Oregon Youth’s Declare A Climate Emergency Or Something

They all walked or biked from around the state to Portland, rather than taking a fossil fueled vehicle, right?

Youth From Across Oregon Declare A Climate Emergency

Youth from around the state declared at a Portland rally Thursday that Oregon is in the midst of a climate emergency. They called on government leaders to take action now and create policies that address climate change.

This comes as state legislators gather in Salem to consider a proposal aimed at reducing and regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

Last June, Oregon Senate Republicans walked out and prevented a vote that would have put a cap on carbon emissions and charged polluters for their greenhouse gas emissions. A similar bill has been put forth this short session.

Nearly three dozen youth and environmental activists gathered in the latest in a series of Portland rallies over the past year to say enough is enough. Students from around the state took turns addressing the gathering and sharing their concerns about climate change and how it is affecting their communities. Several also described their ideas for curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s interesting that they always want to force their Beliefs on Other People

DeZurney, 21, is a student at Willamette University. She called on government leaders for a transition from carbon-emitting energy like coal and natural gas to carbon-free energy. The burning of carbon-based fuel is the biggest contribution humans are making to climate change.

DeZurney said that could be done by building energy efficient homes and buildings, creating well-paying jobs for people who work in construction, engineering, and electricity. DeZurney also criticized polluting industries by saying they stop progress by instilling fear into the public who want to take climate action. She said the pollution industries tell the public they will lose their jobs or say renewable energy costs too much money.

Again, here’s an idea

“I raise my voice because I can’t vote for three more years and time is running out. Scientists gave us ten years to make significant changes to reduce climate pollution,” Newport High School student Maia Stout, 15, said. “An Oregon student in second grade today will just be graduating high school when their climate fate is sealed.”

OK, when are you changing your own life, Maia? And getting all your climate cultist friends to do the same? “It is all too easy to request others to do things that carry no personal cost to yourself.”

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3 Responses to “Oregon Youth’s Declare A Climate Emergency Or Something”

  1. samoore says:

    “Nearly three dozen”!!!!
    Can’t argue with that sort of an overwhelming groundswell, can you?

    And, at least one from Newport?
    At this time of year, I can pretty much guarantee she didn’t walk or pedal a bike to Portland.

  2. alanstorm says:

    “The burning of carbon-based fuel is the biggest contribution The burning of carbon-based fuel is the biggest contribution humans are making to climate change.”

    Another “technically true” statement, at which the left are past masters.

    Yes, that’s the biggest contribution humans are making to climate change.

    No, it’s not a significant contribution.

    Little-known fact: “Leftist” is NOT derived from the the seating arrangement of the French parliament equivalent. It’s actually from the ancient Assyrian language, meaning “gullible and easily led”.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    TEACH no longer denies warming or discusses whether CO2 is the cause, he spends his energy whining about teenagers.

    Little known fact: “Right-wing” is NOT derived from Olde English military formations. It’s actually from the Sumerian language, meaning “douche-bag”.

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