LA Times: Coronavirus Fuels Our Xenophobia And Raaaaacism Because Jokes

We already know that Coronavirus is linked to/caused by ‘climate change’, because the climate cultists had to hijack it for their dogma. Now the race baiters are doing the same. But, first, consider

Experts worry about pandemic as coronavirus numbers increase: report

If you don’t want to believe Fox News, well, search, and you’ll see the same at the NY Times and Washington Post. And then the same LA Times

Three new coronavirus patients confirmed in Northern California

But, you know

Column: Coronavirus, the outbreak narrative and how our fear fuels our xenophobia and racism

On Tuesday, around midnight, someone uploaded a video to Twitter showing emergency vehicles responding to an incident at an apartment complex near USC, the Lorenzo, known to be popular with Chinese international students.

The post claimed it was a case of coronavirus, and a screenshot of an email from the Lorenzo’s manager, Chance Kidd, seemed to confirm that.

The news that the first reputed coronavirus case in the center of Los Angeles had been detected near USC immediately went viral. A lot of people tweeted panicked, performative posts about hand-washing and the threat of disease. One poster claimed a friend’s roommate’s brother’s girlfriend had been infected.

The university later clarified that no coronavirus case had been discovered at the Lorenzo. And despite repeated requests for comment, Kidd and the Lorenzo declined to explain why they had made such a claim.

So, people fall for hoaxes, like they always do, and are very concerned about the Coronavirus, as the news media tells us about coming doom, the LA Times included. Things that always happen, but are so much easier in the age of the Internet and social media.

This is our new normal — a rumor becomes a fact, then turns back into a rumor, with no explanation. A dangerous event halfway around the world becomes entertainment for a night. The coronavirus, to a lot of us, is just another piece of content.

See? Even writer Frank Shyong agrees. But, see, your jokes about Coronavirus aren’t funny

Most of the time, I think this is good. Although many lament the loss of some fabled age of civility, I think a lot of us are just experiencing the discomfort of having to confront and value perspectives as we’ve never had to before. Jokes about minorities aren’t as funny when minorities are part of the audience. Novelists writing about the Mexican border now must confront the fact that they might have readers who ask them to do so accurately. It’s the age-old adage of reading the room — except social media are a room with potentially every kind of person in it.

But it also means that your joking posts about coronavirus — about frantically washing your hands and how you’re not the “diseased” kind of Asian — will probably appear on the feeds of someone with family whose relatives may be suffering or terrified. And it will probably make them very angry.

They have made me furious. I have relatives who live near Wuhan, where millions of people are under lockdown amid the declaration of a global health emergency by the World Health Organization.

Let’s be clear about this: Your fear does not justify your racism and xenophobia. Your jokes and performative panic about the coronavirus are not funny. They are deeply pointless and trivialize something that should be taken seriously. And they are creating an environment of fear, panic and disinformation that’s more dangerous than the disease itself.

Frank also decides to drag in things that happened back in the 1800’s during disease outbreaks, but, we’ve had enough silliness. You’re welcome to read the rest.

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20 Responses to “LA Times: Coronavirus Fuels Our Xenophobia And Raaaaacism Because Jokes”

  1. Nothing about Coronavirus couldn’t be fixed with effective border controls.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Should the US shut down all inbound international flights?

    The world’s nations must always strike a balance between the benefits of global trade vs the hazards of plague and terrorism.

    Global health organizations DO utilize border control as part of the armamentarium for stopping epidemics.

    Isolationism may prevent the occasional epidemic from crossing borders but at the expense of the day-in day-out economy.

    • Chumpchange says:

      Elwood are you saying that countries developing a cluster of DEADLY nCoV should be free to continue to travel to the USA without any belief or trust in their own screening systems in place.

      You know that if Trump didn’t do anything. The left would be screaming he is doing nothing. If he tries to do something you are screaming he is an isolationist and a racist.

      If he doesn’t do anything he is trying to kill all the blacks and Hispanics who are poor.

      If he does do something he is trying to prevent immigration and attempt to destroy his own economy.

      I am sure that you would be willing to have all of these people fly into what we all know is your home town and let them hang out with you and your children for a while before they get to go on to do whatever it is they came here to do.

      If you open your eyes. The USA is NOT THE ONLY NATION DOING THIS. Korea, Australia, New Zealand among others are doing the same thing. Are they all Homophobic too?

      What good is an economy if the streets of the USA look like downtown WUHAN???

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        Read what I typed. See the part about world health orgs using selective restrictions as part of “their armamentarium”? Let’s hope the mercurial tRump continues to listen to his experts.

        Some conservatives would use the current threat as justification for building a wall around the US.

      • @ Chumpchange,”You know that if Trump didn’t do anything. The left would be screaming he is doing nothing. If he tries to do something you are screaming he is an isolationist and a racist.”

        That’s why it’s great that Trump doesn’t listen to leftists or care what they have to say on any topic. He doesn’t chase the adoration of the Press. He is his own man. He doesn’t calculate and scheme before every decision. He acts.

        • Chumpchange says:


          Which is why he drives them absolutely batshit crazy. How dare he have a mind of his own and not be beholden to a 1000 PACS.

  3. Chumpchange says:

    Global health organizations DO utilize border control as part of the armamentarium for stopping epidemics.

    AND YET: For leftists this is wrong. How dare we stand in the way of sick people.


    YOU want to let the world in. IN fact, I would suspect that President AOC would pay to have millions and millions of Congolese come to the USA without even screening to see if they had Ebola.

    I am sure you would be willing to send a fleet of Airliners to WUHAN and bring all those poor suffering souls to the USA. And without a border patrol nah….don’t need to screen them, if we did they might find some of them are criminals and rapists and murderers and filled with Coronavirus and that would be unfair and racist in the leftist snowflake world.

    You argue against yourself in a world where Trump Derangement Syndrome has turned you into a raging dolt.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      You copied what I typed; now read it. We necessarily limit some freedoms to stop epidemics from becoming pandemics. Pandemics are bad. Immigration is good.

      This has nothing to do with any abuses of ICE. If there were epidemics raging in Canada or Mexico we’d shut down those borders, and rightly so, but using the fight against pandemics as an excuse to stop immigration when there is little threat is counterproductive.

      Trump Worship Syndrome has turned you into a raging dolt.

      • Kye says:

        Why is immigration good? For whom? How much? Forever? From everywhere. A blanket statement saying immigration is good is purely ignorant. Your TDS has turned you into a dolt. Don’t be a dolt.

        Using the fight against pandemics as a reason to stop all immigration where there is little or great threat is a rational and adult response. Once the pandemic arrives here, even from a country of “little threat” it’s too fukin late Elwood. Figures that fact would be beyond you. Then again when your agenda is a never ending flow of America hating brown leftist voters your goals are different. Trump’s goal is the health of Americans, yours is the power over America. Like all communists the death toll is “just a statistic”.

        Trump 2020 He’s trying to protect our children from disease while Elwood
        doesn’t care.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          Immigration enriches the nation, of course, but sometimes it doesn’t, e.g., tRump family. But no system is perfect.

          And for a nation with a low birth rate how else do you get young workers, or other valuable workers?

          Your tRump Worship Syndrome (tRWS) has turned you into a kye spreading ditchers in your wake.

          2020: Don’t be a kye.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          Let’s get this straight. You want to eliminate all immigration for fear of pandemics, yet the diseases don’t come from immigrants but international travelers.

          Is your objective (as I asked earlier) to eliminate international travel, hence, international business, making America the North Korea of North America?

          2020: tRump voters, don’t be a kye.

      • Chumpchange says:

        WHO has almost no authority whatsoever. They simply advise and consent a nation in need.

        As for borders you do not understand what I said.

        YOU WANT NO BORDERS. The left is anti- ICE and Anti-CBP and if the left is put in charge this nation would already have a 1000 cases of Coronavirus and perhaps an outbreak of Ebola as well.

        PRESIDENT BERNIE with AOC as the White House Chief of Staff who will actually run the country with the senile old communist unable to comprehend what is actually happening around him. The man who literally has done nothing for 40 years in the Congress except rail against Captialism.

        That president will Neuter ICE because HE is in charge of CBP and ICE. While he cannot eliminate the departments he could surely stop hiring new officers. Issue EO’s to stop them from interfering with anyone entering the country and reassigning them to guard the border of Nebraska and Wyoming against Conservatives who might carry a rifle in the window of their truck.

        Read what I said. The left does not want to secure these borders and WHO certainly has no authority do close anything. ONly Advise and consent.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          You’re attributing to us what we’ve never said – then you proceed to refute it! That’s called a straw man argument.

          Epidemics/pandemics are not carried by immigrants but by international travelers. As we asked, do you wish to stop all international travel for good to prevent the rare disease outbreak?

          Influenza kills over 30,000 Americans each year; cigarette smoking kills 400,000 – why not ban tobacco?

          You worry about Dems in charge, yet how many pandemics occurred during President Obama’s two terms?

          2020: Don’t be a chump.

          • Chumpchange says:

            AOC has called for dismantling the Customs and Border Patrol.

            Bernie Sanders has said he would do it.

            AOC works hard and campaigns for Bernie.

            Dont be a fool, Elwood. You continually LIE to boost your arguments when the left no longer even hides their open border agenda.

            Jan 27, 2020 · Leave this field empty if you’re human: AOC helped hold a rally for Democratic Nominee Bernie Sanders in Iowa over the weekend. She within the first 8 minutes of her 40-minute speech, she starts advocating for the dismantling of ICE.

            Jan 26, 2020 · During the event in Iowa, Ocasio-Cortez reupped her calls for ICE to be abolished ‘Organizing is about tipping people off if you start to see that ICE and CBP are in communities to try and keep..

            January 29, 2020 Top Stories The former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement director blasted Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her repeated ‘idiotic’ comments that the agency should be abolished.

            Jan 08, 2019 · On Maddow: AOC calls ICE murderers and calls for ICE defunding (Original post)
            Jun 29, 2018 · Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.) became the first sitting senator on Thursday to call for the elimination of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), telling CNN that the agency …

            ON AND ON IT GOES.

            AOC campaigns with Bernie Sanders. Is on the stage with him at events.

            With the introduction of his plan, Sanders became the first Democratic candidate to call for the breakup of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the two agencies under DHS that are tasked with protecting the U.S. border and carrying out immigration enforcement.

            The only one lying is you Elwood. Its pretty hard to say they didnt say this when its on video and go on national tv and say these things.

          • Chumpchange says:

            Don’t be NPC Elwood.

            How many Pandemics happened during Obama’s 8 years.

            Eight. (8) The flu every year is considered a pandemic since it strikes worldwide. WHY HASNT THE SCIENCE YOU WORSHIP CURED THE FLU????

            Get rid of cigarettes. Obama had a supermajority for 2 years why didn’t he get rid of it. How come your SCIENCE that you worship hasn’t cured a common cold or Influenza or cancer?

            Why not get rid of cars, knives, planes, trains, and trucks along with guns, boats and RV’s. Let’s get rid of Booze, oh and food because people choke to death and people have food allergies and die.

            Lets be rid of everything that might hurt us Elwood. Is that your position?

            You are only trying to figure an angle to make nCoV Trumps fault. I bet you are A Chinese agent arent you. Now you’re defending another communist government and trying to blame Trump for their ills.

      • Kye says:

        “We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror.”

        Karl Marx but it could just as easily be Elwood or any of today’s Commiecrats!

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          “We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror.”

          It could just as easily be Kye, tRump or any of today’s nuFascists.

          The nuFascists are making noises of elimination, exile and even murder of those they label “enemies of the state”.

          • Kye says:

            Actually no, it couldn’t as easily be me, Trump or any of you phantom nuFascists. It was said by Karl Marx, own up to it, you’re the supporter of death by abortion, Red Flag laws and hate whitie not us. You’re also the party of slavery and the KKK murdering blacks. Your tendency to project is fukin pathological!

            Phantom nuFascists “making noises” about shit while all around the world people YOU support murder Christians, Jews, and enslave women and marry 9 year old kids. What’s more nuFascist than siding with the mooslems to commit genocide on Christians and Jews? You really are a psychotic leftist wacko.

            Trump 2020 Make the wackos cry again!

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:


            You’re becoming more bizarre each and every day.

            Relax. You’ve won. tRump is free to be tRump. The GOP has made it clear that cheating to win a national election is justified if it’s to support ‘The Cause’.

            You’re the one calling for the exile of libs. Did you not mean it?

    • “Global health organizations DO utilize border control…”

      Not really. Global Health organizations, whoever they are, don’t actually HAVE any borders to control. All borders are controlled by those NATIONAL entities that own them. At most, they issue suggestions.

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