Hotcoldwetdry Could Maybe Possibly “We’re Just Spitballin’ Here” Lead To More Injuries And Deaths

This is plainly your fault for driving to work in a fossil fueled vehicle with your coffee from far away, and you must atone by paying a tax and purchasing carbon offsets from Al Gore

Climate change could lead to more injuries and deaths
Drownings, car accidents, and violence that spike during unusual weather could be on the rise

Injuries like drownings, falls, and assaults could kill up to an additional 2,135 people each year in the US as climate change continues to cause unusual temperature swings. The findings by researchers from Imperial College London, Columbia, and Harvard were published today in the journal Nature Medicine. The connection between swings in temperature — unusual spells of heat or cold — and injuries still can’t be explained, but researchers say that their estimates could help spur efforts to prevent those deaths.

So, they cannot explain them, but, they’ll still fearmonger? Science!

Looking at injuries associated with climate change has been a blind spot in research, authors of the study published today say. Previous studies have looked into how climate change could drive more deaths from things like heat illness or diseases spread by mosquitoes. Between 2030 and 2050, about 250,000 people could die each year because of malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea, and heat stress made worse by climate change, according to the World Health Organization.

But 5 million people die from injuries across the globe each year, making up nearly one in ten of all deaths. Many of those injuries can be prevented, which is why the authors say they ought to be considered as part of efforts to better prepare for a future with potentially catastrophic climate change.

Some of the injuries they looked at are unintentional, including deaths from drownings, falls, and car accidents. The study also looked at intentionally inflicted injuries from assaults and suicide, which could point to how important it is to address mental health as people adapt to a changing planet. Another study found that suicide rates in the US and Mexico rose along with higher average monthly temperatures.

The reasons why suicides and other types of injuries jump during temperature swings isn’t very well understood. Drownings could be related to more people swimming to cool off. The researchers also note that people tend to be more agitated in hot weather, and drink more alcohol — which could contribute to vehicle deaths and assault. Other studies have linked higher temperatures with more violent crime. On the other side of the spectrum, colder weather can lead to more falls — but this study found that warmer temperatures may actually reduce the risk of seniors falling and injuring themselves.

So, things happen during hot and cold weather, and they don’t really know if it has anything in the least to do with ‘climate change’, but, hey, they’ll still link it all, and we can solve this with a tax.

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