A Coalition Of Big Businesses Are Pushing A Carbon Tax: What’s In It For Them?

Time magazine’s resident Warmist, Justin Worland, notices another big company calling for a carbon tax, and wonders if this is the solution to solving ‘climate change’ (scam)

A Group of Big Businesses is Backing a Carbon Tax. Could It Be a Solution to Climate Change?

The long list of big companies backing a carbon tax as a solution to climate change grew this week with financial giant J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. endorsing a legislative plan billed as a centrist approach to reducing emissions.

The announcement comes as the Climate Leadership Council (CLC), the organization behind the proposal, which was first released in 2017, redoubles efforts to promote the plan before an expected introduction in Congress as the conversation around various climate solutions heats up in Washington.

The CLC announced new backers—including former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres—and released internal poll numbers showing bipartisan voter support for the plan. Supporters now include a broad coalition of companies, from oil giants like ExxonMobil to tech behemoths like Microsoft, major environmental groups like Conservation International, and a range of economists and political leaders.

“The markets can and will do much to address climate change,” David Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs, a founding member of the CLC, told TIME in an emailed statement. “But given the magnitude and urgency of this challenge, governments must put a price on the cost of carbon.”

You have to wonder what is in it for these companies to push a carbon tax. It’s certainly not a centrist approach to institute a massive new federal tax that will end up increasing the cost of living of U.S. citizens. Exxon and Microsoft won’t be paying it, nor will JP Morgan. Any hits to their portfolios will be passed on to consumers.

Still, big corporations increasingly see a carbon tax—especially a proposal like the CLC plan—as the simplest solution to a thorny problem. With clear science, activists in the streets and voters experiencing extreme weather events in their own backyards, business leaders see new climate rules as all but an inevitability, if not at the U.S. federal level then in states or other countries where they have operations.

What’s their angle? They wouldn’t be pushing it if they thought it was going to cost them money. They wouldn’t be pushing it if they didn’t think they could make some money off of it.

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13 Responses to “A Coalition Of Big Businesses Are Pushing A Carbon Tax: What’s In It For Them?”

  1. Chumpchange says:

    Big business is in BED with Democrats. Hell you can see that right now in the democrats going stark raving mad at the prospect of BERNIE becoming the nominee. Look at Warren, Look at HRC, Most of these two took it behind the scenes. Now Look at Buttigieg taking money now from the rich and wall street. Look at Bloomberg a multi-billionaire. Look at the number of leftist billionaires with the DEMS.

    So whats in it for them. They are terrified of Bernie. They are terrified that this is the ultimate direction the country will go. Not this election but the next or the one after that. Trump has this uncanny ability to draw together a coalition to beat the snot out of Bernie but then in 2024 he is gone.

    IF they appease the whiny crybabies NOW…they wont have to face a REAL LIVE GREEN NEW DEAL in 8 or 12 years.

    Business no matter who owns them is in it for the money…JUST LOOK AT GEORGE SOROS BUYING COAL AND OIL STOCKS or Bill GATEs and WARREN BUFFET who own railroads that TRANSPORT a majority of the canadian and North Dakota oil boom OIL to markets.

    These people are the biggest of hypocrites. They probably will release a new carbon tax scheme in which each and everyone of them make billions over the next decade at the expense of the little guy who doesnt even drive a car or use AC. Like the poor in projects. Thats okay they will get a tax break ceptin they dont pay taxes.

    It’s the finger in the wind movement. Saint Greta the How Dare you has got them shaking in their boots. All it took was a mini-me of Trump on the other side to get their attention.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Chumpchange is concerned about the right issue, but it’s not just the Dems, it’s all the elites/political donor class. Forever, but even more so the past 40 years, the US has been in the business of instituting policies to enrich the rich at the expense of the working classes. Both parties need voters and there aren’t enough selfish rich voters, so they appeal must to the “great unwashed” while actually serving their elite masters.

      Few GOPher officials give a shite about abortion, same-sex marriage, street crime, The Wall, Muslims, etc, but their voters do. Their true constituency are wealthy donors and corporations.

      Policies related to taxes, labor, immigration, trade, fiscal and monetary policies, pensions, copyrights/patents, health care, wage, environment are always bent to benefit the wealthy and corporations at the expense of the working classes.

      Senator Sanders has the right overall idea, but the wrong policies.

      And of course corporations are in it for the money – it’s their obligation – to legally maximize shareholder value, both near- and long-term.

      The Dems are not concerned that Senator Sanders will change America, they’re concerned that he will lose. The Dems have one goal – oust Trump before he kills America.

  2. Chumpchange says:

    I will continue to ask the leftist: What is your plan to stop AGW?

    AGain I get no answer. Elwood in his defense gave me some dystopian concept but nothing concrete.

    The AGW people HATE/LOATHE/DESPISE fossil fuels.


    What’s your plan?

    I keep hearing windmills, Hydro Electric Damns. Nuclear power, solar panels and yet all of this requires rare earths.

    Rare earths are called rare earths because they are rare. IF we use up all of them in making alternatives guess what we don’t get to own anymore?

    Cell phones, computers, Defense projects, Missles, trips to mars, NASA…etc.

    So again what is your plan? 100 trillion batteries? Goodbye cell phones and computers and the internet.

    I’m sure the AGW crowd will scream in panic and realize they now have to get a real job.

    My daughter is a school teacher. guess what is the number one and number two JOB ASPIRATION of the elementary school kids?

    Far and away. Overwhelmingly they want to be YouTubers and PROFESSIONAL GAMERS.

    Well when the internet goes down, no more Xboxes, computers and cell phones we can bank on a rebellion by the youth of this country.

    but hey at least we saved the planet right? Now we just have to figure out what to do when we have no more microwaves, tv’s cell phones, internet and cable to keep us entertained.

    Perhaps we can go back to 3 or 4 networks taking back the airwave, we can all wiggle our rabbit ears and set around watching snowy programming as we huddle in our straw huts hoping the wind doesn’t stop blowing or it gets cloudy.

    Thank you SAINT GRETA THE HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      We will continue to ask the right-wingers – what is your concrete plan for anything?

      • My plan for too much CO2 in the atmosphere: Over time we’re gonna get more plant life and the plants will suck it up, replacing it with sweet, sweet oxygen.

        Not enough CO2 in the atmosphere: Over time we’re going to get more animal life which will suck up the oxygen, exhaling that precious, precious CO2.

        Earth, what a wonderful thing. Self-adjusting and self-balancing, like all living things.

        Oh yeah and through it all, never ever EVER let liberals define for us what things mean, what is & isn’t so, what the real problems are. You guys think a 17-year-old Swedish truant is an authority on the climate. You think the Clintons have a great marriage. You believe Jussie, still.

      • Chumpchange says:

        We dont need a plan for something we dont believe in Elwood.

        Thats your gig. So whats your plan?

        Why should we have a plan when we dont believe in it????

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          So you can ignore facts and events just because you “don’t believe in it”????

          So what’s your plan?

          • Don’t believe in what, exactly?

            Don’t believe in…what people are really arguing about…the world is ending, and we’ve got 12 or so to save it by raising taxes and patching together some absurd regulatory framework?

            Science says that’s an impossibility, so I don’t believe it…who wants to argue with me? Anybody? Line forms to the right.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Science isn’t based on “beliefs”. One doesn’t “believe in” global warming, one either accepts the overwhelming evidence that atmospheric CO2 is causing the Earth to warm or one doesn’t. It is much more likely than not that the Earth is warming from greenhouse gases.

            Many former global warming “deniers” now accept that the Earth is warming, and even accept that the warming is affecting humans (floods, storms, heat waves).

            But now GWDs insist it’s not been proven to be from CO2! Scientific theories are not proven, they are accepted as likely true when the supporting evidence makes it unreasonable to deny. The Trump Org placed their bet that the warming Earth will continue to intensify storms threatening their golf operations.

            Commenter typed: Science says that’s an impossibility…

            Science says what is an impossibility?

          • Chumpchange says:

            Nope. I asked what is your plan to save the world.

            It doesn’t matter if I have a plan or not. I am not tasked with saving the world from a few molecules of co2. YOU ARE.

            Is that what you told your bosses when they knocked on your door and asked you how you were going to fix X or Y? Your response was WHATS YOUR PLAN?

            Elwood, it is so painfully obvious that the AGW crowd has no plan other than to USE AGW for a remake of the world into a FASCIST ORDER.

            Fascism, as we all know, is the government telling businesses what they can and cant make and how much they will make. Like eliminating cars and planes and trucks and trains. LIke building buildings according to their AGW agenda-driven Fascism.

            What is the real plan to save the world?

            Come on Elwood the fact is you never have a real answer to anything. You just turn it around and Use Saul Alinsky. Never tell them what you would do because then you have to defend what you say.

            LOLOLOLOLOL….Elwood. Elwood. Elwood.

            Honestly, if you had a sound and reasonable plan I would climb on board your train, but you don’t. This is an agenda-driven wedge just like racism. It is meant for one thing. To Derive POWER with Saul Alinsky tactics and nothing else.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach typed: They wouldn’t be pushing it if they thought it was going to cost them money. They wouldn’t be pushing it if they didn’t think they could make some money off of it.

    Corporations strive to increase shareholder value in both the short-term and long-term. For example, the corporation that owns the Golf Links at Doonbeg, Ireland are constructing a large seawall to keep the rising Irish Sea from degrading the course in the long-term. The golf resort claimed the sea wall was needed to prevent damage from global warming.

    • Kye says:

      “The golf resort claimed the sea wall was needed to prevent damage from global warming.”

      Not that golf resorts aren’t experts at the cause and results of global warming, but they were in reality putting up a seawall to keep the sea out. That’s the only FACT in that entire item. It may or may not be caused by global warming but even if true is it man caused? And if it’s man caused then the seawall which is man built fixes the problem without taxing or regulating anything or anyone out of business in the US. As it should be.

      Trump 2020 Don’t buy into MMGW it’s a con.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        It’s comforting to see the fossil fuelists changing their “scientific positions” with the changes in climate. First, it wasn’t warming. Then, so what, warming is a good thing and it doesn’t cause problems. OK, sure it’s causing flooding but we can build sea walls.

        Of course the Doonbeg resort is a Trump Org property. Stable Genius dRumpf is an expert on everything – just ask him – he even claimed to know more about war than the generals! Isn’t it ironic that Trump Inc used global warming as an excuse for protecting their golf course?

        And just in time with the second massive storm in a week arriving today!


        Mea culpa: The Trump resort at Doonbeg is not on the Irish Sea but is on the Western coast of Ireland.

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