Say, Where’s The Transcript For House Witness #18?

Eighteen? There were eighteen? That’s weird, because the House managers told us there were only 17 numerous times over the last week

So That’s Why Schiff Won’t Release the Transcript of the 18th Witness

While presenting the Democrats’ case for impeachment on the Senate floor, lead impeachment manager Adam Schiff (D-CA) kept referencing 17 witnesses who testified during the House impeachment inquiry. But there were 18 of them. Schiff and the Democrats are refusing to release the testimony of Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, and according to Republicans who were present during Atkinson’s closed-door testimony, the reason the transcript hasn’t been released is because it proves both the whistleblower and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff did not tell the truth about their contact with each other.

Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo interviewed Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) on “Sunday Morning Futures” about the 18th transcript the Democrats are refusing to release. Rep. Ratcliffe was there for Inspector General Michael Atkinson’s testimony and says the transcript is damaging to Chairman Adam Schiff and the whistleblower.

“The House managers kept putting up charts talking about the 17 witnesses,” Ratcliffe began. “But there were 18 … I was there. It’s the one transcript out of 18 that hasn’t been released. It’s a 179-page transcript … It’s the one transcript that talks about Adam Schiff and the whistleblower. Now, everyone knows by now that Adam Schiff was not truthful about his contacts with the whistleblower. What they don’t know and what’s in that transcript is that the whistleblower wasn’t truthful about his contacts with Adam Schiff. This whole thing started, Maria, when the whistleblower filed a complaint with the inspector general under penalty of perjury that wasn’t true and correct, made representations in writing and verbally that weren’t true and correct. And when we found that out and tried to get into the details of that, Adam Schiff, who was in charge of this investigation, shut it down, and now he’s trying to bury that transcript.”


Time to call Adam Schiff to the witness stand.

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10 Responses to “Say, Where’s The Transcript For House Witness #18?”

  1. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Demolishing Demos…


  2. John says:

    Teach do you want to hear what Bolton says under oath?
    I do

    • formwiz says:

      Going by a leak means you will probably be disappointed.

      Like with Mule Ears.

      But I’ll see your Bolton and raise you Gropin’ Joe, Zippy, the Hildabeast, and Willie.

    • david7134 says:

      John, why were you in jail?

  3. formwiz says:

    BTW Turns out Alex Vindman’s twin brother is in charge of reviewing book approvals, so we know who leaked what.

    And if it was falsified.

    And what do Bolton’s people say?

    It is clear, regrettably, from The New York Times article published today that the prepublication review process has been corrupted.

    Bolton on Monday also denied coordinating with the New York Times.

    Bolton categorically stated that there was absolutely no coordination with the New York Times or anyone else regarding the appearance of information about his book.

  4. formwiz says:

    And, on that happy note, ponder this from someone who actually seems to know what’s going on

    Bolton’s book manuscript clears Trump of all impeachment allegations by demonstrating that the President believed Ukraine interfered in US elections. Given that belief, right or wrong, pressuring Zelensky was completely within the job description of the presidency.

  5. Chumpchange says:

    Ive heard it said repeatedly on Youtube that Trump was investigating Ukraine before ANY democrat chose to enter the race for president. Parnas their great witness suddenly has gone dark when his recordings revealed that in April of 2018 a FULL YEAR BEFORE THE DEMOCRATS STARTING RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT…..

    A full year before, trump was already trying to clean up Ukraine and get rid of the corruption.

    And let us not forget.

    Marie Yovanovitch Quashed Ukraine Probe Into Missing $5.3 Billion in Foreign Aid to Ukraine.

    Trump fired her a full year before anyone started running for president. He sent Guillani to go to the Ukraine and look for this 5 billion dollars. Yes he knew Bidens were face deep in the cesspool of the Ukraine swamp.

    But why is it okay to investigate Trump A POLITICAL OPPONENT but Trump is a Criminal for Investigating the last administration who is NOT a political opponent until BIDEN CHOSE TO BECOME ONE?

    • david7134 says:

      Check out Pam Bondi on youtube. She destroyed the Bidens. Hopefully this will start the rollup of the corrupt Dems. Winning.

  6. […] (well, ask if they’d like to testify). Let’s call the whistleblower. Let’s call witness 18. Let’s call pro-Trump witnesses, since the House tried to call anti-Trump […]

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