You Can Feel The Climate Crisis In Every Day Of Weather Now Or Something

See, if it’s a warmer than average day, that’s the climate crisis. Same if a below average day. Or an average day. If it rains, doesn’t rain, snows, ices, sleets, windy, not windy, sunny, overcast, foggy, you name it, this is all your faul

The Climate Crisis Is Now Detectable in Every Single Day of Weather Across The Planet

The climate changes we humans have inflicted on the planet are now so deeply embedded, they are showing up in our daily weather.

Researchers from Switzerland and Norway now claim to have detected the “fingerprint” of climate change in every single day of weather in the global record since 2012.

The distinction between climate and weather is one that scientists have been hammering on about for years. And while the two are closely intertwined, they are generally considered distinct, with weather referring to short-term conditions and climate referring to longer trends.

Swiss climate scientist Reto Knutti told The Washington Post he’s not sure the difference is so distinct anymore.

“Weather is climate change if you look over the whole globe,” he argues.

That means weather on a local scale still doesn’t show a climate change signal. But if you roll these regions out into a global perspective, the variations in temperature and humidity do hold the stamp of humanity. And they are clearly distinguishable from what would happen naturally.

This is an attempt by the Cult of Climastrology to do away with their whole “weather is not climate” talking point. But, see, you don’t feel what you’ve done for eating a burger instead of going vegan and driving you car instead of walking 15 miles to work at a local level, but, you are killing the whole planet.

Of course, other Warmists are telling us that you can now feel ‘climate change’ in your backyard. That you can see it. Taste it. Touch it. It all goes to show that this is a cult, a pseudo religion, which will do and say anything to prop itself up.

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One Response to “You Can Feel The Climate Crisis In Every Day Of Weather Now Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    If global warming climate change climate crisis! is now something we can ‘feel’ every single day in our weather, then doesn’t mean that it’s too late to do anything about it other than adapt to changing conditions, rather than impoverish lower- and middle-class people — the wealthy can buy their carbon indulgences, so as not to be inconvenienced — in a futile attempt to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

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