Bummer: Americans Have Mixed Feelings About Traveling In The Age Of ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

This shows that many Americans have been brainwashed into believing in the climate cult in theory, but not so much in practice

Americans have mixed feelings about travel and climate change

Many people love to travel.

Many people also have concerns about climate change.

So how do they reconcile their love for adventure with the fact that using an airplane, with all its emissions, is the most practical way of getting to their destination?

According to a new report, it’s a conundrum to be sure.

In a new travelhorizons survey of U.S. adults conducted by MMGY Global (WT note: the survey is behind an expensive paywall), many Americans acknowledge their travel may negatively impact the environment. And, nearly 4 in 10 of these travelers (37 percent) believe that tourism overcrowding is now a serious issue.

The issue was clearly top of mind for many. To help reduce their ecological impact, travelers are willing to change their behaviors when they travel. For example, 3 in 10 (32 percent) are willing to pay 10 percent higher rates or fares to airlines who demonstrate environmental responsibility.

In addition, more than half of travelers (54 percent) are willing to use less single-use plastics; 41 percent will consciously choose to visit destinations in the off-season to reduce overcrowding; 27 percent will intentionally book trips with environmentally friendly hotels and tour companies, and about 1 in 4 (27 percent) will either rent bicycles or walk more instead of taking automobile transportation.

See, the thing is, they are saying they are willing to do all this. They aren’t actually saying they will do this, nor have they done it before, because Hotcoldwetdry belief breaks down when it moves from theory to practice

Yet, and here’s where the conundrum part comes in, only 12 percent of those who believe travel negatively impacts the environment have regretted taking a trip afterward because of the adverse effects it may have had on the planet.

See, they won’t be giving up their own travel to stop the climate crisis/emergency. That would be inconvenient.

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4 Responses to “Bummer: Americans Have Mixed Feelings About Traveling In The Age Of ‘Climate Change’ (scam)”

  1. alanstorm says:

    I note the except doesn’t give a sample size. I suspect the real headline should read: “A small number of Americans have mixed feelings about travel and climate change based on our survey of immediate friends and family”.

  2. Dana says:

    When we are traveling to Europe this July, I hereby promise not to shed a single tear over the amount of carbon being spewed into the atmosphere.

  3. Every time I go to an airport, all I see are people who aren’t having any mixed feelings at all. Longs lines and every seat is filled. Same thing on every highway in America on vacation weekends. Packed with people spewing carbons not enough second thoughts about it to stay home.

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