We’re Saved: Irish Kids Put Together Rap Video

Wait, isn’t this cultural appropriation? Especially with the uber-Irish accents?

It’s nice to see the kiddies so brainwashed. But, hey, if they really Care

Video found via the Irish Times, which states that the video was made due to polluted beaches. OK, then help clean the beaches, rather than attempting to institute taxes and Government.

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4 Responses to “We’re Saved: Irish Kids Put Together Rap Video”

  1. John says:

    Teach you really are becoming a bitter old man hating on the “kids”
    Long gone are your days of surfing

    • Chumpchange says:


      Are you a communist John? Do you work for the Chinese Government?


      Freeman foundation:

      It also created funding for the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia, a program designed to infuse Asian-related content into middle and high schools, which includes the South Carolina Center for Teaching about Asia at Furman. Since 2010, Graeme Freeman has carried on the family philanthropic tradition by overseeing the foundation and launching the newest Freeman initiative, supporting students in the United States to engage in full-time internships in East or Southeast Asia.

      The founder of AIG the biggest drain on tax payer dollars and the first to receive 100’s of billions of dollars during the last great recession funds China’s endeavours into the USA. By bringing in kids from the USA and brainwashing them.

      One of the things I started noticing was the inoridinate amount of Americans working in China and South Korea. I kept asking myself why? What is the attraction? These people would proclaim themselves broke and poor coming from families that were not rich so how do people like this get to S. Korea and China to work?

      It all came together for me when I listened to the Sec. of State Pompeo’s speech to the governors of all 50 states about what China is doing to infiltrate America’s school systems both private, public, college and Even elementary.

      So again I ask John? Are you a communist Chinese agent stirring up angst in the USA for Americans against Americans because I find it highly UNLIKELY that school children can be so organized and so dedicated to anything outside of their CELL PHONES in this world without outside intervention.

  2. John says:

    Teach why didn’t you practice what you preached and enlist to fight “terrorism” after 9/11
    Why aren’t you demonstrating daily in front of abortion providers?

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