES WE DO!!!!!

        Traditions, you mean like Nancy Pelosi trashing the TRADITIONS OF THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE by not properly introducing the president and then tearing up his speech on live and national TV.

        Do you mean like following the rules? Which rules. The rules you deem important while ignoring the ones you don’t. Do you mean like following the rule that says you can’t sneak into the country? Life following the rule that says the police need to turn over Illegal Immigrants.

        Just which rules are you referring to? I think both sides do a pretty good job of violating the rules to suit their political purpose.

        Laws of the Republic. Like HRC keeping top-secret documents on her server. Smashing cell phones that are material evidence in a potential criminal case. Like Anthony Weiner having 33k Emails on his laptop with secret state department information. Like Obama selling guns to drug dealers in Mexico. Those kinds of laws?

  4. Chumpchange says:

    Pink Floyd rocker Roger Waters bashes Donald Trump as ‘tyrant,’ ‘mass murderer’

    Well, we know what the next few days talking points for the desperate left is going to be.

    I’m confused about the mass murderer part considering OBAMA ordered 545 Drone Strikes into Muslim’s bedroom windows killing Men, WOMEN, and CHILDREN and he got the Nobel Peace Prize.

    See that is what happens when your NOT TRANSPARENT and TRUMP CONDUCTS POLICY VIA TWITTER………lololololol

    Can you imagine….Obama on Twitter. I just killed 300 women and children in a village in Pakistan cause they were harboring a terrorist.

    Democratic party……………ALL HAIL OBAMA!

    Trump via twitter…. Our forces just took out the world’s number one terrorist.


    and on and on it goes until no one listens anymore.

    Wanna a little story. Okay. We went to a small restaurant a couple of nights ago. One of those German restaurants where you all set at giant picnic tables. I set down next to a guy and said, I have just one question. Have any of you been to China lately? They laughed politely, looked at me like I was crazy. I could hear one man whisper to the other. Why is he asking about China? The other guy was like I DONT KNOW.

    The MSM IN ACTION RIGHT THERE FOLKS. THE MSM is not even talking about coronavirus other then for 1 minute on the nightly news and its an oh by the way story.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      tRump is a “wannabe” tyrant. He would love to be as effective as Duerte.

      He is not a mass murderer any more than any American prez.

      • Kye says:

        Trump has done nothing to indicate he is a “wannabe” tyrant. Nothing.

        OTOH we have leftists who can’t mind their own fukin’ business like Red Flag laws, gun grabbing, making light bulbs-straws-plastic bags-water bottles-32 oz. sodas illegal. Who’s the “tyrants”? I know, since conservatives want to save babies lives and want a secure border conservatives are tyrants. Because we don’t want to subsidize behavior and perversions we find morally repugnant, we’re tyrants. Since we don’t believe every immigrant is an asset to America and don’t want them here, we’re tyrants.

        You cried and screamed like spoiled children since Trump was elected. You tried Russia, Russia Russia, the 25Th amendment, emoluments, Stormy Daniels, Ukraine and a Deep State Coup to overthrow our government. And now you fukin’ fools are bitching about a Tweet. A TWEET!!! You are pathologically unhinged.

        In fact:
        “A new survey of more than 8,000 people has found that those who identify with left-wing political beliefs are more likely to have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

        Ann Coulter’s “liberalism is a mental disorder” catchphrase has become something of a clichéd meme, but the data appears to support it.
        Carried out by Slate Star Codex, the online survey collected a wealth of data from respondents about their education, demographic, lifestyle and political views.

        The results show that people who occupy the farther left end of the political spectrum are more likely to have been “formally diagnosed with depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.”
        In addition, the results show that the highest percentage of respondents (38%) who admit being diagnosed with forms of mental illness also identify politically as Marxists.In comparison, just 12.1% of conservatives say they have been diagnosed with a mental disorder.


        I guess after Alexia Occasional-Cotex claimed that billionaires don’t earn their money they steal it from the poor the numbers make sense.

        The constant projection by the radical left is nauseating. I find it interesting that most of the real tyrants of the modern era have been creatures of the left like Stalin Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Kim(s), and a dozen more but somehow the left continues to project us as “wannabe” tyrants. Just like it’s the Democrats who owned slaves, created the KKK and Jim Crow, hearded blacks into inner city ghettos to harvest their votes (and their unborn children) but somehow they project that WE are raaaaacists! Now that’s REAL projection.

        Trump 2020 Watch the real tyrants cry.

        • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

          Shorter version:

          If hypocrisy were gold, democrats would be trillionaires.


        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Definition of tyrant
          an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution

          Maybe you just don’t understand the tyrant concept. Give tRump credit. A country as large, modern, complex and founded on freedoms as is the US is difficult to “conquer”, but tRump is doing well. Poor Jimmy Carter had to give up his peanut farm but the tRump klan kept their entire operation going, now including taking money from foreign governments. We have no laws against that kind of corruption because we naively thought, “Who would do such a thing?”. The Don. Who would attempt to force a foreign government to help in his election? The Don. Who would attempt to force a US state to drop its investigations and suits against him? The Don. Who would accept electoral help from a foreign nation? The Don. He has re-written the book on American gov’t. Because of The Don, Congress will be forced to actually spell out what the Chief Exec can do, legally and Constitutionally.

          Your link to the “mental disorder” study had this: While the survey is by no means scientific, it does give an insight into how disturbed people are more likely to be attracted to fringe leftist beliefs, which in a lifestyle sense usually encourage degeneracy and a lack of moral responsibility.

          (from the actual author of the original study):

          [Please Don’t Link To This Regarding Leftism And Mental Illness] SSC Survey Results 2020

          Posted on January 20, 2020 by Scott Alexander

          EDIT: This post presents open-access data from a large survey that anyone is allowed to download and analyze. It’s gone viral because a Twitter user named Philippe Lemoine (ed. far right loon, via Paul Watson at Infowars) downloaded the data and used it to investigate politics and mental illness. That analysis is not described here, it’s not my analysis, and I have various caveats about it, which are described here. Sorry for any confusion.


          Much of what conservatives believes to be true is in fact false.

          • CC says:

            Lost me at “poor Jimmah Cotter.”

          • gitarcarver says:

            Poor Jimmy Carter had to give up his peanut farm but the tRump klan kept their entire operation going, now including taking money from foreign governments.

            Carter was not forced to give up the peanut farm. It was a failing business that he sold. Carter had the farm in a “blind trust” which was being run by family members and an advisor that had helped him during his campaign. That’s the same thing that is happening with Trump. In other words, you are either misinformed or lying. Hate will do that to you.

            Who would attempt to force a foreign government to help in his election?

            Hillary for one. Also Obama sought foreign involvement to help Hillary.

            As usual, because of their hate, the left has to make up lies.

            The good news is that you can always contact one of the people that you thought was credible who is now facing 20 years in the slammer – Michael Avenatti. Who can forget you crowing about how honest he was?

            While many said he was a crook, hate blinded you to that fact.

            When all you have is hate, reality doesn’t matter.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            You’re correct. President Carter wasn’t forced to give up his farm, he put it into a blind trust to avoid the appearance of conflicts of interest. The Republicans appointed a special prosecutor to investigate whether the business/Carter had committed any violations. They were completely exonerated. He sold the business once he left office because it was $1 million in debt, not before he took office.

            tRump, Cohen, Flynn, Manafort, Giuliani, the “defense” team, Trump U fraud, Trump Foundation fraud, $100 million for golf, bribes to keep his cheating hidden, sexual assaults, Putin, 15,000 lies to America, tax returns…

            Who can forget you crowing about how honest they were?

            When all you have is hate, reality doesn’t matter.

            You guys know how horrible tRump is as both a man and President.

          • gitarcarver says:

            President Carter wasn’t forced to give up his farm, he put it into a blind trust to avoid the appearance of conflicts of interest.

            So your claim that he had to give up the peanut farm was false.

            Poor Jimmy Carter had to give up his peanut farm but the tRump klan kept their entire operation going,

            So Carter kept his farm running in a blind trust. Trump kept his businesses in a blind trust but somehow in your hateful mind, Trump is somehow doing something wrong.

            And for the record:

            It didn’t take long for the administration to face ethics questions, however. Carter’s nominee to serve as the head of the Office of Management and Budget was Bert Lance, an adviser to his campaign — and the president of the bank that gave Carter’s company that large loan. Lance resigned under an ethics cloud in September 1977, facing questions about his management of the bank.

            The only thing that Carter was cleared of was whether money from the sale of peanuts that Billy Carter had used as a collateral for the loan went directly to Carter’s campaign.

            It’s funny how you loved Avenatti, crowing how honest he is and now he is heading to the slammer. If nothing else, it shows how hatred can make people misjudge honest people and think crooks are honest.

            All you do is try to project your hatred onto others.

            After all, all the left has is hate.

          • Zachriel says:

            gitarcarver: Trump kept his businesses in a blind trust

            That is incorrect. The President has his assets in a revocable trust, not a blind trust, and Donald Jr. is a trustee. Not to mention, Trump’s name is plastered all over his assets. That doesn’t avoid a conflict of interest, much less even the appearance of one.

        • gitarcarver says:

          That is incorrect. The President has his assets in a revocable trust, not a blind trust, and Donald Jr. is a trustee.

          There is no practical difference in the two. As for Donald Jr being a trustee, what is your point? As this started with Jeffery’s erroneous accusations and the comparison to Carter, Jimmy was not the controlling partner in his business when he turned it over to someone else. The controlling interest was his brother.

          Not to mention, Trump’s name is plastered all over his assets. That doesn’t avoid a conflict of interest, much less even the appearance of one.

          So people have to change the name of businesses in order to be in politics?

          That would mean the Clinton Foundation was a conflict of interest. Funny how that dried up after the Clintons left office. But no appearance of a conflict of interest there. Nope. Not one bit.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            The Semanticist now claims that Revocable and Blind trusts have no practical differences. That’s “true” except for the practical difference that in a Blind trust the grantor is “blinded” to the management of the trust and in a Revocable trust the grantor is aware of the management of the trust. See the practical difference?

            So you “change” the definitions of Blind and Revocable Trusts, then blame someone else for your mistake. LOL.

            gc asks: So people have to change the name of businesses in order to be in politics?

            Only if the candidate is interested in eliminating conflicts of interest.

  5. Ron B. Liebermann says:

    There is no such thing as a “GOP” controlled Senate. I can’t believe that people fall for that.
    Everything you see on T.V. is just a carefully orchestrated soap opera. The Democrats and Republicans merged to become one party many years ago. If there were actually any competition, don’t you think that there would be higher turnover? President Trump is the farthest thing in the world from a Fascist. He is concerned about the freedom that young people will have in the future, if technology continues to advance without any debate. Remember: He warned people not to buy those stupid solar panels. And he also told the military that they are wasting a ridiculous amount of money. He’s doing his best. But the real Fascists; Apple, I.B.M., and Sony, try to tar the President as an extremist. That takes the heat off of them. Those three companies want to own the future. And they want absolute control over every American. Pretty soon, your mobile phone will measure your heartbeat; and report you to the home office if you get angry. Do you want that for yourself, or for your family? If not, then you should stick with President Trump.

    • Kye says:

      I get where you’re coming from Ron, but there is very much a GOP controlled Senate and it’s all that stands between us and an illegal coup d’etat and the takeover of the Republic by radical leftists. There is also a communist controlled House in case you haven’t noticed. The entire House under Nazi Polozi has voted with the conspirators against Trump, us ans America.

      Under normal circumstances your observation about the “uniparty” would be correct but all that ended when Trump was elected and the Democrats decided to morph into a New American Communist Party. They left the sissybitch RINO GOP behind in their efforts to “fundamentally change America”.

      We are facing the greatest threat to America since the Civil War: a Democrat Party determined to destroy American culture, history, economy, law and mostly Liberty. They stand directly opposite everything America has ever been from white to Christian to independent to brave. They are diverse, pagan, socialist and cowards. They need “safe spaces” and “hate speech/crime” laws, real Americans don’t. Their ideas are so good they need the power of government to FORCE every policy down our throat from their version of healthcare to gun confiscation. Everything they propose becomes a Threat to our Freedom. They do not have on idea, one plank in their platform which does not require the threat of force to implement.

      On top of it all we are not their opposition. We are their enemy. Not the mooslems, not the communists, not the fascists, US. They think we are ignorant deplorables clinging to our guns and Bibles rather than the elite enlightened they are. They hate and disrespect us and if they could they would eliminate us. They’ve said so more than once not that they need to say it since it’s obvious by their violence and hostility to all those opposed to them. They only lately have admitted to being “socialists” when anyone awake knows they’re communists of the first order. They fool no one but others like themselves.

      Trump 2020 Keep the commies out of our government or we’ll become Venezuela

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Paranoia strikes deep,
      Into your life it will creep,
      It starts when you’re always afraid,
      You step out of line, the man come and take you away.
      – Stephen Stills

      The idea that Donald Trump is all that stands between America and corporate fascism is new.

      On the one hand we have global corporations trying to get all the money they can from citizens with a ruling elite who cooperates with them and refuses to impose any regulations.

      On the other hand we have majority of communist traitors undertaking a non-violent, slow-motion coup against Trump.

      So the commie traitors and the corporate raiders are aligned against Trump whose only objective is to protect young people from tyranny.

      Got it.

      What these two paranoid comments demonstrate is that the Trumpitista will say and do anything to keep Trump in power. Trump allows white nationalists to feel good about themselves, but political correctness prevents you from telling that truth so you have to make up stories.

      Unless you believe your tripe…

      Paranoia strikes deep…

      • Kye says:

        What those two paranoid comments demonstrate is that you are insane and just make shit up out of thin air. And once again to can’t say “hello” without mentioning Trump. You-are-nuts! You are a hate filled commie racist and lying, dog faced pony soldier!

        What is a “white nationalist”? Would that be a democrat KKK member? Or just any white guy who loves his country? I bet you don’t even own an American flag even just for holidays. If you do it’s probably for burnin’ not flyin’.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Try this:

          White nationalist groups espouse white supremacist or white separatist ideologies, often focusing on the alleged inferiority of nonwhites. White nationalists state the belief that white people are a race and seek to develop/maintain a white racial and national identity. Proponents believe in the concept of a white nation.

          • Kye says:

            Where did you get that cookie cutter description, Wiki for Dummies?

            Whit nationalists are usually not “groups” but rather individuals. Can you name a group of white nationalists? White nationalists DO NOT espouse supremacist nor white separatist ideologies that’s why they have different names.

            Whit nationalists DO believe white people are a race what do you believe they are mutants?

            Then you actually stumble across the truth. White nationalists do seek to maintain white racial and national identities as that is their cultural birthright just as Japanese or Arabs have a right to preserve their culture. After all America was founded by whites as a white nation. Or have you commies changed that fact too? So yes, white nationalists do believe in the concept of a MAJORITY white nation. That’s what they set America up as.

            Whites discovered America, the explored it and conquered the natives. They beat every physical and national threat to this country and established the Declaration of Independence along with our LAW the Constitution. All written and enacted by white Christians.

            No where do white nationalists espouse supremacy or separatism other than believing in the Freedom of association. White nationalists put America and her needs and her security and her citizens above all other nations. That’s what “nationalism” means. When creeps like you put “white” in front of nationalism you are just trying to create racial unrest to hurt America and render Patriotism racist.

            It is remarkable how you think you know so much about things which you know so little. Similarly, it is amazing that you hate white people, the very people to whom you owe your life, freedom and fortune. Somehow it is immoral in your eyes for white people to want to perpetuate their race and their nations yet okay for any other race to protect theirs. It’s okay to murder and throw out whites from South Africa or Rhodesia, refuse citizenship or even immigration for non Asians in almost all Asian countries and FORBID non mooslems from eve entering Mecca but our birthright is racist and immoral.

            I am a white nationalist. I am white and I am a patriot and a nationalist. I do not believe in white supremacy but I do believe in differences among the races since only a willfully blind person couldn’t see that. I’m not a separatist other than I believe in Freedom of Association. My first wife being Jewish, my second a naturalized immigrant from Korea plus hundreds of friends, employees and acquaintances in my life of all colors is proof I am no racist.

            The last gasp of a scoundrel is to call everyone a racist and I don’t care any more. If you’re that much of a narrow minded bigot you cannot see a difference without seeing a racist it is you who has the race problem, not I.

            Trump 2020 Because we’re tired of being called evil when we don’t agree

          • Chumpchange says:

            Awww….Elwood your so predictable.

            And the left mows down Gop tents with cars and you pretend it doesnt happen. Must he horrible living in your shit show of a politica world trying to defend a failed peanut farmer against a billionaire Magnate who owns property all over the world!!!!!!


      • Chumpchange says:

        Saul Alinsky Ridicule is your best friend.

        Only in America can the democrats offer up a FAILING PEANUT FARMER WITH A DRUNK BROTHER to run the country.

        Now we understand why the country nealy went down the tubes and Carter because Carter took on the CIA. A bridge too far. Ceptin he wasnt smart enough to deal with them. Hell he couldnt even run a peanut farm.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          President Carter only ran one company broke and didn’t take advantage of bankruptcy.

          Our Stable Genius, The King of Debt, bankrupted six (6) companies. Hell, trump couldn’t even make money with a casino! Trump is tied for last in the rankings of US Presidents – with James Buchanan. He’ll no doubt fall behind and end up last by himself.

          President Carter was in the third quartile, in the 25-30 range.

          • Kye says:

            Exactly who are the racists, bigots and haters? Huh?

            “A Cambridge academic has called for the extinction of humanity to save the planet while noting that white, male, heterosexuals are to blame for all the world’s woes.

            In her new book The Ahuman Manifesto, Professor Patricia MacCormack argues that the only way to prevent ecological disaster is to begin “gradually phasing out reproduction.”

            Speaking to CambridgeshireLive, Professor MacCormack made it clear who would be first on the evolutionary chopping block.
            “The basic premise of the book is that we’re in the age of the Anthropocene, humanity has caused mass problems and one of them is creating this hierarchal world where white, male, heterosexual and able-bodied people are succeeding, and people of different races, genders, sexualities and those with disabilities are struggling to get that,” she said.

            According to CambridgeshireLive’s Alistair Ryder, despite literally calling for the entire human species to be wiped out, the book has a “joyful and optimistic tone.”

            Ok, then.

            MacCormack said her ideas were first inspired by her interest in “feminism and queer theory.” Imagine my shock.
            The professor also wants to completely dismantle religion, although whether that would extend to her own beliefs is unclear.
            MacCormack appears in a YouTube video entitled ‘Performing the Occult’ in which she discusses the crucial topic of “vulvic deamonitalia.”

          • Chumpchange says:

            Well Trumps sibling is a Supreme Court Justice for the state of NY.

            Carters was billy beer the drunk……..lolololololol.

            Only in a leftist world is a failed peanut farmer and primaried by Kennedy considered a success.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Chumpchange: Well Trumps sibling is a Supreme Court Justice for the state of NY.
            Carters was billy beer the drunk


            President Donald Trump’s older sister, federal appellate Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, has retired — ending a judicial investigation into whether she broke judicial conduct rules by committing tax fraud… The investigation was stopped once she resigned. (The apple doesn’t roll far from the tree.)

            Trump’s older brother Fred, Jr., died at 43, as a result of alcoholism. Fred Jr.’s children claimed that uncle Donald Trump excluded them from Trump’s father’s will. They sued and settled out of court. All the family’s were covered by health insurance from Fred, Sr., but Donald cut Fred Jr.’s health insurance when they sued, including that of his grandnephew with cerebral palsy saying, “Why should we give him medical coverage?”, adding, “They sued my father…”. (This tells one all they need to know about DJ tRump.)

            But anyway, US President’s aren’t responsible for the life and actions of their siblings, are they?

            You criticize President Carter for being a decent, working-class veteran from the South, but worship the crooked, thrice-married, cheating, sexually-assaulting, foul-mouthed, lying, bigoted, cruel, real-estate grifter from Manhattan?

            Why are conservatives in love with tRump? (That’s rhetorical). It’s BECAUSE he IS a crooked, thrice-married, cheating, sexually-assaulting, foul-mouthed, lying, bigoted, cruel, real-estate grifter from Manhattan, and especially because he abuses those smug, elitist libs!

          • formwiz says:

            If he didn’t take advantage of the remedies available, that just makes him a bad businessman.

            And why don’t you name those companies because we’ll find most say more about what liar you are.

          • formwiz says:

            If he didn’t take advantage of the remedies available, that just makes him a bad businessman.

            And why don’t you name those companies because we’ll find most say more about what liar you are.

            And who was defining those rankings?

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            You’re back from electroconvulsive therapy! Welcome. But you should wait a few weeks for your verbal/writing skills to return. You’re not ready yet.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Here’s a fair and sympathetic assessment of Trump’s business bankruptcies.


            APSA had Trump last (but with only two years to evaluate) and Carter 26th.


            Wikipedia has a table of all the major rankings over the decades.


  6. Chumpchange says:


    That is incorrect. The President has his assets in a revocable trust, not a blind trust, and Donald Jr. is a trustee. Not to mention, Trump’s name is plastered all over his assets. That doesn’t avoid a conflict of interest, much less even the appearance of one.

    This is incorrect.

    Sounds good huh? I mean all you have to do is say something over and over and it becomes the truth. Like BIDEN isnt a corrupt, lying bastard with Alzheimer. Or that it is okay for Bloomberg to spend billions to BUY the WHITE HOUSE because he is a democrat.

    Or that Obama is a poor black man after 8 years in the White House not cashing in on his name!

    We don’t give a shit about Trump and him making a few buks on the side if that is really even happening. I mean your scumbag politicians are billion fuking aires all on a paltry 179k salary.

    It is only a sin if the right does it. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Tonto is busy beating off the Indians or in this case blowing Bloomberg to get him to spend more of his billions before Bernie TAXES them all away.

    Why do you think he is running. Bernie will turn him into a poor man and the rest of us into destitue paupers but thank God your side has Saint Greta the how dare you to make things right.

    • Zachriel says:

      Chumpchange: Sounds good huh?

      We explained why it was incorrect, and provided a supporting link. Trump does not have his assets in a blind trust, contrary to the claim.

  7. formwiz says:

    Investigation does not make guilt, particularly in a politically charged system, as events in the past fortnight have shown.

    As for Trump’s brother, I have a feeling there’s more to the story, assuming the story is for real. Brothers don’t have authority to cut someone out of a parent’s will.

    And Bucketmouth ranks as the most incompetent President of the 20th century.

  8. Chumpchange says:

    You criticize President Carter for being a decent, working-class veteran from the South, but worship the crooked, thrice-married, cheating, sexually-assaulting, foul-mouthed, lying, bigoted, cruel, real-estate grifter from Manhattan?


    We love TRUMP. I mean the above is coming from a man who wants to kill unborn children, Abort them after they are even born. Coming from a man who wants to keep killing Muslims in the MIddle East and genocide and entire race of people in Israel.

    Yet your all upset over Trump who cant keep his dick in his pants…..LIKE CLINTON….and who likes women and has been married however many times you say he has.

    Elwood your awfully concerned where Donald puts his pekker. In fact you obssess over it despite the fact that our country is becoming a nation in which your social justice feminists cant get a date and more and more people are just fuking and not marrying.

    YOU trying to insert morality into any conversation is a joke……..LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      It was you who brought up Billy Carter as a reflection on President Carter. You didn’t mention policy, just Billy Carter.

      An unborn child is not yet a child. You can’t abort a baby after it’s born. I have no interest in killing anyone, neither Muslims or Jews.

      Trump’s history argues that he DISLIKES women. Sexual assault is not evidence of “liking women”.

      Please: Your is the second person possessive adjective, used to describe something as belonging to you. Your is always followed by a noun or gerund. You’re is the contraction of “you are” and is often followed by the present participle (verb form ending in -ing).

      Your typing suggests you’re going nuts.

      • formwiz says:

        If you can’t abort a baby until it’s born, why do the Demos want to do it?

        As for Bucketmouth and policy, take your pick.

        A-Stan, Cuba, Iran, the economy, malaise, the energy “crisis”.

        Even the Demos thought he was a jerk.

        As for who likes women, I’d say The Donald has you beat cold.

        Nothing’s ever been proven against him and women have always flocked to him, but you’re the wife beater and we know what sex you like.

        • Zachriel says:

          formwiz: If you can’t abort a baby until it’s born, why do the Demos want to do it?

          There is no evidence for that claim.

          • Chumpchange says:


            And there is no evidence to disprove that claim.

            In fact the governor of Virginia facing recall because he was bought and paid for by Bloomberg who spent millions in VA to turn the government there BLUE said:

            “If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother,” Northam said in a WTOP interview.

            Talking about abortion he says the baby will be born and kept comfortable and then the physician and mother will have a discussion on how to MURDER THE BABY? No other way to take this. Virginia elected this clown to run their state?

            ALL PRAISE BLOOMBERG AND HIS BILLIONS. The very thing Democrats hate they are now worshipping for POWER!!!!!!

          • Kye says:


            “Senate Democrats Insist Babies Born Alive After Abortions Should Be Left To Die”

            “Why should one baby down the hall be given care while another is left to die? Sen. Joni Ernst asked the Senate Judiciary Committee. Not one Democrat in the room could answer the question.”

            The Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act is not about restricting abortions but about giving newborns a chance to survive no matter where they are born, said Sen. Ben Sasse (Great Big life-affirming R, NE), the bill’s lead co-sponsor, at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday.

            During the hearing, called “The Infant Patient: Ensuring Appropriate Medical Care for Children Born Alive,” Republican senators questioned why a baby born in a hospital should be treated differently than a baby born in an abortion facility. Democrats, lacking an answer, changed the subject.

            Trump 2020 Help stop the leftists from genocide of American children.

      • Chumpchange says:

        Like I said no morality lessons from you.

        Your typing has always suggested that you ARE NUTS. At least I still have a trip to take to meet you at the funny farm!

  9. Kye says:

    Once again your hypocrisy and ignorance is showing, Elwood. Check it out!

    • Chumpchange says:

      Yeah a party bent on killing and mass murder as their central plank really shouldnt preach morality.

      Bernie wants to euthanize the entire country, pay everyone to not work and then wonder what the fuk happened to the money to pay for all this stuff.

      Gotta love the leftists.

      I think its why 20-25 percent of those attending Trump’s rallies are now Democrats.

      What’s the buzz about they ask? Then there like…wow not one person tried to kill me, bully me or call me names.

      Hmmm….I wonder What that Elwood fellah’s talking about?

  10. Kye says:

    A born alive aborted baby struggling to stay alive after being tossed aside like trash by Democrat leftists.

    The Leftists like Elwood, John and Zach allow this genocide to continue to the tune of almost one million baby Americans per year but scream bloody murder if someone cuts don a tree to build a building. Insanity only partially explains people who think like that. Psychotic is a better definition.

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