Surprise: ‘Climate Change’ Is A Political Issue, Not A Reproductive One

Climate cultist Ramin Skibba makes an interesting admission while attempting to argue something else

Opinion: Climate Change Is a Political Crisis, Not a Reproductive One

THE CLIMATE STRIKES led by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and youth groups around the world have achieved great strides, growing rapidly and drawing attention to the dire climate dilemma we face today. A majority of Americans are concerned about climate change and want people to address it right now, according to a recent CBS poll.

But one popular proposal to emerge, that people should have fewer kids, probably isn’t the climate panacea that would-be parents would like to believe. Going childless will do little to derail the main drivers of climate change, and asking millennials to take on that burden — as if the problem’s their responsibility — only lets the fossil fuel industry’s juggernaut off the hook.

The idea of foregoing children to mitigate climate change is essentially an extension of arguments that call for individuals to help save the climate by changing their consumer behavior — say, by switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, installing solar panels, eating less meat, or buying fuel-efficient cars. But it would surely take decades to substantially reduce the world’s population by going childless, if that is even an achievable and desirable societal goal, and we’re already set to overshoot the world’s carbon budget — the level of cumulative carbon emissions that would result in reaching the critical threshold of 2 degrees Celsius of warming — in the 2030s. Climate change is a structural problem involving politics and economics, not personal choices, and solving it will require huge political and economic changes.

See? It’s all about politics. It’s about instituting wholesale changes. Which most Warmists do not like to actually mention, because that would drive people away when they learn of the big government dominance, socialism, Fascism, taxes, fees, etc.

But a focus on population inevitably puts the burden of climate change on the backs of poorer people and people in developing countries — who tend to drive global population growth — despite them not being a major cause of global warming. No one would blame climate change on Ugandans or Afghans, even though the population growth rates in those countries are among the highest in the world. Neither would anyone blame it on the Latin American immigrants contributing to the U.S.’s (slower) population expansion. Population growth in the U.S. isn’t being driven by high-income, high carbon-emitting families having more children.

That, though, is a good point. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Warmists who do want to limit population growth in 3rd world nations, their own form of Eugenics to go with their racism/bigotry.

Environmentalists and advocates for climate action want to protect and preserve the Earth for future generations, not just current ones. Let’s stay focused on the root causes of climate change. Our climate crisis is not primarily a reproductive crisis but a political and economic one. If you’re passionate about tackling climate change, you might make a tiny difference with your individual consumer and reproductive choices. But the biggest lifestyle choice you can make to combat climate change is not to forego having a kid, it’s to become a climate activist — and raise your kid to become one too.

Warmists always want to shift from personal responsibility to walk the talk to making said wholesale changes to the political and economic systems. The chumps who believe in the scam should really sit down and do some critical thinking as to why the main Cultists want these changes, and think if this would better their lives and those of their descendants, or take away their money, freedom, and choice.

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2 Responses to “Surprise: ‘Climate Change’ Is A Political Issue, Not A Reproductive One”

  1. John says:

    Are you personally on board with having no/few children ?

    • formwiz says:

      No, as a good Catholic, he has 13.

      I hear that sort of thing’s impossible if you’re homosexual.

      Can you verify?

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