Hot Take: Pelosi Impeachment Manager Wants Mitch McConnell To Recuse Himself

Well, good luck with this one. I didn’t want to do another Impeachment Theater post, since some of the material will seem like the previous one

Pelosi impeachment manager is calling for McConnell’s recusal from Trump Senate trial

A Florida congresswoman who on Wednesday became an impeachment manager in President Donald Trump’s upcoming Senate trial wants to remove the lead juror: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Rep Val Demings’ position, shared publicly by a just a few other Democrats, could undercut House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to frame impeachment as an exercise of constitutional duty. Republicans have argued for months that Democrats are on a partisan mission to remove Trump from office.

Yet in selecting Demings on Wednesday as one of the seven impeachment managers, Pelosi is giving a national spotlight to a Democrat who has often gone against House leaders on impeachment issues — she first called for Trump’s removal from office a year before party leadership and is now agitating for McConnell’s recusal.

She called for his recusal all the way on December 13th, and still wants him to recuse when asked about it Wednesday.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., said Republicans will closely scrutinize the impeachment managers, including Demings.

“The impeachment managers’ words are going to be looked at very closely and especially their impartiality, the fact that many of them were calling for impeachment long before the phone call with [Ukranian] President [Volodomyr] Zelensky,” Scalise told McClatchy. “So the fact that it was a political vendetta for so many of them rather than a search for justice, I think, will be scrutinized.”

Republicans are in charge, now Democrats are not going to like the results.

“They’re using it for distraction,” said Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, D-Miami, a freshman member of the House Judiciary Committee in a tough reelection fight this year, of Republican complaints about Demings and others who have called for McConnell to step aside.

“They’re trying to hide all the evidence we found, documentary evidence. They’re not allowing at this point for witnesses to come forward,” she said.

Like the House Democrats blocking the Republicans from calling witnesses, including the so-called whistleblower? When Democrats yammer about distractions, they’re worried.

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6 Responses to “Hot Take: Pelosi Impeachment Manager Wants Mitch McConnell To Recuse Himself”

  1. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Wonder if Val has learned how to pronounce “irregular” correctly.


  2. If everyone who had already made up their mind were recused, there wouldn’t be anyone left to vote on it.

    The only thing they each haven’t decided yet is how they can manipulate the whole thing for personal advantage. They are career politicians. They can’t help themselves.

    • Chumpchange says:

      Don’t forget Mitt Romney is still trying to figure out how he can be the next president without getting elected.

  3. Chumpchange says:

    OH NO!!!

    The democrats have a new WITNESS.

    The White House has responded to new interviews and evidence from Lev Parnas, who is the former associate of Rudy Giuliani.

    Dastardly democrats. Always coming up with these secret Witnesses who will blow Trump out of the water.

    *While speaking with reporters Thursday, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said, “this is a man who is under indictment and who’s actually out on bail.” She added, “this is a man who owns a company called ‘Fraud Inc.,’ so we’re not too concerned about it.”

    Only the democrats could offer this guy as a witness……….LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • Chumpchange says:

      PSSSTTTT………..Schiff for brains If you cut my sentence Ill give you all kinds of shit on Trump.

      Schiff for brains. Hey Jerry Nadless what do you think?

      Hes perfect. We will save him for last offering to blow the pres out of the water with his astonishing testimony.

      Should we give him immunity. Sure, and the keys to the west wing and a billion in cash and. Hell Ill throw in the deed to the capitol if he hangs trump.

      Okay. We will put him in witness protection so he doesnt have to testify but will say he has shit on trump. That will be enough right? The people will believe you and me right?

      Sure they will. We are democrats. Our commie brothers at CNN and MSNBC and ABC will make sure that this guy is the second coming of Atari.

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